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Candid Photography Tips and Perfect Camera Settings

Candid Photography Tips

Candid photography tips and find out best camera with perfect settings. Candid is a part of professional photography, you may heard about candid photos in wedding events but this type of photography is also used in many other events. Below are some quick tips.

Candid Photography Tips

1. Learn basics about candid photography

2. Find out best camera for photo shoot

3. Learn how to use camera with good setting

4. Choose best lenses for candid

5. Don’t use flash

6. Get some ideas from online photos

7. Be professional of candid wedding photography

In this post, we will talk about all tips of candid photography listed above. Remember, you will have to be practical but these tips will give extreme boost to your learning.

Even if you are experienced photographer, but in case of different type of photography, you should have relevant knowledge about each field. Each category of photography needs different special skills, so you should learn every category deeply.

First of all, we will get to know about its basics, let’s go further.

What is Candid Photography?

A candid photography is a photo taken without giving any attention to the camera or to cameraman and it doesn’t need any pose in this photo shoot.

Candid is a natural type of photography, and it doesn’t need any lighting equipment or doesn’t need to make poses for photo shoot. It is an unplanned moment while taking photos, but you have to work according to the tips for best results.

If this is allowed in your country like USA, you can take candid photos outside in street. Whether you are taking pictures outside or inside, if subject of photo doesn’t know that you are taking his/her picture, it will be called a candid photo.

We take candid photos in different types of events like wedding ceremony. We will talk about different types of candid shoot in this post later, first of all we are going to talk about choosing best camera and setting it for candid shoot.

Best Camera For Candid Photography

candid photography best camera

We need different types of cameras for different types of photography. Here in candid, we need DSLR camera for better results.

Candid photos are mostly taken in outdoor events. We focus only on subject person and background get blurred.

So when you are choosing best camera for candid photography, then you will think from which e-commerce site you should buy it. But when you search DSLR camera in any e-commerce site, you will get hundreds of search results and you will definitely get confused.

I have a list of top camera, from which you can choose for candid photo shoot. Check out below.

Best Lenses for Candid Photography

best lens for candid photography

Using of lens in a photography shows, how much experienced you are. You will see less likely using lenses in camera by a newbie.

But if you want to be a professional photographer, then you should have experience of using different lenses in camera as per need.

You can shoot candid photos without lens, but you may check out some lenses if you would like to use it.

  • Canon 18–135 mm
  • Sigma 18–250 mm
  • Nikon 18–140 mm
  • Tamron 18–200 mm
  • Tamron 18–270 mm

Candid Photography Camera Settings

camera settings for candid photography

When you have chosen a good camera for your photo shoot, after that you must have to set its configuration. Without setting it, you will never click good photos.

Here, I have some recommended camera setting tips for your candid shoot.

  • Shoot in manual mode
  • Set ISO value as lowest to avoid noise
  • Aperture should be like f/1.4
  • Shutter speed should be 2 times than lens’s focal length

Candid Photography for Wedding

As like regular photographs in wedding, candid photography is also in trend. There are many other types of photoshoot in wedding like pre wedding shoot, couple shoot, group shoot.

I have mentioned wedding here because candid is mainly used in wedding events. In a wedding photobook, you can see good number of candid photographs.

It is very easy to take candid photos in wedding because there is no need to make pose for this photo session. Photographers take photos in this session without any hard work, they just need to press the click button of camera after completed camera settings.

Candid Ideas Pics

Candid Photography Price in India

In Indian wedding event, price of an expert photographer is Rs 35,000 approx for candid photography. There are budget photographers in the market who charge below Rs 20,000, but low price will affect your photos quality, because you will not get quality camera and equipment in low budget.

How To Take Candid Photos in Mobile?

candid photos in mobile phone

It doesn’t really matter that you are taking candid photos by your camera or your mobile phone. If you have learned candid photography with using camera then you won’t have any problem in taking photos by your mobile phone.

Just try to take 2-3 photos of same person, then select best pic in them. Don’t use mobile phone zoom, try to move forward and backward for good zoom in mobile.

Crop your photos in last and edit them in your phone’s filter software. I hope you got proper knowledge of candid shoot from these tips in this post.

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