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Grass Cutting Machine Price in India With Details

Grass cutting machine price in India

Grass Cutting machine details are available in this post. People design their lawn and garden manually from old time, but automatic machines are now available in India.

Grass Cutting Machine price is Rs. 8,500/- in India for electric models. If you want low cost model, you can get manual machine.

I will provide you deep information about grass cutting by using automatic machines and manual techniques in this article.

Finding the Perfect Grass Cutting Machine

I can’t cut this grass with this old grass cutting machine anymore I need something better bigger.

There are better option come here and I will show you.

I have been trying to cut the lawn and that grass cutter I have, isn’t getting the job done.

Absolutely it all boils down to the size of your lawn and the terrain. If you have half an acre or under one of these basic push mowers.

They are low price in India, they can work but there are other choices, let’s go.

If you have a half an acre to an acre you want to step up to a self-propelled model, basically self-propelled mowers take some power and power the wheels could be the front, rear or both.

In our testing, we found rear wheels give a little better traction.

It is little more expensive but with that cost, you get more options.

One of the options is a blade brake clutch, what does that do.

Basically sounds weird but if you are bagging clippings or you need to stop and collect a kid’s toy you don’t have to shut the engine, just shuts the blade.

Lot of people don’t like pulling that cord,this has electric start.

You would simply turn a key, grass cutting machine starting up.

Starts right up, Every mower has to be able to lift the blade and the cutting deck because in the spring the grass grows faster.

You want to cut it maybe a little lower.

In the summer when it dries up, you want to cut higher and so on this mower.

It has individual levers You have to go around to each wheel and adjust the cutting height With a mower like this that has a single lever.

You just basically move all four wheels at once, makes it a little easier.

This looks like a spaceship, it is a very modern grass cutting machine at very good price in India and if you have a smaller lawn say about a third of an acre which means it will take you about a half hour to cut.

This is a good option, you don’t want to use it on a bigger lawn because the batteries run for about 40 to 50 minutes tops.

You don’t want to be worried about running out of battery.

They have a push button start, so they are really easy to start.

It is so quiet, it is really a good thing about this is you really don’t have to wear hearing protection and you want to get out there early.

You are not going to annoy the neighbors.

I like that feature , I want to show you the batteries on this thing.

There are two very large batteries very high tech and has little high price.

These are really powerful batteries that give you good runtime.

The other thing is this mower folds really easy for storage.

These motors don’t have gas or oil so nothing to spill out, it is really easy to maintain.

You should never touch this unless you take the batteries out or you take the spark plug wire off.

It is very dangerous blade, every mower we talked about has a blade.

Now what about cleaning it, do you have to clean it?

You should clean the deck after each use because if grass builds up on it, it diminishes airflow and it doesn’t cut as good.

The other thing is you should sharpen the blade of cutting machine, we say usually twice a year.

If you have sandy or rocky soil you may want to do it a little more often.

This looks like a mini tractor, it s a lawn tractor and if you have an acre of grass or more you are really going to want to ride.

Some of the features on a conventional tractor are the comfortable seat. These types of tractors are growing fast in India.

You may be on this thing for an hour or two, So you want to have a high back comfortable seat.

How it engages the blade you have to use a level like this where you just engage it some models.

You just pull a switch that’s a little easier.

You want to also look for how easy it is to raise and lower the cutting deck.

So I am assuming something this size needs gasoline.

Absolutely and with gasoline, you don’t want to run out if you are all the way on the other side of your property.

So it is good to have a gauge that you can see right from the sitting position so that you know when you need to go back and get some gas.

This is a zero turn radius grass cutting machine, Why don’t you have a seat?

Don’t mind if I do so like a regular lawn tractor.

You only use this if you have an acre or more but it doesn’t have a steering wheel.

It has levers that actually make it run. It takes a little learning curve to get used to but once you get it, it is pretty easy.

The benefit of these cutting machine is that you can cut grass faster than a lawn tractor and its price is low in India.

Anything else I need to know is Hearing protection. You want to wear hearing protection just like with all gas mowers but with this one especially because your ears are right above the engine.

This was a great experience for finding grass cutting machine in best price in India.

Satisfying Grass Cutting of a Clover Field

Let’s have a little bit of pre-work maintenance to do on one of my grass cutting machines before we get started today.

I give the blades a sharpened and that’s all there is to, it goes anyone’s wondering.

I have disconnected the spark plug that’s not going to start on me.

I usually do this the machines that I use on a weekly basis.

Now the beauty of having these swing blades is that it is not really necessary to balance them.
That’s what the cutting disc, does anyone who hasn’t seen swing blades.

This is the reason why I am happy to take my grass cutting machines through such gnarly shrubs and I don’t care if it sticks in that because what happens it they literally go that way they swing can’t do it in my hands right now and its price is amazing in India.

They have got they have movement in them and this will get caught back here and then obviously with the spinning it will strain itself back out almost instantly but what that does it stops the crankshaft getting destroyed?

If you hit something hard like a big rock or a submerged object and that will do.

It is a bit of a clover field, now one of my big concerns was the bees you know we all love bees.

They are so good for the environment but look at the end of the day if it wasn’t me who made this lawn and set up beautiful grass, it would be someone else.

It makes you feel better about the cutting down of all this clover which the bees love in my yard at home.

Now i choose to use my side discharge grass cutting machine for this one instead of catching it like I often do.

The reason for that is just to try and put a little bit of nitrogen back into the ground as lack of nitrogen is sometimes what can cause clover to grow on mass.

It is not gonna the clover will grow back but it is better than not doing that and the grass did mulch up pretty well and it left a pretty good finish at the end of the day.

One question I had was why do I walk backwards when I am trimming instead of walking forwards and what are the advantages so just you have to watch this next bit when i go that way.

The cutting machine head’s spinning that way which means everything kind of gets thrown that way which is behind me.

If I want to go forward into that, the trim is still spinning anti-clockwise but it will kind of.

I don’t know the forces of me going that way and the machine head going that way.

It means that the debris doesn’t get tossed away kind of just gets stuck in the edge.

If you look there you will notice very little debris in the area that i have just gone.

Now see how a lot of this crap just gonna get stuck there.

You know it was over there that’s all the smallest amount that was really just because it was super long most of it goes that way behind me where i am going.

Also I have found that when walking forward just the actual angle of the grass trimmer machine head.

It is a little bit more difficult to control and I find myself digging into the grass field more often than I would going backwards.

How a Manual Lawn Mowing Machine Works

manual grass cutting machine

How a manual grass cutting machine works?

So that is a manual grass cutting machine you can see at your home and now it is more common in India with good price.

What all we have is best blades looks like a turbine.

The blades are arranged in a turbine fashion then we have the stationary blade at a roller and two tires.

So it is not alone, I kept it on the lawn I can see the grass all of them.

When these blades rotate or the stationary blades and when the grass get in between, it starts to get cut.

So that’s how it’s happening we will see it in close-up and see how it actually works.

The grass has been cut then again see some of it is all there.

Let’s clean it up and you can see that portion that’s stationary blade over there and we have the roller in front in with the wooden roller and that’s the gap.

You can see the space between the stationary blade and the roller blade or there the finger in see all that.

That’s how the roller blades actually rotate and winter they come and hit the stationary blade and these grass pieces will be in between the role of brake blade and the stationary blade.

So what happens when they roll, it starts to cut the grass by using cutting machine.

It is as simple as that and you can see that’s how it gets cut over there and deposited on the top.

You can just plain it from the surface so that’s how simple it can be done.

That’s how it has been done you can see it there.

If you have this manual grass cutting machine you can actually just roll it over and you can clean.

You can actually make a grass cutting machine by yourself, that’s a bottom view of it.

That’s the stationary blade at the top, it can be removed and installed with screws over there.

There is a wooden roller and that’s the blades which actually rotates, so that’s how simple it looks.

So this was all about Grass cutting machine details and its price in India.

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