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Ear Machine Price in India – Philips, Siemens, Widex, Arphi, Phonak, Signia, CIC, Alimco

Ear Machine Price in India - Philips, Siemens, Widex, Arphi, Phonak, Signia, CIC, Alimco

Ear Machine details for models Philips, Siemens, Widex, Arphi, Phonak, Signia, CIC and Alimco are available here in this post. There are lots of hearing aids brands in the market and in this post, we will talk about some of the best which are popular in India.

Ear Machine price starts from Rs. 1,750/- in India (Good Quality) and there are more advanced models of hearing aids that may cost up to Rs. 21,000/-.

In this post I will give you details of some of the best and popular Ear machines (hearing aids) with deep review including features. See the chart below of best ear machines with rates.

Ear Machine Price in India Chart

These are the best and trending Hearing Aid machines in India.

Ear MachinePrice in India
PhilipsRs. 3,850/-
SiemensRs. 4,490/-
WidexRs. 21,000/-
ArphiRs. 2,850/-
PhonakRs. 12,000/-
SigniaRs. 4,600/-
CICRs. 21,000/-
AlimcoRs. 1,750/-

Nano Ear Machine Review

We are gonna be looking at the rechargeable Ear Machine model and let’s open it up.

On top they give you a troubleshooting guide instruction manual and a quick start guide.

Inside we have the ear machine itself the charging block and the accessories I am going to take out the charging block this is in the color white quite simple you just put the hearing aids in.

There is an led indicator right here these dots indicate that if it is plugged in or not and I believe this is a charging indicator for the base itself we have the us.

This is where you would plugin the usb cord, it doesn’t show you what I don’t think it shows you like a percentage level of how much battery you have left but it might indicate um it in other ways.

So we have our ear machine itself I am gonna it is in a plastic black case let me open this case up okay.

So as you can see we have two ear machine right here I love how this is in two different colors because often times people have trouble figuring out which one goes to the what ear and if its color coded I think it is much more easier to be able to distinguish them.

This is the left ear in case you still don’t know what the colors mean different colors mean we do have a like a little.

l indicated at the very top to indicate that it s the left ear over here we have an on and off button right here and it s very tiny but there’s on and off button and we have the microphone right here.

It is indicated by those tiny little four dots we have these like two little pins on the corners the golden pins are very is like the charging contact and we have our dome right here which you can switch out based on your size.

We have a volume control which I think is you wouldn’t need to screw it up or down um yeah this one like the volume control.

You can’t really touch it but this volume control I think you need something different to operate it and it is probably in the accessories box so I am gonna open up the accessories box and see what they gave us.

So these are the different domes that it comes with which comes with the wall charger itself like a little brush with a flat screwdriver head as I was mentioning that.

The volume control for the hearing aids might need to be controlled with like some sort of screwdriver edge and it seems like this fits together.

So this is how you would control it and we have our charging cable finally we have our charging block and our two ear machines.

These are all the accessories that this comes with so now we are gonna look at how to charge the device we have banana basin charging base and we just plug in our usb cable right here and you can see like those quick blue lights flashing and you can see that there is this blue light flashing right here that indicates that the battery is fully charged.

If it was red and that means it still needed to be charged more the charging base itself now we have our two hearing aids right here and I m gonna try to plug it in and to charge it and as you can see like it doesn’t instantaneously light um light up it takes a few seconds so don’t worry about it and just like wait for it to light up and see how it is like blinking red that means it is charging and it is not exactly a hundred percent.

It is anywhere between zero to ninety nine percent and yeah so if the red light when it is done charging it will turn blue and green light means it is already and it takes anywhere from about four to six hours for the device to fully charge and the hearing aid standby time is about hours and it has awesome price.

So this was the review for Nano ear machine, now get details about best hearing aids of the year.

Best Hearing Aids of 2022

Here I am giving you my top picks for best Ear Machines with good price.

At the beginning of every year I always like to give you my top picks for the best hearing aids (Ear machine) that are currently available on the market and thanks to all of the technological innovation that we saw this past years lineup is definitely the best that I have ever seen.

This means that if you are looking to treat your hearing loss for the very first time or if you are looking to upgrade your current ear machine technology then this year could be the best year to do.

There are five things that you need to be aware of before you consider any one of the hearing aids that I talk about in this post.

The first one is it does not matter how awesome any one of these ear machines are unless you have a hearing care professional who properly fits and programs them following best practices.

Second I do not rank order these ear machines because what hearing aid might be best for one person may not be the right hearing aid for another person and all of these hearing aids on this list are fantastic it just depends on what your specific wants and needs are.

Third this post is dedicated to the most popular style of ear machine called Receiver in Canal so if you are looking for the best custom hearing aids of or the best invisible hearing aids of those are completely different videos.

Forth every single ear machine that I talk about in this post has a dedicated review video on my YouTube channel that you should check out if any one of these devices peaks your interest.

And fifth just like all of my other hearing aid review videos this post is not sponsored it is just a short list of the best Receiver in Canal hearing aids that I believe to be a cut above the rest.

All that being said let’s take a look at the best Receiver in Canal ear machine of The first one being the Phonak Audeo Life. The Audeo Life is part of the audeo paradise platform and has all of the same great features as the Phonak Audeo Life Paradise rechargeable hearing aid only it s waterproof, thanks to all of the additional periling coating and silicone waterproofing that allow it to exceed the standard IP rating for electronic devices.

The Audeo Paradise line of hearing aids coming for different technology levels from the top tier level to the bottom tier level However the Audeo Life ear machine currently only comes in the top tier level.

At this top level you basically get access to all of the digital features of a premium level Phonak ear machine including AutoSense OS which is one of my favorite digital features ever because they will make your hearing aids change program settings based on different environments that you go into and it does this automatically so you don’t have to worry about changing programs.

All the time In my review of the Life hearing aid I was able to go swimming go for a long trail run where I sweat all over the device and even jump in the shower and even though I don’t recommend that you do these things with the Life ear machine.

It just illustrates how moisture resistant this device is It s also hard to ignore all of the other features that you get with a Phonak Audeo Life hearing aids including Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect to up to eight different wireless devices and have two of those connections be active at the exact same time and it doesn’t matter whether you have an apple device, Android device or just a computer.

In general you can connect to those devices and stream audio directly into your hearing aids and not only that but you also get access to the tap control feature that allows you to do a double tap on your ear if you wanna answer phone calls, if you want to pause and start streaming or even if you want to access a voice assistant.

It is also compatible with the new ActiveVent Receiver that can automatically switch between open venting and closed venting depending on which program settings you are currently in.

It is absolutely mind blowing how this works but if you are having a conversation with someone in a calm quiet environment that vent will remain open to give you the best speech intelligibility possible but then if you start streaming music into the hearing aids that then will close to give you more of the base tones and if you go into a background noise situation that then will also close as to restrict the amount of background noise that makes it into your ear canal naturally Just like all of the other Phonak Audeo Paradise ear machine.

The Audeo Life ear machine have integrated Roger Receivers so you can directly connect wirelessly to any one of the amazing Phonak accessories.

Overall the waterproof Audeo Life hearing aid from Phonak is a fantastic device that is almost guaranteed not to disappoint.

The second hearing aid on my list is the first ear machine to ever incorporate deep learning for sound processing and this hearing aid is the Oticon.

More the Oticon more expands upon the extremely popular Oticon OPN and Oticon OPN’S hearing aids from several years back. The headline feature of this ear machine is the deep neural network that allows this hearing aid to perform deep learning for its sound processing.

Now if you have no clue what a deep neural network is or what deep learning is then I highly recommend that you watch my review video that I did on this ear machine where I explain these concepts in greater detail Just know that the deep neural network that was created by Oticon engineers was trained with over million sounds.

So the Oticon More hearing aid could develop an understanding of which sounds are most important like speech and which sounds are not important like background noise.

By taking this approach to sound processing the Oticon More hearing aid is not limited to the capacity of a human engineer to create an algorithm to tell a hearing aid which sounds are important enough to amplify.

The More comes in three different technology levels the top tier More, The mid tier More and The bottom tier More.

There are more hearing aids machines except Philips, Siemens, Widex, Arphi, Phonak, Signia, CIC and Alimco but I have included them because they are best companies.

This post was all about Ear Machine details for models Philips, Siemens, Widex, Arphi, Phonak, Signia, CIC, Alimco and its price in India.

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