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Flex Printing Machine Price in India and Features

Flex printing machine price in India

Flex printing machine details are available here. Today many people use flex for their shops and it is still a large industry in India.

Flex printing machine price starts from Rs. 6,10,000/- in India according to its model. There are many companies in the market who make flex banner machines that cost upto Rs. 2,500,000/-.

In this article we will know about some banner printing techniques and flex related materials like vinyl and sign boards.

Professional Flex Printing Machine

Here I am just showing you our process of flex printing on digital machine, the time is coming up for event.

Sporting events things are starting to open up again birthday parties zoom background meetings.

We are going to show you some capabilities on how we do our banners with our UV printing (check out UV printing details with low price in India) right now.

These flex banners are a little bit out of the ordinary you know with their fun catchy designs but they are also unique in the way that they are cut and and we are gonna explain that.

So now that we have the pieces printed they are on our potter go back to my computer quickly we are going to send the blueprint to the plotter.

It is going to show exactly where these precise cuts together so once i submit this the plotter is going to read four registration marks for a precise cut on each one.

Now like in the beginning I spoke to you about the fact that we made some silly flex at good price in India.

You know they are not normal shapes and I wanted to do that for a specific reason to show you the effectiveness of when we cut this one.

This process is just reinforcing the battery okay so normally well not normally always what we would do is we would hem the edges with double sided tape.

We will really reinforce them especially if it is going to be out in the elements.

The wind is going to be blowing the standard is to put grommets which are these things right here you got silver and gold.

You do them every two feet on the flex and basically it is going to reinforce it.

So what i am going to do today is i am just going to do the grommets in the corners.

We are going to use gold for the first two flex banners on printing machine and we are gonna use silver for the top.

I am gonna show you how quick and easy this is and like I said normally it would be every two feet to allow.

You know the flex printing to stay flush maybe some wind to pass through it on machine.

Digital Vinyl Banner Printing

Vinyl printing machine

I am here today to show you how to do digitally vinyl flex printing on machine at low price in India.

Now one of the great things about the ready to print stuff that I like is that it comes in four different sizes.

There’s the twenty one inch, the thirty four and a half, the forty five and the fifty four inch material.

So you know if you have a fifty four inch printer, you can use the full width of the printer.

The other nice thing about it is that you can set your rollers on the outside of these two grommets and get full bleed with right over the vinyl.

So one of the things you have to do when loading the machine when you take it out of the box.

What I do is I spin it, just to make sure it is good and tight and good and even so that we can load it on the back of the machine.

If you have it good and tight and even on the ends that means it will roll through the machine nice and straight.

Especially if you are doing a full bleed width you want to make sure that vinyl is in there and rolling straight on the rollers.

So we usually just drop it over the backside and then we will take the material and we will feed it through to the front.

Then what I do is just reach back and I can set it on the machine, we will just pull it through so we can see where the grommets are here and then what we have to do is just make sure that the grommets are going to run on this outside edge.

It is important that we can trim this edge close to your bleed edge on machine and make it a nice flex printing at low price to just send in.

So again we just put it in and I usually reach through and I just grab it and pull it tight and then just secure your rollers and let the print come across and then read what your width is on the flex.

Vinyl printing is so regular job in India along with flex printing on digital machine at amazing cost.

Making Signs Board

signs board printing machine

Making signs boards are so simple like flex printing and you can sell it in very affordable price in India.

It offers us a lot of flexibility in manufacturing science with short notice short runs different messages etc.

So here I have downloaded a file from the Road authorities website and I have just changed it so it will fit to print in the traffic.

Now it is ready to download into the rip software, now you can see the print is starting approximately five minutes after we sent it from the software.

You can see the sign face coming out of the flex printing machine including crop marks and everything obviously you are very curious when it comes out so you make a visual check to see that everything is okay.

If we compare to how we had to work in order to have those kind of sign faces made prior to the traffic yet then we obviously had to screen print it and the process of getting where we are now in minutes would be at least a day or two.

So it is when you print sign faces other print colors than black you need to over laminate it.

So step one is flex printing, step two is over laminating and step three obviously cutting it and after all process is done, we can sell flex prints at great price in India.

Now we are in the next step of the process which means over laminating the traffic yet well flex sign faces printed on the traffic.

It needs to be over laminated unless they only have been printed with the black print you have the laminate up here which folds up.

So the waste rolls up here you put the material in here on a roll or a sheet depending how it is and it comes out here with a laminate on and as we said before laminating it takes no time whatsoever compared to printing.

When you load the flex printing machine all you know the media you just need to make some minor mechanical adjustments and then you do the rest on the screen then you need to find the first clip mark with the camera and when it is green you press ENTER and hopefully it will find the remaining tread marks automatically, there we go.

So this was all about Flex printing machine with its price in India and other details. Feel free to check other products on my blog like Crizal lens.

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