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CT Scan Machine Price in India – Siemens, Philips, GE, Hitachi with Different Slice

CT Scan Machine Price in India for companies Siemens, Philips, GE, Hitachi with Different Slice

CT Scan Machine details for models Siemens, Philips, GE, Hitachi and slice of 128, 32, 16, 64, 256 are available here. CT scan is series of images (X-ray) taken from any part of the body that are used for details for treatment and these machines are widely used in hospitals of every city in India.

CT Scan machine price starts from Rs. 38 Lakh in India for the basic model of specialized machine and the cost is high as Rs. 3.80 Crore for 256 slice model.

In further reading, you will get different CT machine details and rates below in chart and after that you will get to know its in-depth information.

CT Scan Machine Price in India For Different Brands

CT Scan MachinePrice in India
SiemensRs. 85 Lakh
PhilipsRs. 61 Lakh
GERs. 1 Crore
HitachiRs. 1 Crore
128 sliceRs. 1.90 Crore
32 sliceRs. 78 Lakh
16 sliceRs. 68 Lakh
64 sliceRs. 1.50 Crore
256 sliceRs. 3.80 Crore
4 sliceRs. 38 Lakh

What is CT Scan and how does it work?

Computed tomography more commonly known as CT scan is a diagnostic procedure that plays a vital role in medicine.

It provides a crystal clear view and answers many clinical questions often within second CT picks up even the slightest pathological changes and helps characterize soft tissue.

How does it work, let’s take a closer look.

Like conventional x rays CT scans take multiple images in succession each time of a different layer of the body which are taken in powerful machines.

These are used to create two dimensional sectional images in various shades of grey bones appear bright because they transmit very little x ray radiation.

The procedure is painless and usually takes just a few minutes. CT scans are taken after an accident a heart attack or a stroke for example to clarify exactly what happened and what has to be done first.

They also determine the size and location of a tumor and the probable success or failure of a treatment and it helps for further treatment.

CT scans can also visualize very clearly the blood vessels in the brain and heart and indicate where deposits have made these dangerously narrow.

During a CT scan the patient lies on a table that then slides into the scanner as the patient enters the scanner the integrated x ray source rotates continuously emitting x rays that penetrate a given part of the body from every angle.

Organs and tissues in the body attenuate the x rays to different degrees the rays that pass through the body hit detectors and are converted into electronic signals.

These signals allow the computer to calculate an image two x ray tubes make the sectional images in half the time so it s even possible to get a clear image of a rapidly beating heart on the basis of the D images.

The radiologists reach a diagnosis they then discuss the findings and therapy recommendations with their medical colleagues before the scan it may be necessary to administer an agent that increases contrast in the images so called contrast medium.

This makes it easier to differentiate between different tissue structures blood vessels tumors and inflammations are imaged more precisely and diseases are detected earlier and more reliably.

Now a days almost all patients can be examined using CT scan that includes those who find it difficult to lie still during a scan age, height and weight are no longer a factor however because of radiation exposure.

Pregnant women should only be examined with a CT scan if the diagnosis cannot be made any other way today the average radiation dose from a CT scan is low on average.

It equals the amount of natural radiation from the environment that a person is exposed to in a year.

This low dose has been achieved through various technological advances nowadays it is even possible to take CT scans with the radiation dose of a single conventional x ray image in modern machine.

CT scans not only visualize the body’s anatomy, they also increasingly inform the doctor about the characteristics of the tissue.

This additional information is important for deciding on the therapy but that’s not all.

When they are linked to large databases learning algorithms can extract more and more information from CT scan machine and that increases the usefulness of the examination.

This development is still at an early stage.

What happens in a CT Scan?

I am meeting Linda to find out about having a CT scan in the worldwide Children’s Hospital charity that’s great that you are making a film to show other children what it’s like to have a CT scan in specialized machine.

First thing we have been doing with Sanjay against the giraffe and see how tall running after that we will see how much should we on the scales and then just before we get you into the room.

You can pick I will lay it cool for a mom or dad because they can come into the room and stand beside you which court would you think that’s I could eat choice if I watched one that is a very popular one.

Do you know why mom or dad has to we delay it cool well we don’t want them in the picture and that is very very heavy courts.

Stops the aged cheese from getting to mom or dad well they are standing beside you when you are having your scan done in CT scan machine.

I am very quick and easy scan that we can see inside your body nothing hurts you nothing touches you all.

You have to do is lie it still as a statue on the table whale the table and computer does all the work so how does thing that you have got to do is keep still as a statue.

So for your CT scan we have got three pictures to do the first two pictures just fine G in the machine and the third pictures when it is very important for you to keep very still and that’s when we see the really detailed pictures for the doctors to see what’s going on inside your body.

You want to go in and have a look at the CT scan and see what it looks like.

First thing we are going to do is when you lie you up on the table and they are enabling the table up to the right height because we need to get you into the date height.

Before we get you into the scanner the cameras in the middle of the scanner so the only way we can get you in the year is by moving the table into the middle of the camera.

So we are just going to do that now so that’s how it s ready to go to get your scan done.

So I just need to go and get the computer ready and the most important but that you have to do is keep very still so the tables going to start sliding out three times and on that third time that’s a really important time to keep very still and when it’s all finished we will slate a off.

The scanner putting the table down and that shoe fleet.

How to prepare for a CT?

Below is the experience taken from Sunnybrook Hospital, giving advise to be prepare for CT scan.

Sunny brook Having a CT Scan. Sunny View Monica Matys narrator computerized tomography or CT scans never stop running performing up to scans every year.

CT scan machine use x rays to make detailed pictures of the area inside your body being imaged It is a common test so what do you need to know if you are having one.

In many cases you shouldn’t eat anything for hours before your scan but are encouraged to drink plenty of clear fluid.

This will help your kidneys filter out the iodine dye or contrast agent often used to make your inner structures and organs easier to see Arrive minutes before your appointment time.

After check in you will be asked a number of questions at the nursing station including your medical history and any allergies you may have.

At this point you may need to have blood work done to determine how well your kidneys are working a process that will delay your scan by minutes but it is for your own safety and it advises the technologist about what form of contrast agent to give you.

Next you will have to change into a hospital gown and for some people an IV is inserted The technologist will explain the test and position you properly on the table.

The contrast agent is administered through your IV with this power injector which streams a consistent volume into your body over a set period of time During the test you may get a metallic taste in your mouth or feel like you have just urinated but don’t worry that’s normal and will pass.

While the preparation takes some time the CT scan itself is done in less than minutes and remember that family members will have to wait in the waiting room.

When your scan is done you will be advised to stay on site for about minutes to make sure you are okay.

Drink plenty of clear fluids for the day following your test to help clear the contrast agent from your system.

You can now have something to eat and get back to your normal activities.

Remember a lot some extra time for delays like needing blood work or even parking your car If you re pregnant make sure to talk to your doctor first.

This post was all about CT Scan machine details for models Siemens, Philips, GE, Hitachi and slice of 128, 32, 16, 64, 256 and its price in India.

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