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Foldimate Machine Price in India With Details 2023

Foldimate machine price in India

Foldimate machine details are available here. People use machines for folding their clothes in developed countries but uses of this technology is growing faster in India.

Foldimate Machine price is Rs. 77000/- in India, recently launched with lots of automatic features of folding clothes.

In this post I will give you related information about folding clothes by using Foldimate machine and other sources.

Foldimate – The Robotic Laundry Folding Machine

So I have reason here I invited her over to Foldimate machine powder laundry sheets folding laundry and she was so excited when she saw the competition recent past.

We actually have shirts t-shirts button, down shirts towels panel.

A whole selection of what you would normally have in your home frame rate, apart these small writers who have homes or items.

So for a reason tell already once you dress up Cody you for the hungry something, yes I think exactly together it never lightens up nicely.

So basically it’s always get partnered up my shirts are always. I have a little button here at the bottom recently sleep a lady with a final project over the top pants here.

I finished like one two three four five six seven pieces to go this is unreal. So we want some shots here of Reese’s folding okay.

She did the quite a nice job she folds in a different way to fall teammate okay and then some shots here a fall teammate rod makes folding in Foldimate machine and I think we can all agree.

First of all it was faster, it was much easier, it was fun like for weeks not days.

Sometimes they don’t make doing it so we understand that and that is why we told me exactly people like you because we wanted to turn something that people hate.

That’s fun I know I think it really cuts the time for us busy people we don’t have time to sit good but you just done that we need you all to go to seedinvest calm and look at all teammates.

I am a busy professional and a lot of people ask me Alex how do you deal with all your laundry well the truth is I don’t, I just use Foldimate machine which is available at very affordable price in India.

I take the clothes out of the dryer, I come into the bedroom and typically I can throw things into the closet because I can’t be bothered but all goes in and that’s the best it can be unfortunately because I am a busy professional.

So I am literally just discovered that my cousin Debbie works for a start-up called folding maid and they have created a prototype that has my prayers truly answered.

My favorite pink beach towel is also much shower and bath towel too and all I have to do literally is feed this directly into the foldimate machine.

So what I have to do is literally pinch the ends and away it goes.

What I am gonna do and hold it by the top where we go my old texture but I don’t really wear very often anymore.

Let’s see how this goes this I have been told that once again you just take it from the top.

You pop the clips in and the way it goes, I don’t think this one even fits me any more severe maybe this one shrunk in the wash.

Let’s see if the Foley main can deal with this one, this is hilarious and I will top of mine another one.

Let’s give this one a whirl this is just so easy and it’s fun.

I can get kids to even thought that might be this thing for me so the Foldimate machine appears to suck the clothing in and it’s folded it all down into a very neat pile there.

So I am gonna stream what everything looks like to see if it’s actually done a proper job at very low price in India.

I am just gonna press this unbelievable just look at that crisp still fresh and ready for me to put into the wardrobe.

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Foldimate Laundry Folding Robot

Foldimate laundry robot machine

Why don’t we have something like a dishwasher for folding, we have a dryer wherever washer where is the dishwasher for folding and that’s what inspired me to start working on Foldimate folding machine in India.

Folding laundry with a machine except Foldimate is a pain you know fabric is really difficult for engineering and if you think about it you have so many types of items in your laundry and so many fabric flower types and you need to make a technology that will handle all of them together and it will affect cost.

Not only handle them but fold them in Foldimate machine in a reasonable quality at speed and don’t forget the part of cost and size of course.

So you have a lot of machines today that are industrialized but there are room size they cost tens of thousands of dollars and usually they can fold only one item very well except Foldimate machine and it’s price is not so high in India.

We are doing the majority of items that you have in an average laundry load.

We can do shirts, we can do the towels pants even pillowcases but we said these are the most laborious items and for example all the small items like undergarment and large items like linen.

Right now they are not in our focus the large because the machine will have to be larger and the small because I think we can do it faster by hand.

We’ve had multiple prototypes along the way in multiple models that go to different markets and the last one the Home version, we’ve been working on it for two years already.

We are aiming to launch folding it or at least the first units will shape towards the end of this year.

It is very challenging and we are really trying to make that deadline but as you know this is a development stage so we will keep everyone apprised but right now still on target for Foldimate machine at very low price in India.

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Take A Look at Foldimate After Tired of Laundry

I am standing beside the Foldimate folding mate machine, now if you have got a whole pile of laundry that you need to fold.

I won’t say this little device this rather large device can do it for you and it’s growing fast in India as its price is great here.

Shirts pants pillowcases can’t take your big bed sheets just yet but fit in the top internal mechanism in Foldimate machine, fold all your clothes and then delivers them, fold it at the bottom.

We are coming a good you know either one take another one.

This is busy work so now when I come out the bottom now yeah now we can wait we can you know continue doing it.

As much as we want until it’s full on the bar all so now I just picked it up eject it.

Can you eject this I think about so they are that close as I.

Folders thats hard work the foldy maid did it all for me.

Every household needs one of these an hour, all have the same having to fold all the laundry this will do it for you.

T-Shirt Folding HACKS

T-Shirt Folding HACKS Fold Shirt In Under 3 Seconds 2 Ways To Fold T-shirt.

The t-shirt, a classic item in every man’s wardrobe, but how to properly store your t-shirts between wears?

Well, it turns out there are actually at least four ways to properly store and fold your t-shirts.

Here, I’m going to teach you all four methods including a trick to fold a t-shirt in less than three seconds.

Method 1

The basic fold.

This is the simple method that most people default.

Lay the t-shirt out flat face down, fold the shirt in half from left to right.

Then, fold the sleeves in towards the middle.

Now, fold the shirt in half from top to bottom.

You can either stop here or fold it in half again to take up a little bit less room.

The advantage of this method is it’s simple, it’s well-known, and it’s equally useful for storage or travel.

The main disadvantage is you’re likely to have some wrinkles and creases develop where you folded the shirt.

Method 2

Method 2nd is known as the marine roll also called the army roll, but, hey, I’m a marine here.

It’s popular in the military for its efficient use of space.

Lay the shirt out flat face up and then fold the bottom of the shirt up three to four inches.

Smooth out the fabric to minimize wrinkles, then fold the shirt into thirds, start on the left side folding it over the center, then take the left sleeve and fold it back over the center.

You’ll now do the same with the right side bring it over before folding the right sleeve back to the center.

Now, you’re ready to start rolling.

Start at the collar making sure you keep the roll nice and tight.

Once you get to the end, you’ll undo the fold you created at the bottom of the shirt and tuck it over each end of the roll to keep it in place.

This roll takes up very little space, so it’s perfect for small storage spaces or you’re traveling light with a small suitcase.

The disadvantage of the marine roll is it takes more time than all the other methods.

This article was about Foldimate machine details and its price in India.

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