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Dolby Atmos Home Theater 7.1 Price in India

Dolby atmos home theater 7.1 price in India

Dolby Atmos Home Theater 7.1 details are available here. Dolby Laboratories is an international company that make high quality sound devices that are popular in India.

Dolby Atmos Home Theater 7.1 price is Rs. 2,50,000/- in India and there are more advanced and low size models that cost according to it.

If you want to get more details about Dolby Home Theater and more about the company and its models then go to its official site and get all information.

Dolby Atmos Home Theater 7.1 Review

Today I have got another exciting home theater of the month.

I had the opportunity to visit Frank and Alyssa’s beautiful home as well as their incredible home theater and so I am excited to share with you all about it.

It is a 7.1 Dolby Atmos clips and vs home theater.

Now this thing is big it is actually about twice as big as my home theater.

So man I am super excited to share with you now before we get into the details of their home theater I just want to share with you that Frank and Elissa boat together built their home theater.

Now both of them are just as passionate about home theater and they both are incredibly handy and so they built everything from the risers to the electrical to building this screen everything pretty much in the room they did themselves and so as you are looking at this.

I hope it inspires you to get some friends to get some family members and say hey man let’s build an incredible home theater like 7.1 and 5.1 in our home at very good price.

Sony company also provides good home theater in 5.1 and 7.1 models.

So enough talking let’s get to the point. The room is large enough with foot ceilings at the front of the room we have the clips rf version 3.

They have a inch compression driver tweeter and dual inch Sarah metallic woofers next to that we have got the SBS PB altra.

The center channel is Eclipse our c version which has four six and a quarter inch drivers as well as a inch compression driver tweeter for the side surrounds we have the clips are p s and then up.

In the very back we have a pair of clips RP-s a height speakers at the back of the room we have an SBS PB subwoofer.

The media rack consists of an AC infinity fan that keeps the marantz SR AT receiver.
Cool below that we have some control for a Panamax line conditioner Samsung blu-ray player Xbox as well as an emote Eva XP.

Our three channel differential amplifier at the back of the room we have got this really cool bar that allows you to eat snacks or sit down and have a meal before movie time to help with the acoustics in the room.

On the sidewalls we have a large acoustic panel then also right behind the front speakers we have got more acoustic panels there as well inch image is projected by a sony K projector.

Alright guys so right outside of the home theater we have got the rear of the component rack system and so here you can see we have got all kinds of cables that are nice and tidy and so this is the way you want it to look.

You don’t want a big rat’s nest so Frank’s done a great job at organizing that and it gives him great access to when he has to change out any components upgrade his receiver.

So that just makes it really convenient and then just toconceal it got a nice cold door right there.

Alright guys this theater is incredible and I want to share with you a couple of things before we even kind of did any demos.

How to Setup Dolby Atmos Home Theater

Dolby atmos is all the rage in home theater and many of you have asked for help on how to set up your very own dolby atmos home theater and what you need to get started and more info like price in India.

Well let’s just jump into it with this easy to follow guide to setting up your very own dolby atmos home theater.

Before we get started this topic is meant as a simple how to get you started with dolby atmos.

I know you are eager to start setting things up but let’s first make sure we have all of the right equipment.

In this tutorial we will be setting up a basic channel dolby atmos home theater 7.1 or 5.1.2.

So first we need to make sure we have a dolby atmos capable av receiver.

I am using a marantz NR in this example but any channel or greater dolby atmos compatible receiver will work.

If you aren’t sure if the receiver you are considering we will leave a few examples in the description below to help you narrow the field.

For a setup you need seven total speakers two left and right main speakers.

A center speaker left and right surrounds and a pair of dolby atmos enabled speakers to cover that dot one.

In our setup we need a single subwoofer for speakers we are using our monitor audio bronze series but you can use any speakers you want or that you already have because atmos doesn’t necessarily require you to have new speakers for the visuals you will need a video player of your choice like an apple tv which is what I am using today.

But you might also use a blu-ray player playstation xbox or even the internal apps on your tv.

So obviously we also need a display, we are using the sony XJ wrapping up our equipment list.

You will need high-speed hdmi cables one for every source you plan on using enough speaker cable to connect all of the speakers which has low price.

In this setup and an rca cable long enough to connect your subwoofer to your receiver as for cables you will find several affordable options ones.

First let’s get our speakers placed in our room the left and right main speakers should be situated to the left and right side of your display.

We want them positioned so that if we were to draw a line between where we sit and the speakers we would end up with a triangle.

You can experiment with their positioning by towing them in towards your listening position but you don’t necessarily have toin fact.

Some speakers may sound better facing directly forward so just find what sounds best for you and your room.

Next place the center speaker between the left and right main speakers most likely just below your tv for the surround speakers we are going to place them either to the side or just to the side and slightly behind our main listening position.

Making sure that they are more or less pointed at us. You can also mount them to the wall which is a bit more labor intensive with our five main speakers set.

We can place the subwoofer in our room where it sounds best.

This info was about Dolby Atmos Home Theater 7.1 details and its price in India.

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