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Blackpink Concert Ticket Price in India With Details

Blackpink concert ticket price in India

Blackpink concert ticket details are available here. Blackpink is South Korean girls band which is well known to world and it is also popular in India.

Blackpink Concert Ticket price is Rs. 16,000/- in India and it is high for the front row that may go up to Rs. 70,000/-.

In this post I will share you some experience of buying Blackpink tickets from a citizen of USA and with that experience you will be ready to get yours.

Buying Blackpink Concert Ticket

Blackpink tickets are out for sale for the New York show. I believe it’s on May, today is February 5th and the sales will go out on Ticketmaster which is deaf.

I also wanted to kind of make this post because next week BTS is gonna be selling their stadium tour tickets and a lot of people are probably gonna be wondering how I am gonna get Blackpink concert tickets and I don’t know either to be honest but I think the same rules are going to apply for getting Blackpink tickets.

Everything will be sold on to the Ticketmaster. I believe I don’t know for the BTS concert yet but for the Blackpink concert tickets I think it is just Ticketmaster and I hope I can get the tickets in good price.

I have been a blink before they actually debuted back. I knew that they were going to debut before they debuted because the cousin of mine in Indonesia told me about them so high they tap.

If you are reading this I have always been an OC I love all of them but right now I would say I am standing more because I am just in love with their style her hair hug and seeing is just amazing.

So I have two laptops here I prefer that you have at least two devices on you when you are trying to get Blackpink concert tickets because one mighty Cup ticket faster than the other.

The sale goes out in two hours so let’s see what happens. This is the map and we are gonna aim for the purple so let’s see what happens.

This is what it looks like guys two thousand people in front of you there’s this little man and he’s gonna have to reach all the way to the end halfway.

This is all resale price guide and the scalpers got to us before hold on we are trying to get three Blackpink concert tickets right come on Jenny everything is the cheap.

Scalpers have me stressed for next match it is gonna happen during the BTS concert just watch wait guys okay I think I got something. We got it yeah we got Blackpink concert ticket.

okay guys so we got ticket in section row two seats, three to five. So this is what I am saying like Ticketmaster is still just like I literally clicked section and then it led me to check out but then when I got to check out it said that I was buying section ticket because it open or like section opened up again.

So they closed out the section and then they reopened it like how does that make any sense like I don’t understand but anyways that was the stress of me trying to get Blackpink concert tickets.

This article was about Blackpink concert ticket details and its price in India.

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  1. Sorry the price is too low for this and i am the blackpink and kpop concert organiser …I will organise so please delete this post…blackpink concert will be from 16 k to 70k ok


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