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Bizgurukul Course Price List 2023

Bizgurukul Course Price List details for 2023.

Bizgurukul, a newcomer in the affiliate marketing scene, recently gained prominence. My introduction to this program came through Instagram influencers who have been ardently promoting its profit potential. Bizgurukul boasts an array of schemes and courses within its program, all guaranteeing earnings.

This program, being relatively new, lacks a wealth of insights. In this article, we aim to provide an exhaustive review of Bizgurukul, delving into its entire program and course curriculum. Our goal is to help you ascertain whether this program is a worthy investment.

About Bizgurukul – Bizgurukul is swiftly gaining popularity. Remarkably, this company has achieved fame and recognition within an astonishingly short time frame, a feat that takes some companies years to accomplish. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it “trending” given the extensive promotion of this program on various social media platforms. Notably, Bizgurukul is offering a substantial 70% commission through its affiliate program.

The company’s readiness to offer such a high commission ratio in such a short time is quite surprising. During a time when many are struggling to make ends meet due to the pandemic, Bizgurukul claims to guarantee earnings of up to 40k with minimal effort.

Bizgurukul was launched in May 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, and credit for this initiative goes to the ingenious minds of Rohit Kumar Sharma, Ritesh Tiwari, and Ritwiz Tiwari.

Courses Offered – Bizgurukul offers three courses on its platform, each with its own unique offerings and learning opportunities. We’ll provide a detailed breakdown of these courses and their prices.

  1. Gold
    • The Gold plan is the most basic and affordable among the three offerings. It provides extensive knowledge about digital marketing, including sections on personality development, spoken English mastery, and video guidance.
    • This program equips learners with the fundamentals of digital marketing, focusing on lead generation, client acquisition, and client management.
    • The cost of this program is Rs 2999, with a commission of Rs 2000.
  2. Sapphire
    • The Sapphire program encompasses all the content available in the Gold plan. Additionally, learners gain access to advanced knowledge in areas such as Excel, Google ads, and YouTube.
    • The cost of the Sapphire plan is Rs 5999.
  3. Platinum
    • The Platinum program offers comprehensive knowledge for digital marketers, covering everything from copywriting to content creation. It also includes training to become a proficient public speaker.
    • When you purchase the Platinum plan, you receive the Gold and Sapphire plans at no extra cost.
    • The cost of this plan is Rs 9999, and you receive a commission of Rs 6999.
  4. Diamond
    • The Diamond course has yet to be launched by Bizgurukul, and the pricing details are undisclosed.

Affiliate Program – The primary factor driving the popularity of the Bizgurukul program is its affiliate marketing initiative. Affiliate marketing is a straightforward means of increasing sales, where affiliates earn commissions for each sale of a product or service related to the company.

In the case of Bizgurukul, users must first register with the company and make a purchase before becoming affiliate marketers. Those who do not use the affiliate link when making their initial purchase will miss out on potential earnings.

Pros And Cons Of The BizGurukul – Every program has its strengths and weaknesses. Here, we outline the aspects that could benefit you and those that may pose challenges:


  • The course is straightforward and beginner-friendly, making it accessible to newcomers in the field.
  • Bizgurukul offers its program in Hindi, catering to Indian users who may not be fluent in English.
  • In addition to the course content, the platform supports personality development and marketing programs.
  • The platform boasts responsive customer support to address your queries and concerns.


  • Bizgurukul does not have a refund policy, which can be disappointing if users find the program unsatisfactory.
  • The program’s costs are relatively high compared to similar offerings on other online platforms. Some content is even available for free on platforms like YouTube.
  • The platform lacks a structured product and sales page, potentially causing confusion for users unfamiliar with these processes.
  • Participation in the affiliate program is contingent on purchasing courses from Bizgurukul.

Please note that this review is based on available information and experiences up to the date of this writing, and the situation may have evolved since then.

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