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CNC Wood Router Machine Price in India With Details

CNC wood router machine price in India

CNC Wood Router machine details are available in this post. Wood routing means to give perfect cutting and shape to the wood with the help of machine like CNC, this is popular in India.

CNC Wood Router Machine price is Rs. 395,000/- in India. There are many companies making these machines with different varieties.

In this article I will give you full details about wood router machine and more related information, so keep reading.

Best Wood Routers Reviews

The  RT0701C is a one and a quarter horsepower compact CNC wood router.

The CNC router machine comes standard with a quarter inch collet and straight guide and it takes industry standard template guides.

The RT0701C is used to create common profiles like classic feed corner bead bull nose profiles and more.

This CNC router machine is also ideal for trimming edges on laminates and wood materials and it has good price in India.

The fixed base takes an optional dust port for improved dust collection.

Some of the features on the router include smooth rack and pinion depth adjustment system for more precise settings quick release cam lock system for easy depth adjustments and base removal or installation and a heavy duty aluminum housing engineered for increased durability.

The wood router machine accepts three optional bases, the plunge base can be used to cut grooves as well as dado Inge mortising or inlay pattern work.

It also takes an optional dust port that attaches to the base comes standard with three preset stops for added precision and it takes industry standard template guides and it can also be used with the guide rail system for multiple applications.

The tilt face provides routing at different angles, the offset base allows for routing and hard to reach areas and as close as three quarters of an inch to the wall.

The base is ideal for installing kitchen and bathroom sinks.

New RT0701C wood router kits are part of makita’s expanded lineup of woodworking solutions and it is available in low price in India.

This is the bosch EVs variable speed router with a two and a quarter horsepower amp motor.

This CNC wood router can provide around 2800 rpm and tackle those tough routing applications and materials.

Turn the speed up or down with a variable speed dial depending on the job at hand.

This bosch router machine is available with plunge and fixed basis.

Fixed base has threaded holes to mount to a CNC router table, the wide base opening and subwoofer opening accepts larger bits while the front spindle lock lets you easily and quickly change bits course and microphone adjustment.

Knobs allow for versatile precise depth adjustment, soft start reduces startup torque and constant response circuitry helps to maintain a constant speed under load while providing overload protection precision centering design makes it easy to keep the bit on the intended outline.

When using jigs templates dovetail fixtures and other guidance devices right or left switch location allows for user preference and consistency.

So the motor doesn’t rotate during depth adjustment contoured soft grip handles enhance comfort and control.

So there you have it the bosch EVs variable speed CNC wood router, you can get it in affordable price in India.

Should You Buy a CNC Wood Router Machine?

Obviously answering this question for every single unique situation is gonna be impossible and a yes or no answer isn’t really going to cut it.

In fact the real answer probably is maybe but instead of saying and leaving it at that what I am gonna do is go through my history using a CNC how my experience and thoughts on them have changed over time.

The workflow or skills that you will need to operate one and who I think the CNC could potentially be good for now.

Before I get into that in full disclosure I just wanted to say that you are gonna take experience of using an X carve by Inventables

I work with Inventables and I don’t want to talk about any specific machines because I know that could be viewed as biased.

So rather I am gonna try to keep the discussion to just CNC wood routers with average price in general and types of machines and that sort of thing and also I want to say that I am not an expert.

When it comes to CNC wood routers if anything I am a woodworker who happens to incorporate them.

So if you are in that category I think there gonna be a lot of good information for you to help you make a decision if that’s something you are interested in pursuing but if you are an expert about CNC routers and you are looking for more information about that this probably isn’t the topic for you.

I started utilizing CNC wood routers long before I ever owned one and in fact there was a time that I debated between getting a CNC or getting quote, unquote traditional woodworking tools.

I want to give a definitive answer, should you get a CNC? yeah I suppose at the end of the day if you have got the money for its price and you have interest in it then yeah you should.

I think it is something that can fit into a lot of different workflows. There are definitely times that it can do things a lot better than a human can.

There are times that it can do things faster than a human can and there are times when you can have it kind of doing busy work while you are multitasking and doing something else.

So it is kind of like having a really precise doppelganger that said I would be remiss if I didn’t also say that since these are not some magical tool that allow you to do everything and anything instantly.

Just like any other tool or instrument pretty much its potential is limited by its operator, so basically don’t just expect it you are gonna get it into your shop.

Just like any other tool the more you use it the more comfortable you will get around it and the better your skills will become and the better the outcomes will become.

So that’s it those are my thoughts and hopefully that helps you make a decision. CNC is worth buying in India.

Stanley Plunge Wood Router SRR 1200

Stanley plunge wood router

Here we will talk about another CNC wood router machine. This is 1200 watt plunge router machine which I have purchased the product from amazon at very low price.

This is stanley watt plunge router machine, this wood router can be run anywhere around 2800 rpm which is at no load condition.

It also comes with spindle lock and dust extraction feature which i will show you in detail in later.

Stanley is giving one year warranty on this product, let’s see what do we get at this side of the box.

Nothing much information here on the back side of the box, two features has been mentioned which is electronic variable speed and precision depth adjustment which I will discuss in detail later on.

Let’s open the box and see what do we get here, these are usual warranty cards user manuals where you can check the details of the part.

Let’s put them aside and quickly take out all the parts and i will show you detail of each part one by one, keep up with this main CNC wood router machine for a while.

I am gonna open this small box and see what’s inside this is a panel guide which comes along with this two rods which is used to connect the guide with router.

They have provided a wrench to install router pit in the machine.

To install the router bit in the CNC machine they have given three collet of different sizes out of which one is already installed in the machine.

Here we are getting six different router bit with the CNC machine which has low price in India, let’s quickly go through one by one.

The first one is Jr afterwards where we can create J type of profile.

The next one is roman og which is used to create the profile with this router bit, we can create V groove or V shaped profile.

This is a flush trim wood router bit which has a ball bearing mounted at the top and the last one we get is dado bit which is used to create data profile or slot in the workpiece.

Here comes the main CNC machine which looks like a little monster, the build quality of the machine is very good.

This is electronic variable speed control where we get speed setting.

One of the most important feature is precision depth adjustment, you can control the depth of cut by using this scale.

The glass which you are seeing at the front prevents us from dust and splinter getting out to start the wood router.

We get two push button one is near finger and and there is near thumb.

The CNC machine will start only when you press the button near finger while keeping the push button your thumb pressed.

This is the locking lever which is used to lock the wood router at a particular height or depth of cut unlocking the lever automatically pushes the router back to the original position.

There is a small opening which is called dust collector or dust extractor.

We can connect the pipe of vacuum to this opening to take out the dust generated while routing.

Now take out the two screws from the two rods that have been provided and attach these two rods which screw to the panel guide.

Insert this parallel guide in the slot as shown and tighten the knob.

You just have to make any edges as a parallel guide and you are good to go.

Next i will tell you how to install router bit in the CNC machine, first remove the plastic cover which comes along with the new router bit.

Just be careful with the sharp blade of the bit, I am going to insert the bit in the collet from the bottom side and turn upside down the machine.

After inserting the bit tighten the nut, there is this yellow push button which is spindle lock.

Just press the spindle lock and tighten the nut with the help of wrench provided.

Now everything is all set, let’s put the CNC machine on test.

I have taken a scrap plywood of three quarter inch.

I will tell you how to cut a slot in the plywood with this wood router but before that let me show you how to adjust depth of cut.

Suppose you want a depth of cut, just lock the router by pressing the locking lever and adjust the precision depth scale so that it touches the stop block after setting the depth of cut.

The plunger cannot go beyond the set depth point, let me go through this once again, just plunge your wood router to the desired depth of cut and set the precision depth adjuster to the stop block and you are ready to go.

Put this awesome CNC machine at work but before that a word of caution this machine generate huge noise and a lot of dust particle.

So don’t forget your protective equipment.

Start the CNC machine but before that change speed setting it according to your requirement.

Plunge the router to the fullest it will automatically stop at the preset.

Stop block and lock the router by pressing the lever down, now move the router slowly it will create a slot.

I must tell you this machine is lightweight and very easy to use.

This article was all about CNC Wood Router machine details and its price in India.

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