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Apexel 60X Zoom Lens Price in India With Details 2023

Apexel 60x zoom lens price in India

Apexel 60x Zoom Lens details are available here in 2023. Apexel is an advanced company that makes Telephoto lenses for smartphones and it is growing fast in India.

Apexel 60x Zoom Lens price is Rs. 7,695/- in India. There are other models like 40x and 20x with lower price but 60x is best in terms of quality.

In this post I will give you more information about 3 models of Apexel Zoom lens with details, keep reading.

Apexel 60X Zoom Lens Experiment

Here I will provide some details of Apexel 60X zoom lens. I have changed the tripod setup as you are getting a smaller tripod with the kit.

I will be capturing the crane which is located on the ongoing construction site. Now let us attach the Apexel 60X zoom lens and see the results.

So this is being captured from Apexel 60X zoom lens, the building is approximately one and a half kilometer far from my place.

Due to the windy condition the footage is not stable I request you to kindly use heavy tripod with Apexel lens to get good results.

They are zooming from my mobile you can see that it is capturing good zoom range but the footage is not so sharp and it is little bit blurry.

Now we will be capturing a short distance object to see how good details it can capture.

There is a water tank on that building which is slightly visible now let us attach the lens and see the results.

So the results are great I found that the lens is giving a sharp and a clear footage and these lenses are awesome in very affordable price in India.

The building must be 100 meters far from my building. I did not found any chromatic aberration as it is almost evening time right now.

I did not found any black borders on the edges of Apexel 60x zoom and I also did not found any distortion on the edges.

I also took some handheld samples so you can get a rough idea but I will not recommend you to use as it is a super zoom lens.

Mobile Camera Lens 60X vs 20X-40X

Here we will be doing a comparison between two zoom lenses, both are from the apexel brand with amazing rates in India.

The first one is Apexel 60X zoom lens and the second one is 20X-40X zoom lens, both are zoom lens for mobile.

This is being captured by Apexel 60X and this is being captured by 20X-40X. Note that you will feel that 60X and 20X-40X look same but there is a difference and the difference is that in Apexel 60X zoom to remove the black border you will need to zoom in from your mobile so it will give me a more zoom output.

In Apexel 20X-40X zoom you won’t find the black border. Let us try to read the name which is written on the air condition and the air condition is nearly 50 foot far from me this is being captured by 60X zoom.

Now let us try to capture that red flower which is 100 foot far from me.

Friends I have also taken beautiful macro shots of this flower you can check out by pressing the i button this is being captured by Apexel 60X zoom lens.

Now let us try to capture that air condition which is approximately 100 foot far from me.
That’s so cool that it shows very clear and amazing in 60X zoom lens.

This post was about Apexel 60X Zoom Lens details and its price in India.

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