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Fujikura Splicing Machine Price in India With Details 2023

Fujikura splicing machine price in India

Fujikura Splicing Machine details and all features are available here. Fujikura is a branded company from Japan that provides splicers, cutters and more electrical products to other countries included India.

Fujikura Splicing Machine price is Rs. 111,800/- in India for 22s and there are more models available like 62s that cost Rs. 235,000/-.

Now in further reading, I will give deep information about Fujikura splicers models and more features like fusion.

Fujikura 22s Fusion Splicing Machine

The new Fujikura’s single fiber splicer combines Fujikura technology and reliability with a very attractive price point perfect for fiber to the home applications.

It is the world’s most portable active cladding alignment splicer in the field.

The active cladding alignment technology provides excellent splicing results without the need to carefully manage the cleanliness.

The removable sheath clamps make it easy to adapt to specific splicing needs including Fujikura fuse connect splice on connectors.

It has impressive speed and can deliver a single fiber drop cable splice in couple of seconds and a heat time of some seconds.

It’s low profile lightweight design ensures stability and maximum portability.

The high resolution monitor is impact resistant and enables easy viewing of spliced details.

Fujikura continues to lead the industry with dust and moisture protection top off all of this expert technology with a long life battery and extended life electrodes to keep you up and running when you need it.

Most innovative transit case doubles as a workstation maximizing its functionality, just open the transit case to access the required accessories and begin splicing or even more convenience.

The work tray can be placed on top of the transit case or it can be used with the standard tray and belt kit easily upgrade firmware via an internet connection.

Plus the boutique aura is fully compatible with views connect connectors price just right to give you best in class field proven splicing and unparalleled service and support the smallest lightest fastest and most portable active cladding alignment splicer can be yours.

The Fujikura single fibers splicer is available in India and worldwide.

Fujikura 62s Fusion Splicing Machine

Fujikura is the recognized world leader in fusion splicing for over three decades, now brings you the top score alignment splicer.

This latest addition to the Fujikura placer family combines unequaled performance rugged durability and unbeatable service and support all at a very attractive price in India.

No available splicer offers better value for your investment with six second splice times couple of second heat times with standard sized sleeves and long life electrodes good for splice.

It delivers the performance you need to get the job is built to last with a 15 inch monitor that can withstand direct impacts Fujikura.

It continues to lead with direction drop resistance, dust resistant and rain resistance on a single charge.

The lithium ion battery performs up to many splices and the internal AC adapter makes recharging fast and easy. This battery is available in India also.

It is compatible with views connect connectors and includes Universal sheath clamps micron loose tube clamps are optional.

The splice sleeve loader and the carrying cases detachable worktable expedite splice times.

It is backed by Fujikura unparalleled service and support, technical support quick service turn around and expert assistance or what Fujikura customers have trusted and relied on for over many years get the performance durability and support.

You can get combined Fujikura splicing machine with an attractive price in India.

Fujikura 90s Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

Fujikura 90s core splicer

AFL introduces the high quality core alignment fusion splicer with active blade management technology.

Fujikura is a true core alignment fiber fusion splicer with a high precision optical system.

This system enables accurately align fiber cores and distinguish between various fiber types.

Fujikura splicer offers programmable features like an automated wind protector and independently programmable sheath clamps now with increased speeds to accelerate your productivity fiber retention clamps prevent fibers from lifting out of the splicer.

If you are a distributor you can purchase these machines in bulk and can sell in best price in India.

When both sheath clamps open automatically keeping your splice safe simplifying and expediting your workflow Musiccompared to the Fujikura plus.

Fujikura’s wind protector opens sooner after loss estimations appear on its monitor resulting in reduced splicer operation time.

The Fujikura makes positioning splice sleeves easy. The new sheath clamp design ensures that the splice point is always in the center of the sleeve, thus optimizing splice protection and minimizing operation steps.

Fujikura splicing machine keeps you running with features like long life electrodes, a high capacity lithium ion battery and pre-installed reference guide with splicer instructions and useful tips.

Fujikura splicing machine versatile carrying case doubles as a workstation ,its removable work tray makes working in challenging environments easier and when needed the work tray can separate to become an even more compact splicing work area.

Fujikura’s work tray has drawers with enough storage space to house your splicing tools and accessories, so you can be ready even without the case for loose tube fiber splicing movement of fiber within the buffer tube is eliminated with the splicer sheath clamps.

The sheath clamp base has a retractable protrusion that holds the inner fiber in place and enables splicing without special tools.

The splicing machine is ruggedized for shock rain and dust resistance to improve splicing efficiency.

Fujikura complements the 90S with high quality optical fiber cleaver in very affordable price in India, the ct offers easy access and can accommodate longer strip fibers than previous models.

It can cleave loaded fibers with a single action, its blade can yield up to sixty thousand single fiber cleaves to reduce downtime and operating costs.

Fiber clamp and blade can easily be replaced by users in the field and as an industry first the durable ct can withstand severe shock from all directions.

Fujikura splicing machine deliver improved splicing efficiency powered by active blade management technology.

It can interface with one or more ct cleavers via wireless communication, this allows two operators to use one splicer at the same time to make work easier and more efficient.

The sanalyzes fiber cleavant shapes when the current blade position is expended it wirelessly communicates a signal to automatically rotate its blade, then signals the splice to indicate that the blade rotation is complete.

The splicing machine ensures that automatic blade rotations are appropriately timed by initiating them based on the frequency of bad cleaves as a cleaver blade wears down from use it inevitably begins to produce bad cleaves as the blade incurs more wear.

The bad cleaves occur more frequently once a number of bad cleaves have occurred in close succession.

It judges the blade to be worn and in need of rotation it then signals the ct to automatically rotate the blade to a non worn position.

The splicer makes blade management easy by automatically logging every fiber cleave and tracking all rotational positions at each of the three height positions for easy reference.

The blade life is displayed clearly on the splicing machine’s main screen when you need fast accurate and efficient core alignment fusion splices.

Choose the Fujikura’s high quality core alignment fusion splicer with active blade management technology.

How to fusion splice two optical fibres

splice optical fibres

We are here with all the necessary equipment to work with fibre optics.

We have a field strength meter, light sources and the equipment needed to work with fibre optics.

The first thing to use is a fibre optical stripper.

It removes the first plastic layer of the fibre and leaves it clean so it can be placed into the splicer.

Before stripping the fibre, we introduce a fusion protection sleeve to protect the bare fibre once spliced.

The stripper has a small hole of little microns to remove the plastic layer of the fibre Introduce it tighten and slide.

The fibre is now completely clean, now we must use an isporopyl alcohol cleaning wipe to remove the waste that may remain.

The next step is to cut the fibre, we will use a fibre optical cutter to cut the fibre at an angle of We cut the fibre to some millimetres.

Let’s put the optical fibre into the fusion splicer, leave the fiber as close as possible to the electrodes and close the clamp to hold the fibre.

We will do the same process with the other fibre end peeling the plastic layer of the fibre and we clean the remaining plastic waste.

We cut again and we place the fibre into the fusion splicer.

Fibres are close to the electrodes but without touching themselves Once the fibres are placed we close the shield.

The device shows the fibres on the screen, it automatically aligns the cores in both vertical and horizontal planes, then the fusion process starts.

After finishing, the device shows the fusion quality.

The device also stores date, time, temperature and atmospheric pressure.

We will open the shield, take the fibre and put the protection sleeve over to protect it.

We will put it into the heater and close the lid to heat the thermo retractable sleeve.

The device warns us when the process has finished, here the fusion splice protected with the sleeve.

Single Fiber and Ribbon Fiber Splicing

Here you will see single fiber fusion splicing and ribbon fusion splicing on the Fujikura splicing machine. If you are planning to buy splicing machine at low price in India, then Fujikura is good option for you.

When first turning your fusion splicer on to begin a splicing session you must remember to perform an arc calibration.

The arc calibration will account for altitude humidity temperature and barometric pressure depending upon your location and will set the machine to the correct power.

For arc key set the machine to the arc calibration through the menus as shown.

You must use single mode fiber for our calibration even if you are splicing multimode fiber strip clean and cleave your fiber and load into the machine.

First arc calibration failed and must be reset repeat the process for fiber preparation.

Once you have an acceptable calibration you can begin splicing after the arc calibration is accepted.

Set the fusion splicer to the correct splice mode for the fiber type you are splicing.

The Fujikura splicing machines has several built-in splice recipes from many fiber types.

Here the machine is set to the auto single mode, multimode setting and we will be splicing single mode fiber.

Next set the fusion slicers heater to the correct heater mode for the type of heat shrink you are using.

The Fujikura and arc machines have different heater settings and the different size shrink tubes.

We will set the machine to the sixty millimeter sleeve for the size we are using.

First take display sleeve and slide over one of the ends of fiber you are splicing to prepare both ends of the fiber by stripping cleaning cleaving and placing into the machine.

Once the second fiber is loaded the machine doors will close and the splicing action will begin.

Once this place is complete the machine will perform a pull test to ensure splice integrity.

Lift the fiber from the machine by keeping slight tension on the splice as you are lifting slide the splice sleeve over the splice and place inside the machines oven.

The heating cycle will take about some seconds depending on the size sleeve you are using remove the splice and allow for it to cool before handling.

You have now completed a single fiber fusion splice.

Here are the separate items to perform a ribbon fusion splice, arc fusion splicer, hot jacket stripper and fiber ribbon holders.

Ribbon splice sleeves begin by sliding the ribbon fusion splice in one end of the ribbon fiber.

You are splicing together, take the fibre ribbon holder and place the ribbon fiber in the holder with about an inch and a half extending past.

Take the hot jacket stripper and place the ribbon holder and once the light turns green the unit is hot enough for stripping.

Close the unit pull back on the slide and the ribbon matrix will be stripped off.

Remove the access ribbon matrix from the hot jacket stripper, clean the fibers with cleaning wipe and solution and set the fiber holder into the cleaver and cleave the fibers.

Place the holder into the splicer and repeat the process for the second fiber ribbon.

When the second fiber is loaded in the machine the doors will automatically shut and the spicen action will begin.

When the splice is complete lift the ribbon fiber from the machine by keeping slight tension on this place as you are lifting slide this place leap over the splice and place inside the machine’s oven.

The heating cycle will take about some seconds depending on the size of the sleeve you are using.

Remove this place and allow for it to cool before handling you have now completed a ribbon fiber fusions place by utilizing FIS is full inventory of splicing equipment and supplies.

It has never been easier to start and finish your splicing job on time and under budget.

This post was all about Fujikura Splicing Machine information like price in India and details about different models and features.

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