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BTS Bag Price in India With Details

Bts bag price in India

BTS bag details are available here. BTS is a South Korean band and it is well known for its live performance on stage and people love their cool tagged products in every country included India.

BTS Bag price is Rs. 1,399/- in India and there are many varieties in color, design, material etc. and the rates may be little bit high or low.

If you are eager to know more about BTS and their cool stuff like bag, then go to their official link and grab all related information.

What’s in my BTS Bag (Concert Edition)

Hello, this topic about What is in my bag but BTS concert edition because less than a week from now I am gonna be seeing BTS after who knows how long like literally it is still so crazy that we are seeing them.

I am not okay I don’t think I will be okay but we will try but anyways I am just gonna be showing you guys the bag that I plan on bringing to the concert because with sofi stadium and I think with just any stadium in general they do have a clear bag policy.

So I ended up getting one from amazon at good price which I will most likely tell you later guys but I am just gonna be showing you guys what I end up bringing to the concert.

So it gives you guys some like helpful tips I guess on what to bring so if you are interested make sure to keep on reading but anyways here is the BTS bag that I plan on bringing.

It is basically a backpack and this is stadium approved like I looked it up on amazon and I don’t remember like the exact measurements but it does fit within the measurements and it is in trending in India.

I will probably just leave it here so you guys know the size as you can see it has everything that I plan on bringing so I am just going to go ahead and take out everything.

You guys know what I plan on bringing and with the size measurements obviously you can bring a bigger BTS bag as long as it doesn’t go past the requirement it does carry a good amount of things.

So in the front pocket as you can see here I do have my little airpods because I plan on listening to music before hand like i will probably be blasting BTS bag prior to entering the venue.

So yeah but anyways let me just go ahead and show you all.

This is my Airpods case and this was sent to me by Ilago, you know that Airpods price is sometime get high and they went ahead and sent me a few of their other items as well so thank you so much Ilago but it is basically part of their new BTS bag and flower collection.

I am so excited to show you guys the rest of the items so the next thing is obviously my phone and as you can see this is the phone case from Ilago as well it is so pretty like i seriously live for the BTS characters on bag and like flower form like so pretty so simple so sophisticated.

They also have this one but it says flower and this one is for the iphone because if you guys didn’t know i do have an iphone but this is so pretty and then I also ended up getting a clear watch band for my apple watch.

The new collection is out guys so if you guys are interested in getting it make sure to check the which I will mention.

I will have all the items listed so you guys can get it and we can match as well but yeah thank you so much to Ilago like seriously.

These phone cases are everything and I am obviously bring your phone because if you are going to be taking pictures or filming the entire time you want to make sure you have your phone and also make sure to save as much space on your phone because you don’t want to end up filming anything and then you run out of space so relatable but it is the truth.

Make sure to save some space. The next thing in my BTS bag is going to be my BTS fan and I got this from the line friend store and it is a chimney but I plan on bringing this because your boy just sweats so much but like yeah I will be sweating I will be jumping around.

I do need this fan to look freshened up i guess but yeah I plan on bringing my little fan and yeah for your phone you are obviously gonna be needing a portable charger.

I ended up bringing one and I most likely will bring an extra one because I tend to use my phone so much throughout the day and then by the time the concert rolls around.

I don’t have any battery left so yeah I need to bring another one as well just in case I run out of charge on this one but this is a really cute one I also got this from amazon.

It has like a little cute corgi on it next thing in here very important if you plan on entering and are trying to get into the concert.

First of all you will need your vaccination card but yeah I am just covering it up because obviously I am not trying to show my information this is a cute little top loader from loaded juju on instagram.

This post was about BTS bag details and its price in India.

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