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Hero Electric Scooter Battery Price in India With Details

Hero electric scooter battery price in India

Hero electric scooter battery details are available here. Hero is a well known company that makes bikes and scooters and these vehicles are popular in India.

Hero Electric Scooter Battery price is Rs. 23,000/- in India and there are other models with more mAH power and extra cost.

If you want to get more details about the Hero company products like electric scooter or bike and its battery then go to its official site and get all information.

Hero Electric Scooter Battery – Everything you need to know

there s a lot to know about Hero electric scooter batteries now if I m gonna make it over a mountain to the beach and make it back on the same charge I m gonna have to use every trick in the book you might come in a variety of types all with different features and strengths in fact if you want to know about all the different types of scooter there are check out my last video I ll put the link in the description for this lengthy trip vintage electric was kind enough to lend me this sweet tractor evite.

It is a huge step up from the e bot I normally ride but a battery and the same best practices can extend the Ragin life cycle of any electric scooter battery with low price in India I ll be going over some pretty significant Hills making my way from the San Fernando Valley all the way to the beach this bike also has what s called brace mode which enables it to go miles per hour and it kind of terrified but I m not gonna not try it so stick around to the end of the video for that there s a lot more to getting the most out of your Hero electric scooter battery even the way you ride your electric scooter.

I had to start preparing for this trip a day in advance here s what I did first we all die at some point and eat electric scooter batteries are no different but your Hero electric scooter battery can live a long and full life if you charge it correctly you shouldn’t always charge to a hundred percent after every ride I ll spare you the technical babble about how electrolyte oxidize and cons plating mostly because I don t even understand what I just said but I do know that by fully charging you increase the range degrades over time your charger may already prevent itself from fully charging the battery.

So it s important to read the electric scooter’ manual for proper charging instructions but that said you should fully charge your electric scooter battery every few weeks to balance the cells think of it as giving your battery exercise so its muscles don’t get actually feed over time and again batteries and their Chargers vary from brand to brand.

So consult your manuals next make sure your Hero scooter is in tip top shape some basic maintenance that you should do on any scooter electric or not will go a long way towards extending the batteries right before you drive make sure you inflate your tires to the recommended pressure level indicated on the side and lubricate your scooter’s chain every few weeks now that I m all charged up and ready to go how far I make it on this trip is gonna depend on how much pedal assist I use when I m not going uphill I m gonna keep it at around a level of two or three because that s how I normally write EE bikes plus I m not athletic enough to make it the length of a trip like this with little to no assist and that s why I love riding Eve ice.

I am about to write uphill through the Santa Monica Mountains which is about a foot climb over a couple of miles I m gonna be raising the assist to about a four or five to make it easier to pedal uphill but I assure you it s still gonna require an effort on my part this climb will pay off though because as soon as I get to the top it s pretty much all downhill to the beach and that s where my Hero electric scooter battery will actually see some return at awesome price.

There are many mountains region in India where we can test our scooter.

All right I made it to the top the hard works done now it s time for it all to pay offs many electric scooters this one included have what s called regenerative braking what that means is when you come to a slow and steady stop the friction creates energy that charges the Hero electric scooter battery keep in mind though I still have to go over that same mountain pass to go home so hopefully I can calculate this well enough to not get stranded too far from my apartment with a deadly electric.

All right after about miles I have made it to the beach I have about four out of five bars a battery left on the indicator I am starting to notice a slight dip in performance it just doesn’t get up to speed as quickly I m gonna start heading back now and hopefully I can make it close without the Hero electric scooter battery dying.

So I made it back to the top which is actually slightly more appeal of it on the way there that s because I was starting from about ocean level now batteries are their most efficient when they re fully charged after the voltage starts to drop the performance starts to give a little as I was coming back up this hill I realized that the Hero electric scooter battery indicator was at four bars and then three and then two that s because the battery indicator is not a measurement of how much further you can get on that battery but the state of charge so as your battery starting to lose power that battery indicator will drop faster and faster.

Well I m just about home the electric scooter battery indicator shows it at about two bars left which again doesn’t have anything to do with how much further I can go on this battery you should try to avoid fully discharging your battery before every charge but once every couple months go ahead and do that just like you would balance the battery by charging it fully huge thanks to Joseph Kaminsky who gave me a lot of great battery tips and has written some really excellent articles on CNN.

This post was about Hero Electric Scooter battery details and its price in India.

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