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GE Ultrasound Machine Price in India with Model Details 2023

GE ultrasound machine price in India

GE Ultrasound machine details are available here in this post in 2023. GE Healthcare is an American company that make medical diagnostic machines included Ultrasound and medical experts has trust on it in India and worldwide.

GE Ultrasound Machine price starts from Rs. 500,000 (5 Lakh) in India and there are other advanced models that cost up to Rs. 80,00,000 (80 Lakh).

In this article I will give you details about GE Ultrasound machine and all related information of its models.

GE Voluson E8 Ultrasound Machine Demonstration

It is premium system design for women’s health. We have recently introduced two new image quality tools, they are HD Live and vs RI GE machines.

I would like to introduce you to HD live the next generation of our dynamic rendering engine on our values on e-premium ultra sound system for women’s health.

This feature has actually allowed us to increase depth perception when we look at our ultrasound images we utilize a moveable light source which allows us to highlight different structures within the anatomy as we move that light source.

I am going to take a moment and show you how that light source works.

Now over here on the image you can actually see an icon that indicates where the light source is shining.

I am going to move that light source and what you will see is different aspects of the anatomy.

This is allowed physicians to actually increase their diagnostic confidence as they are looking at individual structures.

HD live helps to provide exceptional anatomical realism while increasing the depth perception that you see in an ultrasound image while volume SRI volumetric multiplanar tool assists in reducing the speckle you naturally see in ultrasound images in GE machine.

Both machine help to improve image quality and increase diagnostic confidence while using GE ultrasound and these machine has low price in India.

At GE ultrasound we have a wide variety of transducers. I would like to introduce you to two new transducers that we have recently added to our product portfolio.

First this is the CE to transducer, it will help you provide you with increased image quality in your first trimester scanning as well as increase your diagnostic confidence when visualizing your obstetrical ultrasounds.

Next we have the new RAB six transducer machine, it is the ultra light-D transducer that’s just been introduced to the market.

If you could hold this transducer you would realize how adding to this to your portfolio will absolutely be a must in your practice.

Here at GE ultrasound machine system we have designed the console with you in mind understanding the increased repetitive stress injury that are being seen within the industry.

I am going to point out a few of the ergonomic features that we have utilized within this system.

First we have a high definition monitor on an articulating arm allowing you to really bring this into a comfortable position while you are doing your exams.

Next I am going to point out that the keyboard actually can raise and lower with just the touch of the button.

We also have a keyboard that can be pulled closer to you allowing you during your exams to customize your workspace and last our intuitive design of our keyboard allows your repetitive motions to be minimized reducing the stress that you feel during your exams on a day to day basis.

It is all of these features that actually have provided an air Gunawan to be utilized within the women’s healthcare market.

I would like to introduce you to Sano and tee one of our automated tools that help to provide consistent and reproducible measurements of the nuchal translucency. I am going to actually show you here on the system how we utilize this ultrasound machine.

First I am going to place a box around the area of the nuchal translucency then the GE ultrasound machine will actually calculate the measurement to be used during this exam.

GE machine system is great choice because of its amazing price in developing countries like India.

This will allow the practice to have consistent and reproducible measurements throughout their day regardless of who their users are.

The next automated tool is sano AVC follicle this tool automatically calculates the number and volume of follicles within a stimulated ovary during your volume sweep as you can see the follicles are color coded and measured the corresponding measurements are displayed here on the monitor.

This truly helps you to improve the workflow and efficiency of the follicle assessment study.

Now I would like to introduce you to another tool within our automated suite called Sano VCAT heart.

This tool helps to standardize image orientation of the fetal heart by providing six views that are automatically obtained with a single volume acquisition.

Now I am going to walk you through the steps within the system as you can see there is an image orientation graphic up here that the heart has been aligned to by pressing a single button.

The GE Ultrasound Machine automatically calculates six additional views of that heart.

I am going to walk through those views, now this allows the user to take one single volume acquisition and provide a more comprehensive assessment of the fetal heart during their obstetrical exam.

So I think it is good machine with low price in country like India.

What’s new with GE LOGIQ E10

GE Logiq E10 machine

In the world of radiology ultrasound radiologists deal with a number of clinical situations breast thigh Royd abdomen but one of the big emerging threats is around liver disease in the world.

Today almost one out of three people have liver disease and it is a slow chronic problem that it develops over years.

One of the biggest pushes of this new disease is fatty liver disease and so we have to provide new ultrasound machines to allow clinicians to be able to accurately diagnose and then ultimately treat this long term illness.

We have introduced our next generation product the GE Logiq E10 machine which has affordable price in India.

There is Brian mentioned huge focus of our product development for the Logiq machine has been on liver disease.

I would like to show you a few of the expert tools that we have on the GE Logiq E10 ultrasound machine for assessing chronic liver disease.

We employ shear wave elastography as you can see here we have a qualitative map and a scale for the kiloPascals and velocity.

Another machine tool that we have is volume navigation where we confuse a previously acquired CTRM our image with today’s current ultrasound image and evaluates lesions and then another tool that we have is the contrast agent imaging and this is where we track contrast agent coming into the liver to assess liver lesions.

Whether they benign or malignant from a technology perspective.

There are many things that we can do to address the liver state that Brian was talking about and to develop the tools that Chris was talking about.

So I would like to show you that specifically we have introduced the C sound image former and the C sound image former really creates a very uniform image from top to bottom without the need of the user even placing a manual focus on it does this by acquiring more information and using that information to create the image than we have in the past.

This additional information allows us to generate that top to bottom uniformity.

It also allows us to improve contrast resolution and to improve spatial resolution.

The other big thing we have done with this platform is to make it our platform that is capable of all of the digital content that we are developing both now and in the future.

This is a powered by Edison product with some AI features already on the ultrasound machine including the ability to segment lesions automatically.

It also has capability to connect to the cloud and to connect to apps that are driven by a smartphone or a tablet to bring more clinical value to our customers. In older models, it was cost consuming.

The Logiq E10 is our next generation GE ultrasound machine to really meet the challenges of radiology into the future and new models will cut off the price.

It is a great imaging machine today from head to toe from adult to pediatric and specifically on the liver but as we move forward we just don’t need an imaging machine for today we need a platform for tomorrow and that’s what the Edison platform does for us.

Ultrasound Machine Basics

Here I am gonna go over some of the buttons that I use every single day on these ultrasound machines which has average price in India.

So I apologize in advance for the white noise in the background that’s because this ultrasound machine is on and the computer is gonna look all flashy dashy because of my phone looking at the screen.

I apologize for that but we are just gonna go over stuff that I use every single day obviously this button here is the power button to turn it on when it turns on you are gonna have this little screen that pops up.

You have your keyboard here which you are gonna type everything with and then you have M mode which I use for fetal heart tones.

We just want to make sure that we are not using doppler here. We don’t use power doppler here in the hospital or even in our out patient places.

I do know that places kind of use power doppler but I have been taught don’t use power doppler on fetal heart tone.

I just use the M mode which is motion and then I will use the doppler mode.

This post was about GE Ultrasound machine details and its price in India.

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