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BTS Light Stick Price in India 2023

BTS light stick price in India

BTS Light Stick details are availableĀ in this post in 2023. BTS is a South Korean band of boys that use amazing sticks in their concerts and it is now getting popular in India.

BTS Light Stick price is Rs. 3,900/- in India for Ver 3 and there are less cost for lower versions and you will get different rate for upcoming model.

In this article I will give you useful information of BTS official Light Stick and related details, so keep reading.

BTS Official Light Stick Special Edition

We finally have it I know we have been waiting for the original I mean the previous version of BTS light stick to be restocked so badly but then as a surprise what do we have to solve special edition.

This is exciting this is like BTS light stick latest version.

I think they named it special edition but as it is a new version of BTS with great price in India, it could be considered as version.

Like I think many of you have been waiting and waiting for this special edition to come out yeah so dive is here to unbox it finally and it has been like I don’t know.

Five minutes since we received the package of this edition right so we were so excited by the way yes okay so how are we going to do unpacking of BTS Light Stick special edition version.

Today’s theme we want to see the difference between these two so right how about I do unboxing for BTS stick version while you are unboxing or specially and then we can compare it.

So I think it is better if we do the unboxing for this one because most of you know how it looks like but this one we don’t know its mystery.

So after we quickly unbox BTS Light we will move on to this one and slowly because we will compare these two.

We need to unbox both of them right okay so come slowly go ahead fast.

The instructions for how to use the aluminum manual yes okay so there’s BTS light stick manual and the seven photo cards and there a strap too yes the strap in the back and we were pointing the rearward points and the four cards and always check for this big hit official logo.

So we are going to connect this one to see if it lights well right okay let’s try. I will try with this one okay before that we have to turn it on.

Do we have a battery yeah actually we need AAA batteries for BTS Light Stick and these batteries has low price.

We would want to ship those AAA batteries but it is international shipping so they are very straightened for the lithium.

So the batteries are not inside do we have more batteries we need at least six so three play batteries look like this.

I think we need to get you know this you know BTS light sticks ready for the farm right very if you wish this BTS light stick can be I mean can’t get there your country by then but that will be too short period time okay.

We will try shipping out most of them but if we ship it today it won’t arrive tomorrow.

Let’s hope that national shipping is more than hours I think okay so it goes like that.

This article was about BTS Light Stick details and its price in India.

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