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BTS Concert Ticket Price in India Front Row Seat 2023

BTS concert ticket price in India

BTS concert ticket price details for front row seat are available here in 2023. BTS is popular band of boys who perform singing in live shows and they are also popular in India.

BTS Concert Ticket price is Rs. 30,000/- in India for front row. Its cost may be low when you buy ticket for back rows as low as Rs. 10,000/-.

In this post I will share some personal experience of a buddy who purchased BTS concert ticket, so keep reading.

Buying BTS Concert Tickets Front Row 2022 and 2023

BTS is coming to and I need a pull over, I gotta pull over and process this. Everybody wants BTS Concert tickets for front row even it’s price are high in India or in any other country.

So I had my phone just hanging over here while I was driving and I saw this message from my friend she got this email dear fan due to the prior cancellation of your BTS map of the soul tour BTS permission to dance on stage in november and december I don’t have that but she does.

I am very excited I know they are just a boy band, they are just humans, they are just people but for the last year I have just been watching them on my TV or on my computer and now I am happy because I can watch BTS concert live in good price.

Do you think it is easy to get BTS Concert ticket for front row, you will have to book hurry when there is any BTS event because everyone want to buy BTS Concert tickets for front row even it’s price are high.

I have never seen them in person so to be able to finally see them after investing so much time into their lives I feel like I am so excited.

My friends have pre-sale on wednesday since they bought BTS concert tickets last year.

I also have an army membership so I can get pre-sale on thursday just in case anything happens so we hit three dots go to announcements and then sign up for the application apply for army pre-sale.

It is the weekend pre-sale is now four days away I don’t even know if I am going to get BTS concert tickets or the tickets that I want but I went to the line friend store because I am already preparing what I want to wear so I bought these little cookie hair ties that I can put in my hair.

So I will tell you guys how the process is for the pre-sale on Wednesday that my friends are getting for me and i will also log on Thursday because I am gonna try to help my other friends get BTS concert tickets if I already get mine.

Every person can buy four and that’s the maximum they can get but it is so crazy that is the only place that they are having shows.

So literally people from all over the world are going to try to come here so for the concert I really want these BTS headbands but right now they are being flipped for four times the price so I decided I am just gonna make my own because the first time I went to the line friend store I bought these pens and I realized I can just take off the cap and make my own headband.

Crazy glue and I have an old headband that I am gonna take apart wasn’t so hard.

This article was about BTS concert ticket details and its price in India for front row and back row.

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