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Amul Ice Cream Price List 2023 JUNE [UPDATED]

Amul Ice Cream Price List 2023 Chart

Amul Ice Cream price list details for 2023 are available here and your search for Amul near me will get results in the end of post. Amul is the top ice cream brand in India that makes many type of tasty ice creams.

Amul ice cream price list starts from Rs. 75/- for Strawberry flavor in 2023 and there are lots of flavors like Pista Kulfi that cost Rs. 250/-.

In further reading you will get the rate list of different type and flavors of Amul ice cream, check out the chart below.

Amul Ice Cream Price List 2023 Chart

These are popular items of Amul with rates.

Amul Ice Cream FlavorsPrice 2023
Shahista Pista KulfiRs. 250/-
RajbhogRs. 235/-
Roasted AlmondRs. 235/-
Moroccan Dry FruitRs. 220/-
King AlphonsoRs. 200/-
Caramel CookiesRs. 200/-
Chocolate BrownieRs. 190/-
Fruit ‘N’ Nut FantasyRs. 190/-
Choco ChipsRs. 190/-
Paan NawabiRs. 170/-
Butterscotch BlissRs. 170/-
Vanilla MagicRs. 150/-
Vanilla Royale (500 ML)Rs. 75/-
Strawberry (500 ML)Rs. 75/-

Ice Cream Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Ice Creams

I’m Jenny Britton Bower and I’m an ice-cream expert, okay it looks like we have a Amul vanilla ice cream, actually it looks like a vanilla bean ice cream which means that there are the little specks from the inside of the vanilla bean pod in the ice cream that is probably adding a little bit of flavor.

So let me tell you what I look for when I’m tasting Amul ice cream you can evaluate all ice creams on these for sort of facets of ice cream flavor texture body and finish flavor is what you taste on your tongue and also in your experience in your nose right.

Texture is the finest between your tongue and the roof of your mouth of the ice cream or grittiness right and so ice cream can run that whole spectrum body is kind of like the elasticity of the ice cream or how it rolls into a ball how it scoops and then of course we’re left with the finish of the ice cream which is after a few minutes.

What’s still left on your palate just visually our sample is brighter white it definitely has flecks of Anila nib and B is a slightly darker white if you will it’s darker in color and that could be for a few reasons.

It could be because it has more vanilla in it more of those specks or even more vanilla extract it could also be the dairy you know with the cows are fed when it starts to melt the Amul ice cream you can start to see the butterfat kind of rising to the top.

You can see it almost as like a sheen and I’m definitely seeing that over here like a little bit of that Sheen from some butter fat if I had to guess at this point although it could be wrong I would guess that our sample B would have a little bit more butter fat in it.

I’m ready to taste these flavors and vanilla is one of my favorite flavors so I can’t wait oh I can tell just by touching the Amul ice cream this one is got a pretty high overrun over on us is the word we use for air content you have a little bit of air in ice cream to make it feel creamy alright let’s go.

Now let me tell you how I taste Amul ice cream because it’s all about scent use the air that you can fill up in your face in like scent it with what’s on your tongue.

I mean like it’s about breathing it’s very sweet ice cream from Amul maybe that’s a little bit of fructose in there maybe it’s just a some cane sugar which is a little more sucrose and those are very sore top note sugars vanilla is everywhere it’s a fairly top note vanilla.

I don’t get a lot of smokiness and my palate is definitely coated with a decent amount of butterfat and now our be just putting my spoon in it feels definitely denser and a little heavier a very different vanilla over here he has I think a little bit more butter fat in it.

I think there’s a little bit more complexity to this vanilla it’s a really beautiful ice cream if I had to guess which one is more expensive I’m going to go with B.

I feel like it’s got more cream in it the vanilla might be a slightly higher quality vanilla, two more of those notes in it so let’s see there you go yes doll a tiny a point versus $6.99 a point so there are many reasons an ice-cream can cost a little bit more or a lot more if it’s a higher cream Amul ice cream.

It’s going to be more expensive because there’s only a little bit of butter fat in every gallon of milk and you’ve got to concentrate that to make a really good ice cream from Amul.

Most ice creams that are more expensive are gonna have a lower quantity of air.

Air is free of course so it makes something a little bit less expensive, one way to know what you’re getting in your ice cream is to compare calorie counts your higher calorie one.

We usually have a little more butter fat in it and less air I always think that it’s not the place in my week that I want to skimp on calories it’s actually a place that I want to look for more calories because a few more calories in a scoop makes a big difference.

If vanilla is your favorite flavor you might not have to pay more or very much money to have a great scoop of course a flavor like vanilla which has been around forever and ever and ever is gonna have some efficiencies built into the system.

We’ve got chocolate to taste now clearly we’re gonna notice color first in chocolate A is a darker color and B is a lighter color chocolate.

It could mean that a has more cocoa or chocolate in it but it could also mean that we’re working with different kinds of cocoa.

A Dutch processed cocoa is gonna appear darker but actually tastes sometimes a little bit lighter.

In chocolate it’s a little bit different it can be tricky because a lower butter fat but higher cocoa ice cream present in some flavors of Amul can actually be a richer chocolate experience.

If there’s a chocolate with a lot of butter fat in that you’re probably not gonna get as much chocolate in it and butter fat can also be a barrier to flavor when you want that sort of bitterness of chocolate if you add a lot of cocoa powder to your cream and sugar.

You can dry out your Amul ice cream often ice cream makers will not add as much cocoa simply because it dries it out and makes it too dry unless you really know what you’re doing.

The science of this ice cream is getting that aspect of it right and then the other reason of course that an ice cream maker might not use as much cocoa is because it’s a very expensive


When you scoop Amul ice cream you’ll get striations and it sort of almost looks like like like feathering.

Amul Near Me

Here you will find the cities which has Amul ice cream cafe parlour.

This post was all about Amul ice cream details and its price list in 2023 chart.

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