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BBlunt Salon Price List 2023

BBlunt Salon price list in 2023

BBlunt Salon price list details for 2023 are available here. BBlunt salon’s head office is in Mumbai and it is also famous in cities and regions like Bangalore, Koramangala, Indiranagar, Juhu, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Khar, etc.

BBlunt Salon price list starts from Rs. 850/- for basic haircut by stylist and it may go up to Rs. 4000/- for advanced hair cut by Creative Director.

In this post I will give you full rate list of BBlunt salon with different services like hair cutting, hair colouring and other services.

BBlunt Salon Price List 2023 Chart

Here are the price list details of BBlunt Salon.

BBlunt Salon Haircut Price List

Style DirectorRs.1300/-
Salon Director Rs.1800/-
Senior Salon DirectorRs.2300/-
Creative DirectorRs. 4000/-
SmootheningRs. 2500/-

BBlunt Salon Hair Colour Price List

Hair ColouringPrice
Colour Enhancer Rs. 750/-
Re-Growth Touch up Rs. 1600/-
Re-Growth Touch up + Colour Enhancer Rs. 2350/-
Global Colour Rs. 3350/-

BBlunt Salon Creative Colour Price List

Creative ColourPrice
Free Hand Rs. 1050/-
panels Rs. 3050/-
Highlights Half head Rs. 3100/-
Highlights Full head Rs. 5700/-

6 Hair Secrets Every Girl Should Know

It took me years to figure out my hair, it has a bunch of different textures where it’s wavy in the back and then in the front.

It’s a lot straighter and then I have lots of thick strands that seem to tangle a lot and just get really staticky in the winter.

In 2012 I cut it into a Bob I will never do that again and then I cut it to my shoulders in 2019 but each time I just found that I personally prefer it to be longer.

My grow out process is something that I have used as a way to gain knowledge on what my hair needs as far as nutrition for it and deciding the best styles that suit my hair texture.

In BBlunt Salon, you will get extra hair care.

So today I’m going to go over my top 10 tips for growing long healthy hair, so that may be in 2023 you can transform your own first keep.

1. Keep your cut simple to trim your hairstyle simple especially during that grow out process so for me I get a trim about every couple months.

I just get it cut straight across so I try to avoid just putting layers in it because even though I like that look I just can’t keep track of each layer and how it gets trimmed or if it got trimmed.

So by keeping the cut really simple and straight across I can tell really quickly and see if my hair needs a trim and just to keep track of its Health.

2. Number two I mix up my hair styling techniques so I’m not quite as adventurous as a lot of different people are with the cuts and colors that they choose but I like to switch between a Sleek straight look with my hairstyle and then something like this where I’ve got more of a natural wavy look.

Something that wears really well if it gets a little bit rough and tumble or you know if I just want something that I can wake up and not really have to style this works really well but other than that I’m just going to the gym a lot and so I like to experiment with different hairstyles there I wear a lot of baseball caps.So I keep my everyday hair pretty simple.

3. Don’t over wash, every three to four days while I’m washing my body more often than that like I take two showers a day because I’m going to the gym and then I have a magnesium bath a lot of times to just soak my muscles.

I throw my hair up when I’m in the shower all the time what this is preventing from my hair is a lot of damage by constantly drying it and brushing it instead I do a really great wash regimen but on the days in between I don’t need to do all of that to my hair.

So this was a tip that my stylist in Nashville told me to do back when I lived there is just don’t wash your hair all the time every day and style it every day just like let it do its thing in between washes.

4. Use a scalp scrub so because I have really oily skin. In BBlunt Salon, you will find the best scrub service in affordable price.

My scalp is no exception and so the oil and the buildup is really important to actually get out and also with the scrub that you’re using on your scalp is going to do so much for your scalp Health which means that ultimately it doesn’t get quite as oily.

So the one that I use is a Kerastos clay and it works really well at just removing those oils and it also gives me some volume on my roots on that fresh wash you all have seen Kerastas on my beauty list for years and whenever Kerastos asked me if they want to do another post together.

I always jump at the chance because they’ve been my product go-to for so long and I always give them as gifts I had already purchased them as stocking stuffers for the girls in my life before they reached out to me.

So it was awesome but not only that they have an amazing scent I recently saw a girl that I hadn’t seen in five years and when she hugged me she said oh you smell nice and instead of the like natural.

I just blurted out oh thank God because the last thing that you want to do is hug someone you haven’t seen in five years and not smell great I hadn’t tried perfume or anything that day I just simply washed my hair and so thank you to Kara sauce for making my friendship last a little longer.

5. Double cleanse and I double condition I use two different shampoo who’s depending on the look that I’m going for and same for conditioners.

You will find the top products in BBlunt hair salon with good rate.

So I go you know three to four days between washes so I don’t mind if I want a really thorough wash on those days but the difference is that I do just use a little bit of product each time.

Instead of like using double the product sloughing it on once washing it out I like to divide it in two little washes at the same time and that just removes the build up and then it really cleanses.

6. Use a detangling brush while conditioning.

conditioning is that I always use a detangling brush when I have conditioner in my hair.

A lot of people say Don’t just tug on your hair when it’s wet and that’s totally true so for me just to move the product through my strands better I always have tangle free hair if I have my conditioner in I’m waiting for it to soak in and I’m just pulling it through very gently and that creates such a wonderful look.

Don’t skip on bringing a light brush with you into the shower and just getting all of those tangles out very gently.

This post was about BBlunt salon details and its price list in 2023.

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