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Anandi Water Park Ticket Price List 2023 Lucknow

Anandi Water Park ticket price list in 2023 Lucknow

Anandi Water Park ticket price list details for 2023 are available here. Anandi Water Park is located in Lucknow and is one of the best water park in Uttarpradesh, North India.

Anandi Water Park ticket price list starts from Rs. 600/- for children above 70 cm in 2023 Lucknow. Charges are different in weekdays and holidays.

In further post, I will provide you full ticket rate list of Anandi water park below and you will also find other best water parks in Europe.

Anandi Water Park Ticket Price List 2023 Lucknow Chart

Here are the price list details of Anandi Water Park.

AgePrice in Weekdays (Monday – Saturday)Price in Holidays
AdultRs. 700/-Rs. 800/-
Children (below 70 cm)FreeFree
Children (above 70 cm)Rs. 600/-Rs. 700/-

The Best Water Parks in Europe Ever

We have compiled the best theme parks in Europe that will possibly take you on a trip to a miniature ancient Greece or Thailand with added recreational water activities and adventure sports.

So make sure to stick with us as we show you some of the best theme parks in Europe and possibly in the world like Anandi Water Park.

Lalandia Water Park

First one on the list is Lalandia park in bill and Denmark which was opened in 24th april 2009, owned by park and sport and entertainments.

Lalandia is an amalgamation of two danish holiday resorts.

This water themed park is no doubt one of the best parks in the world.

Anything that you can imagine is there four giant indoor water slides and a wild river.

The aqua dome is the middle and the most famous one at that with children and adults in the 400 cubic meters of mildly heated pools with hydro activities.

You can swim or play water games in the large indoor pools that they have to offer not only that they also have a mini golf course, tennis courts, indoor skating badminton and many more and we have lots of facility in Anandi Water Park.

Tiki Bed

The second is Tiki Bed located in Wasinaar Netherlands and opened in 1984.

Now the people who have been there have said that it is a sub tropical paradise like the designers stole the blueprint from Atlantis itself.

The Tiki Bad offers you a minimum of 16 various water slides with each of them more than 1300 meters in length.

They have whirlpools and wave pools and they take safety as their priority.

So you will also find separate pools for the miners, they also have a restaurant named la place with an outdoor terrace that can give you a panoramic view of the whole compound.

The indoor pools have a 120 meters long slide called the blue shark which has a lot of turns and jumps and the outdoors of slides like quattro run where a family of four can race along through the slide.

The cyclone is a slide of 59 meters where the speed can rise to 70 kilometers per hour end in a funnel which leads to a hole that opens up in the pool and you should try the x stream where you have to step in a booth with a movable floor that suddenly sweeps you through a tunnel landing seven meters away at a speed of 40 kilometers an hour.

As you lose momentum in a ski mast, the third one on the list is aqua palace.

Aqua Palace

Located in Seslice Prague it was open and inaugurated on 5th may 2008.

This one is my favorite on the list as it has a lot to offer from artificial waves to physiotherapy.

The aqua palace contains 12 water slides which are up to 250 meters long with many pools a 450 meter long river themed areas, Jacuzzis Dyson cliff bars and they also have a section for wellness and fitness.

It is a compilation of three places the palace of treasures the palace of relaxations and the palace of adventure you would be amazed when you pay a visit.

Port Adventurer

Next up we have the port adventurer carriba aquatic park open for commercial use in the year 2002 owned by Invest Industrial and KKR is a fun resort in Salo Catalonia Spain with 3.5 million visitors each year.

This is the most visited theme park in spain with rides such as the furious bacco, A roller coaster powered by hydraulics with winged seatings and huracan condor, A drop tower with a staggering height of 330 feet.

This is one of the best water park.

Water Planet

Water Planet located in Alanya Turkey with 2000 people as a daily capacity.

This is the largest water park in the Turkish mediterranean region and they have a lot in store for you.

You can also become a ruthless pirate where they serve you lunch and drinks.

The slides are massive and the park is beautifully designed.

You can bungee jump river raft and do a lot of other fun activities, if you ever visit turkey you know where to be.

Aquafina Water Park

The sixth one on the list is the Aquafina water park built and inaugurated in 1987 in the city of Riccione in Italy.

They have restaurants, musical concerts, discos and other forms of entertainment including an imax kamikaze a 90 meters long steep slope that pushes you to a very high speed.

The extreme river a ramp with a paraboloid section that makes you swing in a harmonic rhythm on a ramp a giant funnel where you can enjoy yourself as you slide through it.

They also have slides with kids in mind a slide with the shape of an elephant with three short lanes.

Overall it’s a very fun place like Anandi Water Park.

Tropical Islands

Islands built in late 2004 in Krausnick Germany.

The water park has a maximum capacity of 8200 visitors a day.

The islands also set a world record of being the largest indoor water park.

The tropical village features a wonderful display of traditional buildings from Thailand Borneo Samoa Bali.

The rainforest is the best place if you like nature as it has 50000 plants of 600 different species which also include rare ones.

The tropical sea is a replica of a coral.

Bali Lagoon

Island with sandy beaches and it has a 460 foot long pool.

The Amazonia is an outdoor area of about 35000 square meters with two large pools a beach soccer field and a beach volleyball field, a sunbathing area and a kiosk.

The tropical islands aim to take you on a beautiful trip to your tropical life.

The bali lagoon has a depth of less than one meter with two water slides fountains, a current canal and whirlpools and with this we come to number eight.

The Water World

The water world located near Cape Greco in the eastern part of Cyprus.

The theme is ancient Greek it is no doubt one of the biggest themed water parks in Europe with more than 25 rides and attractions.

They have a variety of selections and rides, souvenir shops, food outlets and other facilities.
They have the best pools in all over Europe.

Some of them are the aphrodits bath which is an adult pool with relaxing jets and bubble benches.

Apollo’s plunge is a slide you do not want to miss.

The best one is Atlantis activity pool where you have to cross hurdles and go against rolling logs and water pads and if you fall in the pool then you lose.


On number nine we have the therm herding located in Germany.

It was built on the 3rd of October 1999.

This is the largest thermal bath complex in the entirety of Europe.

This place was made by accident as people dug in for oil in this area and they found sulfurous water, after that this place just grew to what it is now.

The galaxy an 82 ft high metal dome water slide completes it to the fullest making it one of the best thermal bath complexes in Europe.

The last one on the list is the Scion.

Scion Water Park

Scion park located in the Canary islands.

Now this place has an interesting origin as it was opened by the princess of Thailand Ma Chakri Sirendorn.

So this makes the park a thigh-themed park and it reflects on all of its features be it.

The restaurants park buildings and the rides the volcano is a water slide with a laser light show inside the tunnel as it rushes down a bowl take the wave palace which has an artificial white sand beach and it is the highest wave pool in the world.

You can get surfing lessons there as well the park’s terrain has four slides following them and they’re known as the jungle snakes.

The last city is intended for kids with more than a hundred games and you would be surprised at what this park has to offer.

This post was about Anandi Water Park ticket details and its price list 2023 Lucknow.

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