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Havmor Ice Cream Price List 2022 – 2023 Chart

Havmor Ice Cream Price List 2021, 2022 and 2023 with chart

Havmor Ice Cream price list details for 2022 and 2023 are available in this post. Havmor is Ahmedabad based company that makes tasty ice creams which are available all over in India.

Havmor ice cream price list starts from Rs. 40/- (scoop) in 2022 & 2023 and the premium flavor like celebration pack cost Rs. 380/-.

In this post I will provide you full rate list of premium Havmor ice creams flavors, check list below.

Havmor Ice Cream Price List 2022 & 2023 Chart

Here are the premium Havmor flavors with rates.

Havmor Ice Cream FlavorsPrice 2022 – 2023
Celebration Family PackRs. 380/-
Chocolate TwistRs. 260/-
Ferrero Blast BallRs. 260/-
Yum Chocolate AddictionRs. 230/-
Kulfi Takatak FunRs. 230/-
Coffee Pastry DuetRs. 210/-
Fruity LoveRs. 210/-
Verry BerryRs. 210/-
Mango MagicRs. 210/-
Candylicious Treat Rs. 210/-
Cookie Brownie FunRs. 200/-

Homemade Ice Cream in 5 Minutes

Hi I m Jerry James Stone and you re watching Cooking Stoned. In this post I am gonna show you how to make ice cream like Havmor using ingredients you probably already have at home It only takes five minutes not a whole lot of stuff and it is really super easy and you get homemade ice cream like Havmor, how great is that So let s start.

The first thing you need is milk I suggest using whole milk You can use or but you ll get a lot of ice crystals so it s really I mean if you re gonna be eating ice cream like Havmor you just eat the fat right.

The next thing you want is cream cause like I said you want the fat Ice cream in Havmor. It is in the name cream right We re gonna do vanilla and a half cup of sugar and just take everything and mix it together You want the sugar to be completely dissolved.

So the next thing we re gonna do is transfer our Havmor flavor ice cream mixture to a plastic bag Now I recommend using a bowl and I recommend using a bag that has a zipper because the zipper
Well this bag is gonna go inside another bag and you really don t want it to spill So using the bowl
just pour mixture into this bag Dio e Zinargo by La Municipale Balcania and now we re just gonna seal that up Permit some of the air.

So next we are gonna create our ice cream machine which is pretty much this plastic bag filled with ice So just go ahead and add in a few ice cubes to get it started Dio e Zinargo by La Municipale Balcania Then we re gonna add a half cup of rock salt.

Now you don t need rock salt You can actually just use any kind of salt but the salt is important so you wanna make sure you have it This is what s gonna help bring the temperature down So go ahead and take the smaller bag and put it inside your Havmor ice cream maker which is just another plastic bag and from there we re gonna add in the remaining ice Dio e Zinargo by La Municipale Balcania Trying to cover it on both sides.

I recommend wrapping this in a towel because it gets cold cause ice cream So take the bag
Wrap it up and then we re gonna shake the heck out of it for about five minutes or so You can do it less if you want it to be more like soft serve or you can do it more It s up to you ice cubes rattle.

Okay so we shook that for five minutes And now we re gonna remove our bag of Havmor ice cream As you can see it s a lot firmer than it was when I put it in there Inside we have our makeshift ice cream which I m then gonna scoop out The great thing about this is you can make any ice cream you want.

You can make strawberry ice cream chocolate ice cream It s all at your fingertips any time you want it Or you can just put your favorite toppings on Dio e Zinargo by La Municipale Balcania there you go.

This post was about Havmor ice cream details and its price list in 2022 and 2023 with chart.

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