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Belgard Pavers Price List 2022 – 2023

Belgard Pavers price list in 2022 and 2023 chart

Belgard Pavers price list details for 2022 and 2023 are available here in this post. Belgard is a trusted brand in the United States for building materials like pavers and stones.

Belgard Pavers price list starts from $2.25 for Holland stone 60mm pavers in 2022, 2023 and White Limestone cost is $3.02.

In this post I will provide full rate list of different items of Belgard Pavers, see the chart below.

Belgard Pavers Price List 2022 and 2023 Chart

Here is the list of different items of Belgard Pavers with rates.

Belgard Holland Stone 60mm Pavers
ColorsItem CodePrice 2022 – 2023
Brazos Blend10155515$2.25
Fossil Beige10155935$2.25
Terra Cotta/Black Flash10156507$2.25
Terra Cotta10156500$2.25
White Limestone10156150$3.02
Belgard Holland ADA Pavers
ColorsItem CodePrice 2022 – 2023
Belgard Cambridge Cobble 3pc
ColorsItem CodePrice 2022 – 2023
Brazos Blend10150090$2.45
Terra Cotta/Black Flash10150145$2.45
Fossil Beige10157385$2.45
Silex Gray10150135$2.45
Hill Country10150115$3.20
Terra Cotta (CFA)10150140$2.45
Belgard Old York
ColorsItem CodePrice 2022 – 2023
Danville Beige10153311$3.00
Terracotta Flash10151687$3.00

What Paverstones are right for your Project

I’m going to kind of run you through some stones and some different ideas and give you my opinion on a couple different things on some insulation parts of it.

So first papers what should you pick, what’s your pattern, what’s your color, what do you like, what are you going to paint your house?

Do you like a large pattern so we candefinitely do a large pattern orco has and there’s orco here’s belle guard there’s angelus there’s zackerstone and olsen around the corner.

So i’m going to quickly run through all of them but just give you some basics.

Orco great company has they’ve been in business a long time definitely worth looking at we use their product all the time we use belgard all the time.

Sso look at the color you like so this isa large pattern you would not want to put it in your driveway the largest stone.

You should be putting in your driveway is a 12×12 12×12 is structurally sound so that it can handle the weight of your car, the weight of your rv and then when it gets into structural loads for your car your rv.

You then have to look at the gross vehicle weight and the amount of base you should use in that which we’ll get into in just a minute.

Tthese little arch stones the smallerstones perfect for driveways largest stone is a 12×12.

Orco has the villa series which is a five-stone combination tumbled they have the pietra then they also have the mediterranean which is a non or which is a tumbled but it’s non-textured top and they don’t have that one illustrated here but they do have country credible which i’ll show you in a minute.

They also have 12 but 24 by 24s these are great forpathways put rock in between them kind

of like a large stepping stone.

I have these in my backyard and my side yard I love them then you get into casita casita is a 12×4 stone so if you’re looking for more of that linear type look in your patio or in your driveway definitely worth looking at and we did elvis cousins house using the manor and borrego in their front walkways turned out fantastic.

Then you get into the nt cobblestones, the nt cobblestones are timeless when i first started in pavers in 2004 antique cobblestones cream brown cream charcoal all day long every single day and then as time progressed we got into more of the five stone geometric patterns.

You get into the bell guard bell guard is definitely uh a product to look at as well as orco great products all the way along but bellegarde has a couple different type colors and patterns that other people don’t so with the belgard pavers they have toscana they have montecito they have bella they have victorian which is cream gray charcoal.

They have solid graphite in the large stones they have also a little bit bigger selection of colors for the 24x24s then they also have the antique cobblestones they they call them cambridge couples.

The cambridge cobblestones are the identical ones antique cobblestones and other manufacturers also call it antique cobbles.

You get into the melville series which they have more of the plank type looks and a lot of times you can run the melville series pavers without a border because the linear lines all the way across and then just stop your pattern at the planter and then your plants over here and your paper pattern down below for the walkways.

You get into larger pieces like in the patio structure size and the one thing also i have to bring up right away i think is very important the 24×24 is by any of the manufacturers they’re incredibly hard to try and slope towards drainage if you’re in a very tight area so it’s better most times to go with a geometric pattern from belgard orco angelus where they’re a little bit smaller.

So it’s easier to pitch towards the drain so it’s get the water flow into the drains and a lot of people ask and i’m going to change it again.

So how much water permeates actually per paver in a normal insulation pattern in a normal driveway the percentage is very small it’s less than five percent and it’s meant so that you pitch the water away from the house about a two percent grade and then a one percent grade after four feet.

So that you get it towards the drains to get the water into a drain and then out from there and there are water permeable pavers but those are more specific type applications and we typically don’t install those and then when you get into bell guard so they’ve got the arbel type stones and they have more of it of a natural slate type look i love this product.

Typically these are stocked in the 60 millimeter so they’re not typically a good driveway pattern stone but if you put enough base down below and then you know you’re you’re confident you’re not going to overload your driveway you could do it but it’s not suggested by orco or anybody else or bell guard or any of the specific unique type stones like this and then olsen is another stone that’s been around for a very long time.

They have the infinity plank which looks more like a timber type plank so it looks more of a good type texture for the bottom one that the top one puts us right into here is similar to the other manufacturers where they have a slight texture top to it.

This post was about Belgard Pavers details and its Price List in 2022 and 2023.

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