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BTS Lucky Box Price in India 2023

BTS lucky box price in India

BTS lucky box details are available here in 2023. BTS is well known band of boys who perform live shows across the world and the items related to their brand are popular in India.

BTS Lucky Box price is Rs. 3,500/- in India (Approx) and the rates may be differ according to the shopping platform.

In this post I will share you knowledge of a BTS fan who unboxed lucky box after that you will get to know deep details of the box and items in it.

The Luckiest BTS Lucky Box

The BTS lucky box is here well I can’t wait to see what is inside.

I know this thing is huge, this box is so cute. It has all the merch logos.

So we have the BTS box, if you don’t know what the BTS lucky box is, it is basically random merch.

I don’t know what’s inside at all so the BTS lucky box was actually won.

However if you are overseas they were charging more dollars for shipping I definitely would not have gotten it if I had to pay some extra dollars.

I live in korea so I was able to pay two dollars for shipping but I think its price may be low in India.

So let’s see what is inside the BTS lucky box again this is completely random so I don’t know at all what is inside I hope there’s like good stuff in here.

Is this a pillow, what is this what if I get a pillow okay so we got bubble wrap oh that’s not bubble wrap okay it is a pillow.

There is a pillowcase for my pillow and this pillow I believe is from the pop-up shop.

These photo cards and then house of pop some BTS pop-up in lucky box, all we got in low price.

There is sticky notes and then a postcard we will open this after a t-shirt. It says team BTS, I got both the wings DVD and the mustard.

I actually already have this so I might be giving this away. I got a monster in Lucky Box of BTS and then a coaster set this is with jungkook’s drawings and we got more stuff.

We got wash tape from the happy ever after and then what is this a key ring from love myself love how everything is just bubble wrapped individually I have this pin already sugar notepad and then we got an RM plushie.

So cute for tiny tan we got an image picket cover that’s so cool okay so let’s open everything individually in BTS Box.

So first we have the image picket cover which you can use to obviously put your picket in.

We also got these sticky notes you got some sticky notes and lastly I am gonna take these to work got this which is just a postcard from the house of BTS.

I also got these which are photo cards in box which is totally lucky item of BTS so these are the four cards we got RMJ hope Jimin, he looks so good with the blue hair.

This is the carrying it says love myself on the back a pin which I already have. This is from the exhibition of coasters so we got the coasters we got RM and these were actually drawn by jungkook.

The t-shirt we saw earlier it is an extra large but that’s okay and it says team BTS on the back.

This article was about BTS lucky box details and its price in India.

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