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BMC BiPAP Machine Price in India With Details

bmc bipap machine price in India

BMC BiPAP machine details are available here. BMC is an Australian company that produce BiPAP/CPAP machines and sell across the world included India.

BMC BiPAP Machine price is Rs. 22,500/- in India and there are many models available with different rates and quality.

In further reading I will give you all information about BMC BiPAP machines and you will get to know about more related terms like CPAP and APAP.

How to Use a BiPAP Machine

I am going to teach you how to use a non-invasive ventilator also known as a CPAP or a BiPAP.

Before I start let me say that whenever you use one of these machines you can page your respiratory therapist first they know how to use them the best and will do all the work for you.

However there could be a rare emergency where you need to know how to set it up yourself.

Here we have a BMC non-invasive BiPAP ventilator.

The BMC BiPAP machine has its own internal battery and its own internal oxygen supply so it doesn’t actually have to be attached to the wall and can travel with the patient during transport.

Right now we have it plugged in with a black power cord and this green oxygen delivery cord which is attached to our wall oxygen.

The BMC BiPAP machine comes stocked with tubing it masks. The tubing is actually two tubes attached together.

You have a large tube for delivering air to your patients and a small one for measuring the pressure of that air.

You can tell the two ends of the tubes apart because one of them has an air filter attached to it.

This is the side of the tube you want to attach to the BMC BiPAP machine. Let’s attach the tubing now to these ports to the right of the console.

The masks come in sizes from small to large and that mask tags have helpful cutouts on them allow you to size the mask to the face of your patient.

The mask is plastic and sits over the patient’s base, the mask is attached with this webbing. The mask’s price is very low in most of the countries like India.

You can adjust the size of the webbing with this velcro and you can attach the mask itself by using these snap closures.

Let’s attach the mask now to the other end of the tube and then let’s set it aside.

Setting up BMC BiPAP Machine

Setting up BMC bipap

This is the control panel of the BMC BiPAP machine, it may look intimidating but its touch activated and really it is just a big iPad with tubes attached.

Let’s turn the machine on with a button at the bottom left. This machine has a number of settings and a number of modes.

You can change the modes by using the modes tab located right here.

This machine has both CPAP and BiPAP modes and that is worth in its price in India but you notice that there’s no button that’s actually labeled by path.

In the case of our BMC machine the BiPAP mode is actually labeled ST that stands for spontaneous timed.

It is a type of BiPAP mode where the BMC machine can actually deliver a breath even if the patient isn’t triggering it.

Let’s select that mode now by pressing the ST button and then the activate button.
In the settings tab you can change any of the settings for the mode you have selected for instance.

Let’s change the eye Papp and click accept. Change the e pack and click accept again.

Often patients have a lot of trouble when you first hook them up to bypass because the mask itself is claustrophobic and it is going to be pushing air down into their lungs which can be very uncomfortable.

One way around this is to attach the mask loosely at first and leave it off the patient’s face like an open door then as the patient becomes more comfortable you can slowly close the door over their face finally the last snap.

Well I again recommended BMC because its price is low in India.

What’s the Difference Between a CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP ?

I want to talk to you about the differences between CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP, what are they and how can they have treat obstructive sleep apnea.

So first of all let’s get one thing out of the way what is obstructive sleep apnea.

Well sleep apnea is a condition where during the night your muscles of your throat and tongue relax and they tend to fall backwards into your airway.

During sleep blocking the path of valuable oxygen as it comes from the outside air into your lungs.

The Fox agem can’t reach your lungs, your organs and tissues don’t get the oxygen they need and that causes a big problem.

So what these BMC machines do is they blow a steady stream of pressurized air through the mouth or through the nose that pressurized air is actually used to open up the airway by blowing back some of the excess tissues and allowing that oxygen to reach your lungs.

If you treat your obstructive sleep apnea you will feel a burst of energy in the morning. These machines are not so costly in India and has good price.

When my BMC machine and therapy work right I feel a burst of energy. I don’t get drowsy in the afternoon.

I get a lot of positive benefits with my life all because I am getting the oxygen I need at night and this device here is a BMC CPAP machine, maybe you have heard of it maybe you have it but CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure.

It is going to blow a one single set pressure between four and and it is going to blow at that pressure that it is programmed to and it has no ability to change unless you actually go into the settings and change it to a different pressure.

CPAP devices are also the least expensive of the three models and they are also the least sophisticated.

So there’s a trade off this device here is an APAP machine it stands for automatic positive airway pressure.

APAP device is basically a device that samples and measures your breathing figures out what pressure you need to be at and then it automatically changes the pressure to suit whatever need you have at the particular time in the night.

So the APAP machine is going to be a little bit more advanced, it’s going to be automatic positive airway pressure.

The automatic meaning that it can automatically select the appropriate pressure for you.

Here is a BMC BiPAP machine, so BiPAP stands for bi-level positive airway pressure which basically means that instead of being set at one pressure setting the BiPAP has two and so what that means is basically the BiPAP has one pressure setting for inhale, one pressure setting for exhale.

The exhale pressure is lower than the inhale pressure so that when you exhale you are not fighting against the air coming in you are able to breathe out a little bit easier.

BiPAP are also used to treat specialized conditions like complex sleep apnea or central sleep apnea and price of BMC machine is awesome in India.

Central sleep apnea is a condition in which the brain simply does not send the signal to breathe to the lungs so you could be sleeping and your lungs couldn’t get the signal to breathe.

In the process you are not going to meet you are not going to take the breath so you need to take to keep your organs happy.

So what this BMC machine does is it is able to actually prompt breathing in central sleep apnea patients.

It is also used to treat complex sleep apnea. Complex sleep apnea is a condition in which central sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea are occurring at the same time and a BiPAP machine is able to help with that as well.

So BiPAP aren’t necessarily to be thought of as like just a better.

BiPAP are designed to treat very specific things very specific conditions and they serve a very specific purpose.

BiPAPs are also the most expensive out of the three and generally you have a special prescription to get a BiPAP machine like you couldn’t take a CPAP prescription and get it that sort of thing these devices are all prescription only.

If you need to get your sleep apnea treated you would have to get a prescription from a doctor before you could go out and buy one of these things but if you do have sleep apnea and you are able to use these it’s going to help change your life.

I know it did mine you know when I first started sleep apnea therapy I had been feeling tired and lethargic a lot but my sleep apnea therapy getting it treated with CPAP machine.

CPAP machine actually made a big difference in my energy level, mood, mental function everything.

So if you have sleep apnea get it treated, it is going to be worth it.

This post was all about BMC BiPAP machine details and its price in India.

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