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Dolby Atmos Amplifier Board Price in India 2023

Dolby atmos amplifier board price in India

Dolby Atmos Amplifier Board are available here in 2023. Dolby is an American company specialized in noise reduction and audio encoding technology and supply its products to India.

Dolby Atmos Amplifier Board price is Rs. 1200/- in India and it has amazing sound quality that makes it awesome in audio field.

In this post I will give you information about Dolby Atmos Amplifier technology, lets talk about some features.

Dolby digital Atmos Amplifier Board With Optical Port

This is Dolby Atmos board which has audio system. It has ICs of TPA out of which two are here and other two are here.

Its input is given you can see it back so you can see where is front left and front right and all the connections are defined here.

This side where there are terminal pins on this side. Its output is given so here you have to provide power and rest of the places are for output of the speakers.

It is a superb board with low price in India and about its configuration let me tell you the satellite speakers which are front left, front right, rear left and rear right.

They are of some watts and the center is of high watts and subwoofer too. These are the capacitors, these are the new inductors.

I have never seen them before on any Dolby Atmos boards but they are of very good quality.

These are the capacitors these are a few chip capacitors and here are electrolyte capacitors and these are the power LEDs.

So this is a very simple board and there’s no pre amplifier board, kindly take a note so if you find it’s audio low then you have to connect a Dolby Atmos amplifier board between them.

For now the Dolby Atmos amplifier board is unavailable so I can’t show it to you but it is very straightforward So it connects in the ratio with it.

This is the Digital to Analog converter, its finishing is so great.

The board is very complicated and sensitive too and when we talk about dolby Atmos board digital encoding it works on it and has lowest price.

There’s hardly any part number written on ICS and from the major IC the part number has been removed to hide it.

So that nobody can copy it. All these six you can see are the output pins. You can see it as it is wriiten on back this is of subwoofer and this is of center speaker.

This is of rear right and this is of rear left. This is front right and this is front left And these are the LEDs.

Let us talk about ports See there are two optical ports. One thing you should keep in mind as these are dust sensitive, these are always covered by automatic caps.

The inputs you have to provide you get it through DTH. You can see in DTH the output should have to be there so can give it from there.

The cable of it is there named TOSLINK. I want to tell you about optical’s connectivity What optical is the digital decoding.

If you know about it you know that computer only understands and Right So it works on that method which is off and on.

So when a connectivity with light is given then it is actually a beam of light which connects and it gets off and on.

This post was about Dolby Atmos Amplifier board details and its price in India in 2023.

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