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Fuji Digital X Ray Machine Price in India

Fuji digital x ray machine price in India

Fuji Digital X Ray machine details are available in this post. Fujifilm is a Japanese company that make X Ray printers and sell other countries like India.

Fuji Digital X Ray Machine price is Rs. 4,550,000/- in India. There are other models which are advanced and costly.

In further reading you will get to know some details about Fuji X Ray Machine.

FDR Go Digital Mobile X-Ray Machine from Fuji

FDR go the ultimate portable X ray solution designed with and for technologists.

Fuji Digital X Ray Machine provides the exceptional image quality gentle dose and high efficiency you expect from Fujifilm are all on a sleek and nimble platform.

FDR go is fuji bill’s latest portable solution integrated for use with FDR Divo digital detectors featuring fuji films patented ISS technology engineered for increased sharpness at lower doses than traditional designs.

Fuji goes new onboard workstation includes Fuji films advanced dynamic visualization which automatically enhances the entire image for clear diagnostic detail providing exceptional first up images with every exam.

Fuji machine goes quiet operation sleek profile and friendly design are sure to bring smiles throughout the hospital. This is awesome machine in India with affordable price.

Fuji X ray machine goes ultra sensitive steering makes it easy to maneuver and fun to drive the flexible telescopic arm adjusts easily for any exam and locks down low for excellent driving visibility.

Since Fuji machine has the same user friendly workstation interface as our other systems it is easy to learn.

Fujifilm offers wireless detectors in a full range of sizes and formats so you can optimize both dose and field of view.

Just gonna sign up and the thin lightweight detectors enhance patient comfort and lighten the load for technologists.

FDR go is fully ruggedized to ensure reliability and resistance to vibration and splashes and with its sleek uncluttered design wipe down is quick and easy.

The technologist workstation is loaded with features that speed the workflow to second image previews and second cycle times ensure exams are completed dr fast and the system is fully wireless for quick and easy image transmission and real time work list updates.

Fuji digital X Ray machine runs four to five hours on a single charge for uninterrupted workflow.

Fujifilm knows your time is critical and image quality is paramount especially in portable exams.

Go with the most advanced pull digital x ray system available FDR Go go beyond expectations.

This was all about Fuji Digital X Ray machine and its price in India.

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