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Captain TMT Bar Price List 2023 JUNE – UPDATED

Captain TMT bar price list in 2022 and 2023 with chart

Captain TMT Bar price list details for 2022 and 2023 are available here. Captain TMT is an Indian company which is popular in West Bengal especially in Kolkata and Bihar.

Captain TMT Bar price list starts from Rs. 285/- for 8mm bar in 2022, 2023 and the cost of 25mm bar is Rs. 2,720/-.

In this post you will get rate list of different size of Captain TMT Bar, see chart below.

Captain TMT Bar Price List 2022 and 2023 Chart

These are the different size of Captain TMT with rates.

Captain TMT Bar SizePrice 2022 – 2023
Captain TMT 8mmRs. 285/-
Captain TMT 10mmRs. 435/-
Captain TMT 12mmRs. 615/-
Captain TMT 16mmRs. 1085/-
Captain TMT 20mmRs. 1690/-
Captain TMT 25mmRs. 2715/-

How Stainless Steel Bar are Made

Here are stainless steel production info from foreign company. At sun-baked Manufacturing’s based on recycled steel and alloy materials and TMT like Captain TMT bar, we buy recycled steel only from certified suppliers.

They’re all materials analyzed and controlled and any harmful ingredients are removed.

The recycled steel is melted at degrees centigrade in an electric arc furnace in the Argonne oxygen decarburization vessel carbon content is reduced to stainless steel levels exhaust gases from the furnaces and aod processes are filtered to cut pollution and the dust thus extracted is further processed for metal recovery.

The melt is transferred to a ladle furnace for fine-tuning of temperature and chemical composition.

Captain TMT company has all the techniques for making high quality bars.

The chemical composition of the melt is closely monitored throughout the process and we make continuous analyses to guarantee the correct steel grade and ensure traceability and consistency between the batches.

The results are entered in a certificate that accompanies each batch through every stage of the process.

The continuous cast material or ingots are pre-rode in a blooming mill and then transported to a heating furnace to be reheated to the correct rolling temperature.

The blooming mill is integrated with sandbox modern rolling mill to form one continuous production line the new mill provides quick product dimension changeover short lead times energy savings and excellent product quality here round and square village sandbars are rolled to a wide variety of sizes in many passes and cut into requested lengths to produce bars like Captain TMT Bar in heavier dimensions.

The steel is cast into ingot molds by bottom boring each Inglot is marked with a heat number to ensure full traceability.

The ingots are stripped from their molds heated and transported too hot working in an ingot rolling mill the pre-rolled ingots are then heated to degrees centigrade to optimize further processing after which they’re transported to the computerized forging press.

The hydraulic forging press with it’s , ton press force is used to produce bars like Captain TMT Bar in sizes up to millimeters.

The bar similar to Captain TMT Bar now around is reheated to degrees centigrade in a quench annealing furnace followed by rapid cooling in water to ensure the material structure is in accordance with official international and customers specifications.

The bars are transported to the cooling bed before being peel turned and polished to mirror finish the finished bar is Inc marked and visually inspected the destructive testing stage includes tensile strength tests impact tests as well as confirmation of corrosion and micro-structure properties.

The bars are delivered together with the required material certification and Captain TMT Bar company also has better services.

This post was about Captain TMT Bar details and its price list in 2022 and 2023 with Chart.

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