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Crizal Lens Price in India and Features 2023

Crizal lens price in India

Crizal Lens price in India for model Prevencia and all useful details related to this product are available in this post. Crizal is an international brand that makes eye wear lenses and glasses.

Crizal lens price starts from Rs. 2,200/- in India. There are lots of models available in different qualities with cost up to Rs. 12,000/-.

In this post, I will provide you all useful details deeply about Crizal lens. Read further to know more about it.

How to Choose Crizal Lens for Your Face Shape

So learning how to pick glasses frames can be pretty challenging if you are not sure what to look for.

Without professional help you could end up picking glasses that look awkward, feel uncomfortable or could even mess up your vision. But one of the easiest ways to start is to find glasses for your face shape.

So in this post, I am going to show you how to choose lenses or glasses like crizal for your face shape plus toward the end I am going to share some common pitfalls that you definitely want to avoid.

Here I am helping you learn about the eyes vision and finding the best vision products.

Now in fact there is a lot more that goes into finding the right crizal lens and glasses at low price in India for you than just finding the best glasses for your face shape, but I still think it’s a good way to start.

Face shapes are usually described as having a round or circle shaped face ,square, a rectangle, an oval or having a triangle heart shaped face.

I think it’s best to just look in the mirror and get an overall feeling for what type of facial features you may have.

Is your face more of a rounded face, do you have more of a square rectangular face or perhaps you have more of an angular face with a really defined jaw line.

The general rule for how to select glasses and lens specially crizal for your face shape is to always pick the glasses that have the opposite features to your face shape.

So if you are somebody who is looking for glasses for a round face, you want to select glasses that have more of a boxy appearance and that has angles such as a square pair of glasses or a rectangle pair of glasses.

That way the crizal lens won’t drive so much attention to how round your face is and will give you a more balanced overall look.

Similar to someone who has more angles in their face shape.

So if you are someone who has more of a square, rectangle or even a triangle shaped face.
In this case, finding frames with more of a circle or oval shape is probably going to work the best.

In the case for most of us who have oval shaped faces, you are in luck because pretty much any glasses shape will pretty much work with an oval shaped face.

So feel free to mix and match and try to find something that looks cool for you at affordable price in India.

Now again I would not worry to much about your face shape because what really matters is the fit.

Now I want to share some pro tips that are really going to help you.

My first pro tip is you want to find crizal lenses that are the right size and width for your face.
This is probably the number one issue I see most people making and that’s that they are wearing glasses that are either too big or too small.

You want to find crizal lens and glasses where the frame and the temples line perfectly up with the sides of your face.

If you have to end up turning your glasses splaying way outward like this, then your glasses are too small Or if you end up having to turn your temple arms way inward toward your face, then the glasses are too big.

Two ways you can get this measurement right is to one either try on many frames at an optical.

So that you can figure out just what fits right for you.

The other way is to look at the numbers on the sides of the glasses frames Standard numbers you are going to find is the eye size.

Then the distance between the lenses known as DBL and then you will have the temple length.

The temple is the name for the arm that reaches all the way back to rest on your ear.

In this case if you double the eye size and then add the DBL together then you will get the approximate distance across the entire frame and you can match that with your own measurement with a ruler from one temple to the other.

Again it is going to give you a better fit and the frames are going to be a lot more comfortable to wear at good price.

Now my second pro tip is you are going to want to match your glasses to your nose shape and your bridge size.

That means if you are somebody with very narrow set eyes, you are going to want to crizal lens that have a smaller DBL.

Usually if you have more narrow set eyes you want numbers that are between mm and if you are somebody with more wider set eyes you are going to look for numbers that are usually on average.

But its also important to consider the shape of your nose.

If you have a really wide set nose that is very large, then perhaps having crizal lens that have more angles that are closer together wouldn’t be right for you Otherwise it may just end up poking you in the nose.

Another pro tip is that if you are someone with a really prominent nose bridge often times plastic frames work excellent for those people as their nose just works great at holding those frames and they don’t necessarily slide down super easily.

If you are somebody with more of a flatter nose profile that’s very flat to the face then finding glasses that have dedicated nose pads usually work better.

That way you can make really fine tune adjustments and crizal lens won’t just slide easily down your face.

Otherwise your glasses may end up resting on your cheeks and then your pushing them back up and their hitting your eyelashes and things like that.

Now of course there are many more tips on finding the right glasses frames for you but the next important thing is finding the right glasses lenses at affordable price in any state of India.

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Computer Lenses VS Blue Light Lenses (Which Do You Need)

Crizal lens at best price

Here we are going to compare cirzal computer lens vs blue light lens at low price in India and which one is better at relieving digital eye strain plus stay tuned toward the end as well show some tips on how to find the right powers for your computer glasses, let’s take a look.

You can learn all about the eyes vision and finding the best vision product.

So now today we can talk about computer glasses and blue light glasses (both are available at crizal) and really comparing the difference in figuring out which one is better for relieving your eye strain.

First off what are computer glasses, well computer glasses are a dedicated pair of glasses with magnification power to relieve eye strain while looking at a near object.

That is about the distance of your computer screen, and yes computer glasses are very similar to reading glasses.

In fact some people even use reading glasses as computer glasses.

It really has to do with how far away the object you are focusing on is computer.

Crizal lens or glasses are more dedicated for a further away distance about some inches or centimeters that’s about perfect for most people’s computer screens in India at very low price.

Where crizal reading lens and glasses are more dialed in for objects up close to around 10 inches or perhaps closer depending on where you like to hold things for reading.

In fact we call this distance where your elbows are just barely touching your body and you are holding an object out here that’s called a Hartmann distance or also known as your elbow distance which is ergonomically better for looking at things like books as magazines newspapers or perhaps your cell phone the whole point of having this magnification in the pair to dedicated computer glasses.

To relieve the muscle tension inside the eye and the eye muscles outside of the eye from having to overwork and be fatigued from staring at a set distance.

So close for so long so if you are somebody who spends a lot of time throughout your day on a digital screen up close and you are getting ice strain.

Maybe that pinching feeling between the nose pressure on the outside of your temples or maybe headaches then getting a pair of dedicated crizal computer lenses could help relieve that feeling.

I always like to compare it to lifting weights our eyes really aren’t meant to hold our eyes at a certain distance for so long.

It is kind of like lifting up a heavy weight and trying to hold it there for as long as you can eventually your muscles are gonna get tired and computer glasses essentially lower the weight down.

So maybe you are holding a five pound weight instead of that.

Now let’s talk a little bit about crizal blue light glasses. Now there are many different types of blue light glasses out there at very affordable price in India.

In fact blue light glasses are essentially just glasses with either some type of reflector on the front and anti reflective to bounce blue light away or they are more filtered lenses with kind of a yellow or amber color to them kind of similar to the ones I have here.

They eliminate the harsh blue light that you get from looking at things like computer screens or any of the artificial LED light bulbs.

That we have in the home and published studies on blue light has found that it does affect our melatonin production and that affects our sleep cycles and there are some studies out there and many people who will claim that blue light glasses help relieve their eye strain.

Many types of crizal blue light lens that you find out there are usually non prescription.

They are simply just filters or some type of anti reflective coating on top of a lens.

So if you are somebody who doesn’t want any prescription maybe you just don’t like the feel of it.

You don’t like the look of it then you can always just get plain old lenses like I have here but because crizal blue light blocking technology is really kind of an add-on that can be made in the lenses themselves.

You can even double up and you can have computer lenses that also have blue light blocking technology fact that is what’s most often recommended for people who are looking for a dedicated pair of computer glasses.

Another thing that can get confusing is that there’s also gaming glasses which also available in very low price in almost all states of India.

Don’t be too thrown off by this, gaming glasses are usually just computer glasses with a blue light filter in them but often times gaming glasses only come in non prescription or plano lenses.

Now the real trick to finding a good pair of crizal computer glasses and relieving digital eye strain has to do with finding the right powers of the computer glasses for you.

Now for most people to get the best pair of crizal computer glasses, they will get that measured out at their eye clinic by their local eye care professional.

There are several things your eye doctor needs to consider not just how far away you are using a computer screen, but also the status of your eye muscles and how much those muscles can contract and hold a focusing distance.

So if you want the best pair you can get talk to your eye clinic however if you are somebody who does not require prescription glasses or perhaps you wear contact lenses most of the time like I do for distance then perhaps you can look at some other options that may be costly in India.

Here are some tips to figuring out those right powers a quick rule of thumb that many eye care professionals will use to calculate at least the initial setup for the right powers for crizal computer glasses.

Crizal reading glasses is based on somebody’s age as we all age we lose the ability to really focus well up close that means the older you get the more power you will need for your computer glasses.

In general if you are under the age of 30 and have no problem seeing things up close then finding a pair of computer glasses around a plus often helps those individuals.

It’s just enough power in the lenses to see that things are magnified we are leaving that eye strain without going too far and giving too much power and causing eye strain for people who are in their early to mid reading prescription.

A computer glasses prescription is does excellent for those needs for somebody who’s more aged and above they are typically gonna need something stronger.

These are all approximations based on and I do recommend if you are looking for the best pair at low price in India again speak to your eye doctor again because there are so many variables in this process.

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How to Choose the Right Lens Frame Size

When you’re looking for new crizal lens and glasses at good price in India, one of the hardest aspects of it is knowing the difference between what isn’t the right style for you and what simply isn’t the right fit for you.

Often the two can become very confused and what I mean by that is that if you’re choosing a new pair of crizal lens and glasses and you want to go for a bigger bolder style.

How do you know if they are too big or if they are just the right size for that particular look.
We are going to use examples of different shapes and how those different shapes should fit your face.

One of the fundamental things to consider is that the shape of crizal glasses that you are going to try on, or the shape of glasses that you want to choose is going to have a huge impact on how big those glasses should be.

I am going to show you an example now as a general rule round crizal glasses should fit within the confines of the face.

So with a round frame this is actually the perfect fit for me because it is available at very affordable price in India.

It could even go a little bit smaller than this but it definitely shouldn’t be much bigger and there is very little gap between the width of my face and the frames.

Compare that to a rectangle and a rectangular frame is almost the opposite this should always come past the face because that’s just kind of the proportions of a rectangular shape.

So expect it to feel a little bit wider and maybe it will be a slightly looser fit than you would choose with a round pair.

Now for me personally and certainly when you look at the trends over the last couple of years.

I think we should be moving away from rectangular shapes and nowadays if you want that kind of more boxy look if you don’t want round crizal lens as it is not costly and we can choose from a wide variety at low price in India.

The way to go is with an over sized square shape.

Now choosing the right width for your nose is one of the hardest bits about choosing the right size of your crizal glasses and with most bridges what you want to be looking for is that there’s no gap particularly at the top here.

The exception to that is when you get a keyhole bridge, this is designed to have the gap and this is generally going to fit a slightly wider nose like I have but I do love this new round eye from gucci.

It is very classic style, I mean it is not that unique as such but there is just a little bit of attention to detail in it that makes it nicer than your average round pair of glasses namely the way that the gucci logo was shaped on the arm.

That keyhole bridge that I mentioned and the fact that it is a little bit squared off at the top and the bottom which makes it not overly circular not overly round for most people.

There are many things left which we will discuss in another post. This post was all about crizal lens and it’s price in India.

This post was about Crizal Lens details and its price in India.

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