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Dior Bag Price in India With Features

Dior bag price in India

Dior Bag details are available here on this post. Dior is a luxury French company who makes stylish handbags and people from almost every country like them especially in India.

Dior Bag price is Rs. 210,000/- in India for average model. There are more options available with stylish designs and size.

In further reading of this post, I will give you all related information about Dior bag like its models, size and more. Let’s take a look on review.

Dior Bag Review

Here is a review for this Christine, they are the Dior Bag.

This is the patent leather can hatch Kennet or whatever you want to call it and this is the beige.

They have it in black and they have it in blue.

I believe to have several colors and they also have it in Tweed sizes small, medium and the large.

This is the large okay so for you to have any idea I love the leather then it’s like shiny very glossy type of leather and I love that you won’t stain as easily.

So if something gets filled you will like easily fade away, so a rule you will last longer if you are like me that you like you have two kids and they spill things.

So it’s pretty big, so you can have everything in here it will fit everything and that’s the quality of Dior in low price in India.

You will have the one sign, you will have two little buckets like one big and then one small.

You can put yourself through whatever you want and there’s the other one you will have a side pocket weeds cheaper.

It will have a division with a secret so that’s full, you can put things in here and can get organized in your Dior bag.

I love those smaller because it’s unique and I am the type of person that I prefer it to a body.

If I am going to buy a sign here back I would rather to be very different.

So like if it will stand out I think these colors very flattering important with everything so you can wear it please and almost any color like if you want to.

With the black you cannot wear it with several certain things so this color you will definitely go like with anything and it’s like a day back and an eye back as I said I love.

It is shiny but they also have like that love, the other type of leather which is about not shiny or the lambskin.

So it’s up to you again this is the Lady Dior and it has here like little gold things.

I love that and love the detail, I love this chain and I think it’s a pretty good bag.

Dior 30 Montaigne Bag

Dior Montaigne bag

Here I will discuss about the Dior Montaigne box bag in the gray box and gold hardware at cheap price in India.

Now before I build the bag I was doing some research but I could only really find information for this bag either in the larger version or the oblique version.

I have heard that the leather is super easy to scratch on the box bag calfskin compared to obviously the Bleak version but I do personally prefer the leather look which is why I did end up going for this one.

So the deal packaging is super pretty and I bought this from the boutique store.

I really like the box version though because it is super cute and has a fat strap compared to the larger one which has a more thinner strap.

So this one is definitely much more comfortable to wear.

The sales associate was so nice, she packaged the strap for me separately in its own dust bag which will be really good for storage later because obviously there’s hardware on the strap.

So just to prevent it from scratching the Dior bag it that would be really good.

The gray one was actually the last one in store so they did have to bring it for me from it’s main market but it only took about three days so didn’t take long at all although I did have to pay for a completely up front before they were able to bring it across.

So they have wrapped it really nicely and the clasp opens from the bottom of the CD inside is actually quite small.

It is definitely a mini bag but super gorgeous and I love the gold hardware on this and it is super trendy in developing nation like India.

It fits an iPhone for sure I have put my iPhone there so that will fit quite snugly in there and probably some other basics but it is quite small.

There is a back pocket that’s quite wide actually, so you can probably put your card wallet in there and then your phone and some keys and that’s probably it and then the back has the Montaigne embossed on it and a little pocket for something like a train ticket but you can t really fit much in the back to be honest.

I am just attaching the straps being super careful to make sure I don’t scratch the bag accidentally with my nails but the sales associate in the store did say that you should be able to buff out most of your scratches.

Hopefully that’s not going to be too bad but we shall see, so there you have it the montane box bag at best price in India.

Is Dior Book Tote Worth Buying

I felt like this bag is so simple, it is plain and straightforward that there is nothing much to talk about but at the same time i realized that the demand for this handbag is quite high especially since they are producing more and more of them in different colors and patterns.

The Dior book talk that i have is in size small this is a newer style that was released back in fall I think and the fall and the dimensions are 35×28 centimeters at amazing price in India.

It is quite a large bag although it is considered to be a small size.

The larger one is even bigger and I honestly prefer this size better because it is smaller.

It is easier to carry also you don’t stuff it with things to the point where it gets impossible to carry this handbag because it can get very heavy though it is a small size.

It fits a macbook, I have the macbook pro and it fits perfectly inside.

I have no issues with that I am gonna talk about that a little bit later when i will show you what fits inside this handbag.

You can also customize this Dior handbag, you can put your name here at the back.

I think you have to pay a little bit extra to put your name at the back, I decided not to do it so it is just christian.

You are on the front and there is nothing on the back, that’s my personal preference i don’t like stamping or personalizing my Dior in any way and like any other handbag you can accessorize it, however you want to do you can add some charms over here.

You can add some mixer scarves around the handles if you want to.

I have this little charm from hermes, it was a gift from my essay and I just kept it on the handle for a little bit but it is not permanent here.

I know the color doesn’t really match so I just keep it like this while the bag is resting on the shelf but otherwise i prefer not to keep anything in here.

I prefer not to hang anything but if I had the chance i would love to get this airpod case from Dior, it looks really nice as a charm hanging from the handle.

This bag is a very simple design, it is very casual for an everyday use at lowest price.

You can use it as a travel bag and you can use it as a college, school or a work bag.

If you don’t mind it having so many monogram on it and the huge questions you are in the front if you don’t mind that if you are allowed to carry similar bags to this then I think it can be perfect for work because it fits a bunch it fits your laptop.

It can fit your papers documents whatever you need during the day, it can fit all of that.
This is what the bag looks like inside there is no lining, there is no pocket nothing on the inside is just the other side of the canvas basically.

I feel like this is one of the reasons people are a little bit skeptical about the handbag.

They don’t want to buy it because there is nothing on the inside and it price is good compared to let’s say a neverfull.

Lady Dior Bag medium

lady dior medium

Here I will tell about the lady dior back and this is a medium size at best cost in India.

Beautiful box with it a dr box and everything as usual is in the box so you get dust back and then you get like a shopping bag then I like all the things the cards and stuff that prove it’s real.

It’s good your bag is always good protected with tape and like paper everything is around the Dior to keep it protected.

You get this Dior as I told you good protected like there is plastic everywhere then you have like the cute your letters I love it.

I choose the golden like the golden details, more into gold lately I don’t know why I just love it more, so I choose the gold one and this is also a real letter.

This is not an aliexpress bag, so this is the Dior then it does have a zipper the lady.

Your mini bag doesn’t have a zipper but this one has and it is a little bit tight to open this.

It is really huge bag actually can put lots of stuff in it but it is a little bit tight so that is what I just like hate that it is tight but for the rest like i mean the quality you know looks amazing like everything makes good details.

You also get a chain with it so this is you can like wear it with a chain.

I don’t know where I have to put the chain like should I put it like there, not sure where to put the chain though but the chain also says christian dior and it’s all good detailed.

Large Lady Dior Handbag Comparison

lady dior bag large

It is a Dior bag with great price that I wanted to add to my collection for a very long time.

Now I have gone ahead and added a large size to my collection. I did end up selling two bags relatively recently and some of the funds from that did help me and getting this bag alright.

I did put this back into the dust bag I have already been using it.

I can definitely tell you some of my thoughts, it is in a seasonal color.

The color is called denim and it’s got the usual classic Knaus pattern.

The beautiful luxuriously soft and thick lambskin dior leather and instead of a classic zip top, it now has a flip compartment so it’s got this flap.

You just pull it out and you can access everything inside your bag.

The entire inner part is lined with suede and it’s just such a beautiful bag instead of the yellow gold hardware like my medium-sized.

This one actually features champagne gold hardware, so in some lighting it does look silver.

We have got a really strong ring light wand filming, so you can definitely see that gold in it and I did go ahead and choose to twill ease to dress it up.

The front one is a lighter colored twilly and then the back I created it with a classic Dior monogrammed tule which I absolutely adore.

I just love the combination of these two together the contrast is just so fun.

I feel like it is holding a piece of art when I am using this bag.

W have our medium-sized here that I can compare the two with you guys today.

If I put these two up together the gold on the large Lady Dior is a lighter color, this is a darker more yellow gold color well definitely have to see how this one holds up in time compared to my medium size.

Obviously the medium -sized one that I have has the classic zipper really.

So this article was all about Dior bag details and price in India.

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