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Birthday Photography Tips and Ideas For Perfect Photoshoot

birthday photography tips

We are providing best Birthday Photography Tips and Ideas for perfect photoshoot. If you are a photographer or hiring another one, you should know these tips to store beautiful memories of your big day.

Birthday is one of the biggest day in a year for everyone, and we want to enjoy on this day as much as we can. We want to store happy moments of our life.

Photos play an important role to store lovely moments, so birthday photography is also in trend to store our memories.

Now a days, everyone knows about clicking photos with their cellphone camera. Everybody use their phone camera in almost every event and they want to click more and more photos.

But you know, clicking photos in a right way with right device is an art.

Birthday Photography Tips

Here I am giving you latest and best tips for birthday photography. I will show you best poses, best camera, good camera setting, other equipments with camera, clicking best pics for cake and friends or other guests and all birthday photography tips.

We will discuss about how to use camera, awesome tips and some brilliant ideas. We will also discuss about taking candid photos.

Birthday Photography Poses

If you are doing photography in a birthday party, then you would want to take best poses to please your customers or if it’s your own birthday, then still you want to take awesome poses of your birthday event.

In this article, you will learn how to take good shots in the birthday party, using digital camera. I will tell you all possible tips and ideas for best photography in the event.

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Here are some examples of good poses in a birthday party:

Choose Best Camera For Birthday Photography

Photography can be divided into 2 categories. One is Indoor Photography and 2nd is Outdoor Photography.

So your birthday event may be outdoor in garden or it may be indoor in a hotel or at your home.

For both type of photography, there may be different types of camera to be used, because of mainly light effects and scenes.

So, you will choose camera as indoor or outdoor birthday photography. Here are the list for both type of cameras.

Best Indoor Cameras:

Best Outdoor Cameras:

Perfect Camera Setting

Again there are 2 types of situations, because settings for camera depends on indoor or outdoor photography.

In indoor birthday photography event, your camera’s ISO setting should be at least 400-800. If you increase it, your photos will become grainy.

Shutter speed of the camera should be 1/125th of a second at least, it will make sharp images as there may be rush in the birthday party. The aperture should be large F/4 or F/2.8.

In outdoor birthday photography event, set your camera on manual mode. Set ISO setting on auto mode.

Your camera’s shutter speed should be 1/250, and the aperture should be f/4 at widest setting.

Click Birthday Cake Photos

Birthday cake is most important and attractive thing in the birthday parties. People buy beautiful awesome looking cake because it increase the beauty of their event.

When we are talking about birthday photography, then we can’t ignore the birthday cake. Most people buy big size chocolate cake with amazing candles on it.

In photography of birthday cake, first we should shoot the photos of the cake with candle light on it. Birthday guy’s name written on the cake, we should take clear shots with name and candles.

When the birthday boy/girl is going to cut the piece of cake, take some shots at that time. Take some photo click when lovable ones are eating bite of cake piece after cutting cake.

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Blowing Candles

Blowing the candles on cake is most important and lovely part of the birthday. All the guests comes together when this moment happen. After blowing candles, all guests wish, clap and enjoy the party.

This beautiful moment should not be ignored when doing photography in the birthday event.

Take many photos of blowing candles by birthday boy/girl, and take photos of wishing and celebrating guests.

Shoot Family Members Photos

In your birthday party, there may be your friends, co-workers and other guest, but family members take 1st position when doing birthday photography.

Whether you have small family or big joint family, they are also the members of your photography event.

Photography of the family members started after cutting the piece of cake. Family members photos should be taken one by one with the birthday boy/girl, after cutting the piece of cake, while taking bite, those moments are perfect for taking family members photos.

Birthday Photoshoot Ideas with Friends

Friends makes party and event more enjoyable. In birthday party, friends of birthday boy/girl are best people to make awesome birthday photoshoot.

Friends are those people, to which we can share our photos and beautiful memories. Everyone will invite their friends in birthday party, so they will also want to take best pics with their friends.

Below you will get to know the ideas photos of friends in birthday party.

Use Tripod For Group Birthday Photography

Tripod is best and very helpful equipment when taking large group photos, because it helps to set your camera and it’s setting.

Tripod will reduce movement of camera and improves quality of picture. Tripod can also hold other equipments with camera while doing photography.

While doing photography in birthday and taking large group photos, tripod is very helpful equipment, and it is also look like professional.

Shoot Candid Photos

Candid photos are trending now a days, it feels like naturally in candid photography. Candid photography is best when you are outdoor, but you can take candid photos when you are indoor and having enough space like a hall.

In birthday party, best shots of candid can be taken when the guests are taking meal, wishing the birthday, or having dance.

Take more than one shots of every people, because candid means taking photos when the people doesn’t know that photographer is taking their photos.

Take more than one photo of every guest to make sure they don’t blink eyes or something like that.

Take Photos During Giving Gifts

When we are talking about birthday, then birthday without gifts will not be perfect. Gifts and present are the different meaning of birthday party.

Gifts or present may be small or big in size, this doesn’t matter but gifts are the important part of the birthday event and it should be included in photoshoot.

When guests or family members are giving gifts to the birthday boy/girl, these are good moments of photography in the birthday party. Take photos for every person giving gifts, and take a photo for all the group of gifts in last.

Use Flash in Camera

Using flash in camera in the birthday party or any other event, represent the advanced level of photography. If you want to click photos like a premium photographer, you should use flash when needed.

Flash is usually used in the location where artificial light is needed, or where there lights are low. But using flash in very dark will not work, you need some lights for working it. Using flash in excessive light will also damage the color of your photos.

You can use different colors in flash, to make the photos more awesome. These light colors will give the gorgeous look to your event, and make it as beautiful memories.

Use flash in camera only when you have good knowledge and experience of it, when you know how and when to use it. Flash needs some exact level of low lights.

Birthday Photography Ideas For Adults

In kids birthday party, there may be some adults who want to get clicked their amazing photos, or in birthday of an adult, the probability of taking adults photos is high.

So you should know about how to take perfect portrait or group photos of adults. Below, you will find the ideas photos of adults photography in birthday.

Birthday Photography Price

Price for birthday photoshoot starts from Rs 10000 ($135), and are different as per the photography qualities, like types of cameras, and levels of photographers.

Low level or beginner photographer can charge Rs 10000, while medium level with some more good quality of equipment and having some more experience can charge more than Rs 20000.

Now most experienced means high level photographer with having professional equipment can charge more than Rs 30000. Experienced photographers has their name and fame because of stabling from many years in the industry. You can choose the package with your budget.

Edit Photos After Finish Birthday Photography

After you have done clicking all photos of birthday, there is one more step to make your clicked photos more professionally and amazing.

That step is editing your photos in computer. If you know the editing of color correction, contrast, sharpen, light and dark, then just do editing your photos and show how much professional you are.

Make portfolio of your clicked and edited photos, so that more people will want to clicked photos by you in their birthday photography or any other event.

If you don’t know editing, then you can take help from photo editors.

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