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Cream Bell Ice Cream Price List 2022 – 2023

Cream Bell ice cream price list 2022 with chart

Cream Bell ice cream price list 2022 and 2023 details are available here in this post. Creambell is an Indian company located in Gurgaon that makes tasty ice creams.

Cream bell ice cream price list starts from Rs. 60/- in 2022 & 2023 and there are more flavors that cost up to Rs. 150/-.

In further reading you will get rate list for different flavors of Cream Bell ice cream, check the chart below.

Cream Bell Ice Cream Price List 2022 – 2023

Here are the popular flavors of Cream Bell with rates.

Cream Bell Ice Cream FlavorsPrice 2022 – 2023
Vanilla ScoopRs. 60/-
Chocolate ScoopRs. 70/-
Hot Chocolate FudgeRs. 90/-
Strawberry SundaeRs. 90/-
Black CurrantRs. 100/-
Fresh MangoRs. 110/-
Banana SplitRs. 150/-
Mango Dream SundaeRs. 150/-
Butter Scotch SundaeRs. 150/-
Hot Chocolate SundaeRs. 150/-

Make Ice Cream Using a Ziploc Bag in 5 minutes

Hey guys welcome back to cooking with Claudia today I am showing you how to make five minute Ziploc ice cream, no ice cream machine or fridge is needed everything is made in the ziplock bag.

It’s so creamy and it takes only five minutes let’s get started all right you guys were using whole milk for this recipe because we need all the fat and cream we can get from the milk start by pouring one cup of whole milk into a mixing Cup next to make the ice cream very creamy we’re adding one cup of heavy whipping cream for sweetness.

I am adding a quarter cup of sugar and one teaspoon of vanilla extract for flavor go ahead and mix everything together then you’re going to set the mixture aside for later next you’re going to grab a ziplock bag.

Make sure it’s very good quality with a very good seal opinion ziploc bag then pour the ice cream mixture into it this is where all the magic is going to happen go ahead and seal your bag but make sure you leave just a little bit of air in there once the bag is sealed go ahead and set it aside then grab another ziplock bag we’re going to use the ziplock bag to make a homemade ice cream machine.

Okay you’re also going to get four cups of ice open the empty ziplock bag and pour the ice in there next you’re going to grab any kind of salt from your pantry and pour a quarter cup onto your eyes the salt will help keep the temperature down while we’re making the ice cream next place the ice cream mixture onto the ice and feel the second ziplock bag go ahead and cover the bag with a kitchen towel then here comes the best part we’re going to shake shake it really hard for five minutes.

You’re going to shake this like it owes you some money okay this is the only exercise that will help you lose weight and gain it right back after all that work this is why you end up with instant five minutes creamy ice cream look at all that creaminess.

It’s nice and frozen this is in the healthiest ice-cream but you can eat it and feel good about it girl because you worked really hard for it if you guys would like to make this yummy five minutes
zip look ice cream.

This post was all about Cream Bell ice cream details and its price list in 2022 and 2023.

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