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E Rickshaw Spare Parts Price List PDF

E Rickshaw spare parts price list PDF

E Rickshaw spare parts price list PDF details are available here. E Rickshaw has been the easiest and quickest transport vehicle in capital Delhi and in India.

E Rickshaw wheel rim spare parts is Rs. 300/- per piece and Km reading meter is Rs. 250/- per piece.

In further reading you will get to know about the full rate list of E-Rickshaw spare parts and after that you will discover about top 5 Air Taxi in world, later in this post.

E Rickshaw Spare Parts Price List PDF

Here is the price list chart of E Rickshaw Spare Parts.

Spare Parts NamePrice
Passenger HandleRs. 12/-
Wheel Rim320/-
KM Reading Meter250/-
Digital E Rickshaw Meter260/-
Kamani Plate30/-
Balance Rod150/-
Fiber Roof1800/-
E Rickshaw Assembly5000/-
HornRs. 50/- to Rs. 300/-

Top 5 Air Taxi eVTOLs

Electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles or ev tolls are some of the most exciting new developments of our time.

With the potential to open up the sky as a traffic-free high-speed and three-dimensional commuting space.

The introduction of a large number of air taxi ev tolls in recent years is expected to alter the way cities and urban lifestyles are planned.

These air taxes are much quieter and run on zero emission electric power.

Most of them are also being developed to be less costly than chartered helicopter travel with several models predicted to eventually cost around the same per mile as your typical rideshare service.

In this post I’m sharing my top list of five of the latest air taxi evitol designs including the estimated unit cost and features.

Stick around to see the most amazing aircraft on this list.

This is aviation federation sharing with you exciting information about the latest and greatest in aviation and beyond.

Number five is the Bell Nexus 4ex

This was designed as the quintessential air taxi that can be powered entirely by electricity using batteries as a power source or equipped with a hybrid electric power system.

If the customer requires more range this aircraft can travel a maximum distance of 60 miles or 95 kilometers and can carry four passengers and their luggage at a cruising speed of 150 miles per hour or 240 kilometers per hour.

The aircraft weighs seven thousand pounds and has four ducted propellers one main wing tricycle landing gear and one rear rudder.

The bell nexus 4ex employs artificial intelligence to anticipate ridership demand allowing for early aircraft positioning project maintenance servicing times and to efficiently fly the aircraft through urban air routes while avoiding obstacles including other aircraft furthermore.

The nexus has a distributed electric propulsion system which means it has multiple motors and propellers distributed throughout the aircraft allowing it to land safely even if two ducted propellers fail.

The estimated base price of this aircraft is four million us dollars.

Moving on to number four is the Volocopter 2x

This aircraft is a lightweight egg-shaped multicopter with an 18 rotor halo.

It’s an air taxi designed to transport only one passenger at a time above the traffic overcrowding and road closures on the ground below.

The 2x is designed for urban mobility and volocopter anticipates that units will be reserved through an app with a maximum speed of about 90 kilometers per hour or 56 miles per hour.

The volocopter 2x comes capable of autonomous flight it is fully electric and seven times quieter than the smallest helicopters available in the market.

The aircraft is controlled by a single joystick and was designed to be easy to operate automatic systems hold the joystick in a stable position.

If it is released fiber optic fly-by-wire is also one of the notable systems available and it even has a ballistic parachute in case of an emergency.

The unit cost of this aircraft is estimated at 4.5 million us dollars.

At number three is the Vertical Aerospace VAX2

This evitol is made of lightweight carbon fiber which helps increase payload and range and allows engineers to build it to be as aerodynamic as possible the aircraft’s expected capacity will be one pilot and three passengers and it will feature fly-by-wire technology.

A composite fuselage and landing gear customization with the customer’s choice of skids wheels or floatation landing gear.

This aircraft has a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour or about 50 miles per hour.

It features a special passive cooling system and a customizable design meaning the aircraft can be made larger or smaller and equipped with wheels or floats to assist in water landings.

The unique cooling system uses air from the propellers to cool the radiator system allowing it to fly in a wider range of weather conditions.

This air taxi is reported to have a unit cost north of 4 million us dollars.

At number two is the Lilium Jet Lillium Aviation

A german aviation startup developed this egg-shaped all-electric air taxi while not technically a jet.

The lilium jet is a light sport aircraft made of lightweight composite materials including carbon fiber reinforced polymer.

It is powered by 36 ducted electric fan engines that generate approximately 320 kilowatts of power.

It was designed for flying throughout the day in good weather conditions.

The aircraft is environmentally friendly and produces less noise during takeoff.

This aircraft can reach an amazing top speed of 300 kilometers per hour or roughly 187 miles per hour.

It has a side-by-side cockpit with a touch screen and a computer-assisted fly-by-wire control system.

It has panoramic windows and seating for two passengers in the cabin.

The aircraft was not designed to be fully autonomous but it has an integrated gps navigation system with a software-based flight envelope safety system built into the onboard computer which controls both engines and flaps.

The estimated unit price of this aircraft is around 5 million us dollars.

Now at number one is the Embraer X.

Embraer’s business acceleration and innovation arm has created its own unique and competitive design that also incorporates electric propulsion and vertical takeoff and landing capabilities.

It was developed for a ride-sharing model with an emphasis on user experience and in making the aircraft readily available and accessible to anyone.

It has redundant flight systems for protection as well as an eight-rotor system that distributes lift across the span of the vehicle’s body to minimize overall noise production.

It can reach a maximum speed of 150 miles per hour or around 240 kilometers per hour with a maximum range of 60 miles or 96 kilometers.

This vehicle has the capability to accommodate passengers who use wheelchairs and it also has a fly-by-wire system in place moreover.

The company is pioneering the Technology required for its full autonomous operation.

This aircraft is expected to have its unit cost to be just under six million us dollars.

This post was about E Rickshaw spare parts details and its price list PDF.

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