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Cold Welding Machine Price in India With Details

cold welding machine price in India

Cold welding machine details are available here. The process of welding is familiar across the world but cold method is also growing fast in major countries like India.

Cold Welding Machine price is Rs. 42,500 /- in India and there are other companies providing these machine with different brands and rates.

In this post, I will give you deep information about cold welding by using advanced machine and other useful details.

What is Cold Welding Machine?

A cold welding machine’s job is to weld the joint of solid states material and this can be done without fusion and heating, that’s why its name is cold welding.

This machine can join materials without melting and no liquid process, all work is done in solid state.

Mini Cold Welding Machine Price in India

Mini Cold Welding machine price in India is Rs. 24,500/-. It is small in size but can do lots of big work for industries and household and outdoor works.

Atom Cold Welding Machine Price in India

Atom Cold Welding machine price in India is Rs. 23,500/-. Atom is a specialized company that makes powerful cold welding machine which are popular in India.

There are many more types of Cold Welding machines that are listed below.

  • Rolling Cold Welding machine
  • Laser Cold Welding machine
  • MXM Cold Welding machine
  • Andeli Cold Welding machine

Cold Welding Machine Principles

Cold Welding is a method of connecting metal materials by using special machine.

The essence of the welding process is to use means such as heating for pressure to connect the separated metal materials firmly by means of the combination and diffusion of metal patterns.

Cold welding plays a very important role in modern industrial production such as the manufacture of craft products such as ship hulls, blast furnace shells, building frames, boilers and pressure vessels carriages and household appliances and automobile bodies.

The cold welding method is even more apparent when manufacturing large structural parts and complex machine parts.

It can be used to prepare the blanks by changing the beat to the small and the complex to the simple method and then use the method of successive assembly and welding by machine to make the small into the big and the simple into the complex.

This is difficult to achieve with other processes when manufacturing large-scale machinery and equipment casting on cold welding machine.

Cold welding composite processes can also be used in this way, factories with only small casting and forging equipment can also produce large parts.

The cold welding machine can also be used to make bimetallic components which makes its application in modern industry increasingly widespread and it is available at low price in India.

There are many types of welding methods including cold, arc, submerged arc, gas shielded, spot, seam, electro slag and so on.

The seam process is similar to spot welding except that the cylindrical electrode is replaced by a rotating disk shaped rolling electrode.

When welding the tungsten needle presses the weldments and moves and cooperates with the intermittent energization to form continuous overlapping points, therefore it is called seam welding.

When seam welding the points overlap each other by more than and the ceiling is good mainly used to manufacture thin walled structures requiring tightness such as fuel tanks, small containers and pipes however due to the serious shunting phenomenon.

In the seam welding process the current is about heating to arc times that would spot welding when work biases of the same thickness, therefore a high power machine should be used and the electrical equipment used to control the time of intermittent energization.

Seam welding is only suitable for thin plate structures with a thickness of some millimetres. Cold welding machine is totally different from seam and its price is not so high in India.

Spot welding is a method in which our columnar electrode is pressurized and energized and the contact surface of the overlapping work bias is welded into a point.

When spot welding first pressurize to make two work biases come into close contact and then turn on the current due to the large resistance at the contact between the two work biases.

The resistance heat generated by the current flow makes the temperature rise rapidly and the local metal can reach the melting point temperature and is melted to form a liquid nugget.

After the power is cut off continue to maintain the pressure for increase the pressure to make the nugget solidify and crystallize under the pressure to form a densely structured solder joint.

The heat generated at the contact in machine between the electrode and the work bias is transferred away by the copper or copper alloy electrode and cooling water with good thermal conductivity.

So the temperature rise is limited and no phenomenon occurs after welding one point the electrode for work fires will move to another point.

When welding the next point a part of the current will flow through the welded joint which is called shunting. You can access all these features in cold welding machine at best price in India.

The shunt will reduce the current to the site and affect the quality, therefore there should be a certain distance between two adjacent solder joints.

The greater the thickness of the work fires the better the conductivity of the weldment.

The more serious the shunt phenomenon so the point distance should be increased.

Main factors affecting the quality of spot welding are current energizing time electrode pressure and surface cleaning of the work tires according to the length of time and current spot welding specifications are often divided into hard specifications and soft specifications.

Hard specification refers to the specification for passing large current through machine in a short time, it has high productivity small deformation of weldments slow electrode wear but requires high equipment power and specifications should be controlled suitable for metals with good thermal conductivity.

Soft specification refers to the specification in which a small current is passed for a long time, its productivity is low but the equipment with low power can be used to weld thicker work biases which is more suitable for metals with hardening tendency.

Cold welding machine electrode pressure should ensure that the work bias is in close contact and smoothly energized and at the same time rely on pressure to eliminate shrinkage that may occur when the nugget is solidified.

The greater the thickness of the work fires the greater the high temperature strength of the material such as heat resistant steel and the greater the electrode pressure should be however when the pressure is too high the cold welding machine resistance will be reduced.

The heat loss from the electrode will increase and the electrode will deepen the depression on the surface of the work fires.

Therefore the electrode pressure should be selected appropriately the surface condition of the weldment has a great influence on the quality.

For example the presence of oxide film and mud on the surface will significantly increase the resistance between weldments and even local non-conductivity will affect the flow of current in machine.

Therefore clean the work bias before spot, it is mainly suitable for thin plates with a thickness of some millimetre stamping structures and wires.

Welding one point to time for multiple points at a time at present spot welding has been widely used in the manufacture of thin walled structures of automobiles carriages and airplanes as well as covers light industry and daily necessities.

This is to share with you the principle of spot, seam and cold welding machine, you can get it at amazing price in India.

Cold Welding With Real Shot Machine

real shot cold welding

The model of the cold welder we use for welding today is Realshot machine which can be found in affordable price in India.

This cold welder can instantly release the electric energy stored in the capacitor through pulse park and release a very high temperature park between the black hole and the metal to be welded.

It makes the metal material and the wire quickly melt to form a solder joint to achieve the purpose or repair the characteristics are also more prominent.

It can form the purpose of repairing in a very short time when the heat is small.

This type of cold welding can complete the process of the wire and the object in tens of seconds compared with its ordinary welding machine more than a few seconds.

The heat conducted to the metal is very small in other words the body of the metal object generates less heat and the material temperature of the solder joint is unexpectedly low and there will be no discoloration.

Since the volume of the molten pool generated by each pulse is also less than our leaving homie.

The stress formed by it is relatively small although a welding repair requires more molten pools to be combined.

The stress direction of the solder joints is dispersed so the metal objects are exposed to less concentrated stress less deformation of metal objects after welding.

This type of cold welding has some advantages like high strength metallurgical welding can be completed and the repaired part can be polished milled filed polished and other post processing treatments at low price in India.

The repairing accuracy is very high, round wire can be used for repairing without losing the original datum plane.

There is less excess solder and the later shaping is easier.

Its minimum repair amount is millimetre, use a repair material with a diameter of millimetre.

Newly headed group welding and wire feeding function can better adapt to metal objects with complex shapes and speed up their repair time so the repair speed is very fast and the fastest repair amount can reach if I leave cold welder machine.

Damage of the substrate is small and it will not cause annealing or deformation of the material.

Distribution of power is very reasonable using microcomputer chip to control various materials with different diameters will get the best power.

The wire controlled automatic dimming mask provides greater shielding of the radiation generated by the arc and the built-in led strong light lamp can provide a better operating vision.

Electrical connection is also more convenient in cold welding machine, it is equipped with a quick connector for easy connection and installation.

The materials that can be welded and repaired by this machine can be welded and repaired in addition to materials with low melting points such as zinc and tin and heart alloys as well as various metal materials including copper and aluminum.

If you use this process, you are lucky because you have that machine with lowest price in India.

There are three items that can be welded, the first item is the local wear of equipment and abrasive tools during use.

The second item is processing defects in the manufacturing process such as blisters cores very poor sizes damage to edgers and corners and insufficient argon.

The third item is the depression of the rusty spot of the cavity.

Its power supply is single phase and the power consumption just normal.

The output of the solder mask is divided into single point or continuous electricity and the size of the welding wire can be adjusted to some millimetre.

Cold welding is a great method connecting two metals and these machines can be found at amazing price in India.

Pulse frequency during continuous output can be divided into four gears.

Structure and Functions

There are some functional operations on the front of the machine.

  1. Mode selection
  2. Pulse current display
  3. Pulse time adjustment
  4. Adjust the group welding
  5. Single point or continuous mode
  6. Control the switch
  7. Ground wire
  8. Display of pulse time
  9. Adjustment of pulse time
  10. Start and parse
  11. Output of solder mask
  12. Output of arc

The back part of the cold welding machine is divided into 5 parts.

  1. Argon excuse
  2. Power switch
  3. Cooling fan
  4. Shaping path interface
  5. Power input

This is the composition operation and other matters of the cold welding machine I shared with you today.

This post was all about Cold welding machine details and price in India.

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