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Balenciaga Jacket Price in India With Details

balenciaga jacket price in India

Balenciaga jacket details are available here. Balenciaga is a Spanish company based in Paris that manufactures fashion wears and its jackets are popular across the world included India.

Balenciaga Jacket price starts from Rs. 97,145/- in India and there are more awesome varieties which can make your look nice and the rates may be around Rs. 3,10,499/-.

If you want to get more details about Balenciaga Jacket then go to its official site and get more related information.

Is Balenciaga Denim Jacket Worth it

I am here to talk about designer Balenciaga denim jackets, something that is super popular, super trending and quite frankly I don’t think it is going anywhere anytime soon.

I make sure to bring out my trusty notebook and I actually want to show this because I want to show you guys that I actually use souvenirs that I pick up when I travel.

I have my talking points here but of course I also have the topic in question right here which is designer denim jackets.

So I want to start off this post by why designer jackets and why I design a denim jacket, so I own denim jackets from ASOS and other very very inexpensive brands but what actually kind of sparked my interest to purchase and invest in a designer denim jacket for my collection was that I noticed that I was wearing denim jackets heavily on down time when I am not working and on the weekends.

I am not the type of person that wants to wear a leather jacket all the time especially here in Southern California that can be way too heavy and way too hot to wear all the time and no matter about the price.

Denim jackets definitely come into play with my wardrobe really heavily but with a designer denim jacket one thing that was really important to me was it just needed to go with all of my outfits both dressed up and casual and it just had a really make sense and flow with my wardrobe that I currently have existing brain was definitely the color of choice I had in mind when I wanted to get in my first designer denim jacket.

The denim jacket is really heavy which is nice on a luxury quality appeal but overall it is a denim jacket.

Let’s not try to upsell this any more than what it is when I went to go pick this up for my birthday I am actually went with my mom to the Rodeo Drive boutique for the simple fact that I couldn’t buy this online at the time.

I am otherwise a very very adamant online shopper but I did pick this up at the Rodeo Drive boutique and as soon as I tried it on I knew it felt and it right and I am at the point in my luxury collection where I do want to start acquiring more designer ready to wear pieces because as I am not someone who likes to collect a bunch of bags.

I am definitely a shoe collector outside of that and also buying the one or two random work bags I need that are nice but get the job done and are very professional and discreet.

I always wanted to adventure in buying ready to wear designer items there and now a days the demand of these readymade is high in India.

Feeling the right quality everything just matched up the attention to detail is so nice on the Balenciaga denim jackets too because they actually have the Balenciaga Lowe going on the button snaps.

The logo you are going to find actually does not come on to the neckline of the jacket. It is actually in the inside of the jacket which you will be able to flip over over and see right here it does say Balenciaga pairs.

It is actually stitched in and says arche type spring summer which is kind of cool.

It shows you what collection this jacket came from. This one is meant to be more of a looser boxy fit.

You know that very oversized Balenciaga aesthetic that they have been doing lately with dem Naga house but they do also make some I know this the one that says sinners.

That’s in black is very form fitting and it really fits like a really snug and tight like a leather jacket even though it is black denim.

In this jacket sizing even though it is oversized on me doesn’t mean it corresponds with everything else in the line that’s a Balenciaga sizing is very large.

If you want to feel good about your sizing at a designer Balenciaga is definitely the one to drop that because for example there is a blue shirt that I bought recently that everyone you know it kind of got mixed feelings and reviews on when I showed it in my last post but that blue Balenciaga shirt that I bought was actually a small.

I couldn’t even imagine what an extra small look like and that shirt was huge on me.

So if you are wondering if I would purchase this jacket again the answer is a hundred percent.

Don’t get me wrong the price that I paid for this jacket, I probably could have walked away with two pairs of shoes and a smallgood or even like a document holder or something like that.

I really felt like this was something right that I wanted to add to my collection and I mean can we just talk about how gorgeous the Bleach embossing is on the back right here that says Balenciaga.

If I had to recommend them I definitely would say a hundred percent go out and get one if it does fit into your wardrobe your aesthetic and if you can get really great wearing you side of it Balenciaga did provide a garment bag and a hangar for this jacket which was super nice.

I really wanted to share my opinion if this Balenciaga jacket was really worth it.

This post was about Balenciaga Jacket details and its price in India.

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