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Black Thunder Ticket Price List 2023 – Water Theme Park in Coimbatore

Black Thunder Ticket Price List 2023 Water Theme Park in Coimbatore

Black Thunder Water Theme Park ticket price list details in 2023 Coimbatore are available here today. Black Thunder is one of the best Amusement water park in India located near Mettupalayam in Tamil Nadu. Some nearest major cities and places are Ooty, Chennai, Madurai, Davangere, Salem and Bangalore.

Black Thunder Ticket price list is Rs. 900/- for an Adult visitor and Rs. 790/- for Child (85cm to 140cm) for all days of week.

In this post I will provide you full rate list of Black Thunder Water Theme Park and Resort, you can check their official site for online booking of entry fees and food rate.

Black Thunder Water Park Ticket Price List 2023 Coimbatore

Here is the price list chart of Black Thunder with all of their services included entry charges.

Park Entry TypePrice
AdultRs. 900/-
ChildRs. 790/-
College StudentRs. 750/-
School StudentRs. 650/-
Other PackagesPrice
Family Day Out PackageRs. 7000/-
One Day Complete StayRs. 9000/-
Chill Out Couple PackageRs. 8000/-
Couple Leisure PackageRs. 9500/-

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Fuji-Q Highland – Let’s head over to Japan for Fuji-Q Highland. And for those that have been here, you know this park kinda has a hit or miss reputation.

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PortAventura World – Over on the east side of Spain sits PortAventura Resort, and for this video, I am also including Ferrari Land in this, even though that’s technically a separate gated admission.

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This post was about Black Thunder Water Theme Park ticket price list in 2023 Coimbatore.

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