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Affinity Salon Price List 2022 – 2023

Affinity salon price list in 2022 and 2023 for  haircut, waxing, facial and threading.

Affinity Salon price list details near me in 2022 and 2023 are available here. Affinity Salon’s head office is in Delhi and it has many other branches on different locations like Vasant Kunj, Orion Mall, Rohini, Noida and Chandigarh.

Affinity Salon price list starts from Rs. 350/- for Kids Haircut and Rs. 400/- for Men’s Haircut. It also provides other services like Waxing, Facial and Threading.

In this post, I will provide you full rate card list of Affinity Salon and after that you will get to know more tips for your hair and skin.

Affinity Salon Price List 2022 – 2023 Rate Card

Here are the price list details of Affinity Salon with different services.

Affinity Salon Haircut Price List

MenRs. 400/-
WomenRs. 600/-
KidsRs. 350/-
SmootheningRs. 2500/-

Affinity Salon Facial Price List

Face CleanupRs. 2000/-
Face PackRs. 1000/-
Body PolishRs. 6500/-
O3 + FacialsRs. 3500/-
Casmara Face PackRs. 1200/-
Casmara FacialsRs. 3000/-
Agelock FacialsRs. 4500/-

Affinity Salon Waxing Price List

Under Arms WaxRs. 100/-
Face WaxRs. 400/-
Full BodyRs. 1700/-
Chin WaxRs. 80/-
Upper LipRs. 80/-
Fore HeadRs. 80/-
Side LockRs. 200/-
ArmsRs. 500/-
Leg Rs. 700/-

Top Affordable Makeup Brushes For Beginners

Makeup brushes there are so many options saying you don’t even know which one to use for anything as a person who’s been doing makeup for over a decade and has used hundreds of brushes.

I’m going to recommend some of the affordable makeup brushes for beginners so let’s start with face.

First Things first Foundation brushes if you are a makeup beginner you might be confused which one to use since there are so many different types of foundation brushes and we can divide the foundation brushes into two big categories.

The first one is a dense popping brush and the second one is a flat brush.

The buffing brush is easy to if you are a beginner at makeup, you’re more likely to see your foundation or concealer becoming stretchy but a bobbing brush allows you to apply a foundation all over your face evenly by swirling it.

It is appropriate use a foundation with medium or high coverage rather than with a light coverage with a global finish since it solves all the moist and glow from the foundation by blending all over your face.

If you’re a person who love using a high copy Foundation you will find this brush suit better for your liking also it is good to cover your pores as dense bristles push the product into your pores.

If the biggest concern of your makeup is covering your pores this might be a good option for the popping brush I would recommend these Real Techniques expert brush it is Affordable and does its job.

It has the right density as well as flexibility to not only apply a foundation but also cover large pores if your brush is too soft and does not have the right density it will leave edges on your face I personally liked real Techniques brushes as it is good quality and once you got their products.

The quality will last forever unless you don’t clean them for a long period of time speaking of a flat brush I personally find that a flat brush is relatively hard to use compared to a thin smoking brush because it requires a lot of effort to maintain its quality and shape.

If you do not wash it regularly it might split and one return to is original quality I actually tried to find a flat foundation brush.

There are affordable but found that it is so hard to find otherwise you might have to pay like 50 dollars for a brush which is very expensive for beginners so what I like to suggest is an art brush.

If you go to any art stores you will easily find one for acrylic or oil painting and even if you go to makeoff shops in South Korea many your makeup artists use art brushes when I attended on makeup Academy my tutor who does makeover celebrities recommend for us to buy makeup brushes and on our store for a flat brush in South Korea.

Pong is the best not only is an art brush but also a makeup brush this brush is very flat in the density and flexibility is adequate to apply a liquid or cream product.

If you are not in South Korea you might find it hard to get these brushes but I would highly recommend you to visit any local art shops nearby and trying to find similar brushes and you can find good ones for sure when it comes to finding the right concealer brush I found it is the same as choosing the right foundation brush.

You will choose between puffing brush and flat brush as I already mentioned as a popping brush is easy to use and blend with the product I recommend is this angle concealer brush from Finland.

You might be not familiar with this brand because this is Korean brand and they’re famous for making a portable and good quality of makeup brushes as this is an angle shape it is good to target the areas where no more brushes in your hands cannot reach especially this type of small bumping brush is good to cover large pores on your nose and the area around your nose for a flat concealer brush.

I personally don’t prefer a stiff brush normally we apply concealer around our eye areas and if the brush is too steep I found it is sometimes like itchy or cause irritations and it does not blend really well if the brush is too like plastic filling so flexibility matters when it comes to a flat concealer brush.

I found that this stigma f70 concealer brush is suitable for applying a concealer or even corrector around my eye areas sometimes.

If you have hyperpigmentation or spot you want to cover with concealer the attention of this brush will allow you to Target the areas you want when it comes to a powder brush, I personally think that investing in powder brush is not really necessary for makeup winners.

If you like to go for a big powder brush these Real Techniques powder brush is really great as the softness is suitable for applying a powder on your face evening if you like to go for a smaller one Echo tool soft powder brush would be a great option too.

This post was about Affinity Salon details and its price list in 2022 and 2023.

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