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Gallant TMT Saria Price Today 2023

Gallant TMT Saria price today in Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Faizabad, Basti, Bahraich and Gujarat.

Gallant TMT Saria price list details for 2023 are available here today. Gallant TMT is widely used in Gorakhpur and other cities like Lucknow, Faizabad, Basti, Bahraich and Gujarat state.

Gallant TMT Saria price is Rs. 463/- per piece for 8mm bar and Rs. 712/- per piece for 10mm bar size with length of 12m.

In further reading, I will provide you full rate list of Gallant TMT Saria and you will find more information about steel, so let’s get the details.

Gallant TMT Saria Price Today Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Faizabad, Basti

Here is the price list chart of Gallant TMT Saria.

Gallant TMT Saria SizePrice Per Piece
8mmRs. 463/-
10mmRs. 712/-
12mmRs. 1014/-
16mmRs. 1798/-
20mmRs. 2814/-
25mmRs. 4391/-
32mmRs. 7197/-

Can You Weld Stainless with Mild Steel Filler

These are experiment notes from a guy outside from India which has good knowledge of steel.

People commonly ask if it’s possible to weld stainless steel with mild steel filler rod, say something like er 70s – – for TIG welding or maybe even er 70s – 6 for MIG welding.

Well I’ve got the answer for you and I also have some bonus material at the end. Now this is ER 308 stainless steel filler wire, it’s most commonly used for welding.

Grade 304 stainless steel together one of the most common ones, you see at least this is er 70s, filler wire with the copper coating removed on it er 70s and S6 are commonly used for mild steel or carbon steels.

Whichever one you want to refer to them as now I did remove the copper coating on this one so you can’t tell the difference between either one of them when we actually get to welding them.

Now one thing I cannot hide is my fro Nia strand steel 2200 which will be happily spitting out a spool of ER 70s s6.

So we’re gonna make while them we’re gonna take well them and we’re gonna answer that question, can you actually make and TIG weld stainless steel with mild steel filler rod, let’s find out.

Now let’s line up two coupons here have a look one of them is being welded with er 308 filler and wire the other one is being welded with er 70s.

Now both of them are fired at a hundred amps and both of them are 1/8 in thickness and they’re both 304 stainless steel but which one I’m gonna leave that a mystery maybe you can figure it out, maybe you can’t because after this I’m gonna flip one of them over and I’m gonna fire it off with my throny strands deal 2200 which is being fed with the spool of er 70s.

The difference between the two of these you’ll never notice, really weld them but once you start spraying them down with a solution that makes it rust 2 minutes into it.

You’ll see the difference between the two of them now this rusting solution is nothing more than hydrogen peroxide white vinegar and salt 5 minutes.

It start eating it alive versus the stainless steel even eight minutes in there’s almost no difference the stainless steel that’s why it stainless steel.

Let’s actually drain this off of here you can see that they were both covered in the same solution but only one of them is subject to rusting because well regular mild steel carbon steel just plain old steel well it rusts stainless steel does not that’s the beauty of it pretty wild.

Those are some pretty interesting results, I’ve always wanted to actually do this and find a way to show it and finally I think I have.

So at the end of the day the answer is yes you can absolutely can weld stainless steel with mild steel filler rod like ER 70S or S6.

The only problem is obviously it’s gonna rust so this post is a little bit short so we’re going to throw in some bonus material and that has to do with the impregnation of foreign metals into your stainless steel.

So you always hear the saying before in many different articles and many different books and many different teachings that you should always use like metals for cleaning and preparation.

So if you are using a wire brush to clean your surface say with like stainless steel, you’ll want to use a stainless steel only wire brush or a wire brush that’s dedicated to stainless steel and one that is made out of stainless steel.

That way it won’t actually impregnate anything into that metal same thing goes with aluminum and all the rest of that good stuff.

I have prepped up here a couple of pieces where I did the exact same welds as I did before one with stainless steel and one of them with er 70S and S6 on the MIG real but I also added another bonus piece into there where I buffed out another piece whereas half of the coupon was actually washed away with that.

Let’s grab ahold of our rusting solution and see what happens when we spray him down after they’ve been impregnated with a dirty brush kind of let these sit here for a minute.

Look at that you can actually see them starting to actually react that’s pretty impressive but let’s get some time-lapse action on here and see exactly what they look like in about two or three five minutes and so on.

This is after about two minutes you can see that it’s starting to uh now all of the dusting on the surface is starting to really get in there switch off to about five minutes.

It’s really start eating now the craziest thing about this is just kind of sped up here but when I’m actually getting close onto these things you can actually see really closely where the solution is and you can see even though the solution is on multiple parts only some of them are rust that’s because some of them are hit with a wire wheel some of them are contaminated, some of them are not.

This is pretty crazy to look at now seriously just look at that 10 minutes into this and you can see where every single spot even though there’s solution on the spots that are stainless and it’s not rusting but every spot where he actually was hit with the wire brush is rusty including the stainless steel weld itself.

This weld right here let me wipe this off but this weld is rusting it’s all coming off the surface,
This is just absolutely nuts and everything of course this one was the ER 70 series of wells that were on here.

These are starting to rust away but most important or most impressive as this piece right here has a solution on both sides and the only side that really rusted out was the side that was hit with the wheel.

So at the end of the day there’s actually something to be learned here and that is very very simply, put if you are using anything to prep your metal make sure you use a dedicated brush or wheel or whatever you have in order to do that otherwise it’s gonna be subject to rusting all that impregnation and everything else it’s pretty killer.

Of course just to recap if you want to weld it stainless steel with you know any mild steel or carbon steel filler rod.

There’s nothing really stopping you except for well somewhere on down the road it’s not gonna be stainless anymore.

This post was about Gallant TMT Saria details and its price in Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Faizabad, Basti, Bahraich and Gujarat.

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