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Aalim Hakim Salon Mumbai Price List 2023 [Updated]

Aalim Hakim Salon Mumbai price list 2022 and 2023

Aalim Hakim Salon Mumbai price list details for 2022 and 2023 are available here. It is one of the best hair cutting salon in India.

Aalim Hakim Salon Mumbai price list starts from Rs. 900/- for normal cutting and it may be high as Rs. 18000/- for advance level cutting by specialist.

In this post, you will get to know about rate list of all types of cutting in Aalim Hakim Salon, check the chart below.

Aalim Hakim Salon Mumbai Price List 2022 & 2023 Chart

Hair Cut by Services ByMale PriceFemale Price
DirectorRs. 18000/- Rs. 20000/-
Creative DirectorRs. 3000/-Rs. 3500/-
Art DirectorRs. 2500/-Rs. 3000/-
Style DirectorRs. 2000/-Rs. 2400/-
Top StylistRs. 1500/-Rs. 1800/-
Senior StylistRs. 1200/-Rs. 1600/-
StylistRs. 900/-Rs. 1200/-

Hakim’s Aalim Ahmedabad Service Price List

ServicesMale PriceFemale Price
ShampooRs. 150/-Rs. 200/-
Conditioner Rs. 150/-Rs. 200/-
Blow dryRs. 750/-Rs. 750/-
IroningRs. 750/-Rs. 750/-
Male StylingRs. 250/-Rs. 250/-
Braiding Per HourRs. 1400/-Rs. 1400/-
SmootheningRs. 2500/-

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Effective Oiling Strategies For Hairs

If you’ve been keeping oil in your hair overnight, it’s time to stop immediately.

This causes dust accumulation and weakening of hair strands.

One to three hours is the perfect amount of time for hair absorption.

You can also switch to applying warm oil, because that leads to faster hair growth.

Less is always more when it comes to hair oiling.

More oil makes washing the hair difficult as it makes you use more shampoo than you would normally use, leaving you with dry hair.

To avoid this you can oil your hair with only a tablespoon of oil then work your way up by increasing the oil application, depending on the length and density of your hair.

If you have a dry scalp more oil on the scalp area and for an oily scalp focus on the ends.

Rigorous massages can create friction in your hair strands that causes easy breakage.

Similarly, long massages can weaken your hair follicles, you can massage for 5 minutes with the massager to get the perfect gentle champi.

You can also use your fingertips to massage.

Apply light to medium pressure in small circles, then massage the entire scalp to stimulate hair follicles and increase blood circulation.

Hair becomes super sensitive and prone to breakage after oiling. So letting them lose is the best way to go about it.

You can avoid combing or tying it into buns and braids.

Wrapping your hair in a towel is another big no as the towel is rough on your strands, go for a micro fibre towel or a soft cotton t-shirt that helps in deeper absorption of hair oil.

Avoiding these mistakes will ensure longer and healthier hair.

Stop Your Hair Fall Naturally – 3 Solutions

Whether it’s the trauma of waking up to severed strands all over your pillow or the heartbreak of watching your locks slither into the drain in betrayal, no one can deny that hairfall hurts!

I’m here to tell you how you can tackle that hair fall in an all-natural and organic way! Amla, Shikakai and Methi.

Well, the reason practitioners of ayurveda have used these for ages is because they really work!
To reap the benefits of all these natural ingredients here’s a simple Glamrs certified hair pack you can try at home.

Take 2 tbsp of Amla powder 1 tbsp of Shikakai powder and make a paste.

Cover it and let it soak overnight.

In the morning mix 1 tbsp of methi powder along with the juice from 1 lemon and enough yogurt to make a smooth paste.

Apply it to the hair and then wash after an hour.

Do this regularly and you will not only see your hair fall reduce but your hair will look stronger, thicker and healthier.

If you are experiencing hair fall or hair thinning it is important that you reduce the use of harmful chemicals on your hair.

To keep your already stressed tresses from unnecessary hairfall choose a shampoo that will clean your hair thoroughly while also nourishing it and preventing hair fall and damage.

I’ve been using the Indulekha shampoo for a while It’s packed with native ayurvedic ingredients, like Bringharaj, Tulsi, Neem, Amla, Shikakai and Rosemary which have been proven effective against hair fall and it’s completely free of parabens, artificial colour and fragrance,
which is a big deal and this is why it is so gentle and doesn’t cause damage while cleaning your hair.

If used regularly, after a nourishing oiling routine with natural oil It’ll dramatically reduce hair fall and promote new hair growth.

If it was as simple as applying oils and packs, we’d all have fabulous hair.

But true beauty comes from within right?

And starts with what you put inside your body!

If you have any sort of vitamin or mineral deficiencies, or you suffer from a hormonal imbalance that is probably the cause behind your hair fall.

The good news is a simple tweak in your diet can sort you out.

Make sure you get plenty of green leafy vegetables like spinach, delicious dals, whole grains like oats and bajra, sweet potatoes and if you’re non-vegetarian then eggs, fatty fish like Rawas, salmon and also sensible portions of red meat.

As an additional tip, seeds aren’t just for birds, so make sure you include a healthy mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and watermelon seeds in your daily diet as they are all amazing for hair!

So, now you know everything you need to have in place to say goodbye to hair fall forever and ever.

Eat right, choose a great shampoo and pamper your hair regularly with an all natural hair mask.

The Ultimate Hair Fall Control Guide

Hair loss can be stressful but before you start jumping to conclusions about getting bald.

Here are some tips and hacks that you need to adopt for longer stronger and healthier hair.

Cleaning your scalp and hair regularly is a good way to prepare your follicles for growth.

Wash and condition your hair at least thrice a week to prevent product up on the scalp.

Scalp massages have been linked with hair growth since centuries.

Massage your scalp at least for 5 minutes daily to stimulate the scalp in order to activate the blood vessels and also to de-stress.

Tackle hair loss with an all-natural treatment using ayurveda’s favorite ingredients.

Take 2 tbsp amla powder and 1 tbsp shikakai powder. Add water to make a paste.

Apply and rinse after an hour. Follow weekly for thicker stronger hair.

This homemade hair oil is your solution to prevent dandruff related hair loss.

Heat 1/2 coconut oil, add 1 tbsp methi seeds to it. Cook until it slightly turns brown and store it with the seeds.

Strain just before application for a luscious mane.

Sometimes our hair is in need of external supplements to prevent hair loss. Biotin is one such over-the-counter supplement which is known to induce growth by increasing the keratin production in your hair.

However it is best to consult a trichologist to find out if you truly need it.

Here’s an onion hair recipe that won’t make you cry. Mix 1/4 cup of onion juice with 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel.

Sulfur in onions prevent hair loss while aloe hydrates the scalp & your hair.

Massage it well and wash it after an hour for healthy moisturized strands.

Flaxseed is one power packed ingredient known to grow your hair faster and longer.

For this protein rich gel, boil 1/4 cup flaxseeds in 2 cups of water.Simmer for 5 to 7 minutes until stringy and then strain.

Apply for 20 minutes and then rinse. Follow this thrice a week to nourish your hair follicles.
Over exposure to hard water prevents nutrition and moisture from entering your strands leading to hair loss.

Use soft water for hair wash or give your hair a final rinse with filtered water to get rid of buildup and damage.

Using the wrong kind of towel to dry your hair may lead to hair breakage.

A microfiber towel absorbs excess water with ease without causing any friction, knots and breakage leaving you with fuller and healthier locks.

Hair treatments like straightening or bleaching contain chemicals which damage the hair leading to hair fall.

Instead embrace your hair by opting for natural hairstyles and hair dyes to maintain the health of your hair.

Hope these tips will help you revive the health of your hair.

This post was all about Aalim Hakim Salon Mumbai details and its price list for 2022 and 2023.

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