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Indoor Photography Tips For Pro Photoshoot

Indoor Photography useful tips

If you love photography and you want to be a professional photographer, then you may want to know about best “Indoor Photography Tips”.

I’m saying it best because you may want to click best photos to be a best professional photographer.

Here, we will discuss about some different subtopics of indoor photography to get understand properly.

It will include camera with equipment, lighting, poses styles and types of photography.

Indoor Photography Lighting Equipment

Important lighting equipment for indoor photography

Lighting equipment for indoor photography can be classified into 3 groups.

These are :

  • Continuous Lighting
  • Speedlight Lighting
  • Monolight Strobe Lighting

Continuous Lighting

This type of lighting is permanent lights as we can see that’s name. Continuous lights usually switched on before start clicking a photo.

We can use different colours of lights to give different effects on photos. White colored light is mostly used to give original shades on photos.

Position of continuous lights will tell you how much experienced you are.

You will get natural photo effect when you will put lights in front of the person.

Speedlight Lighting

These are external flash units that makes disperse light and can be used with umbrella and softbox.

Speedlight will work when you will click capture button of camera, it is well connected with camera and other related equipment.

Monolight Strobe Lighting

Monolight strobe is connected with power sources and it includes reflector and stand.

It is mostly used in studios setup. It contained power in head of the lamp and after that we don’t need electricity later.

4 Tips For Indoor Photography Lighting

Indoor Photography Camera Settings

Best camera setting for indoor photoshoot

Camera is the most important part in any photography because this is an equipment on which whole photography is depend.

So when you want to learn about indoor photoshoot, then you may want to learn about camera setting for this type of shoot. You should definitely learn about camera setting to be a pro photographer.

Here are some useful points you should follow for set your camera:

  • Your camera should be on manual mode
  • The aperture of camera should be around F/3 to F/4
  • Shutter speed should be more than 1/50 second
  • Brightness should be around 200 to 400
  • You should check Focal length setting

Indoor Photography Poses Ideas

While we are learning about how to take indoor pics, let’s take ideas of some poses and try these styles in your photoshoot.

These pics are chosen on the basis of style. In our upcoming article, I will provide you more styles for indoor photoshoot.

Mostly people like plain background for indoor photography, and dark colored background is always best choice. But if you have unique view in your house, like beautiful window view, then you can take pic there instead of plain background.

Here are some amazing poses:

girl poses
stylish girl poses
man pose
indoor man pose
photography pose men

Types of Indoor Photography

Indoor photography can be of 3 types.

  • Macro Photography
  • Abstract Photography
  • Portrait Photography

Here we will talk about Portrait Photography because Macro and Abstract photography are very long enough to be explained. We will explained them in another article.

Below, let’s discuss about Indoor Portrait Photography.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is a part of indoor photography. When we are thinking about taking pics inside home or studio then we will mostly see portrait photography.

Portrait usually used for taking pics of a single person. In fact, taking pics of more than 1 people or taking a group pic will need more space. So that portrait photography of a single person is best suited in indoor photoshoot.

We can do better portrait photography when we set good backdrop, lighting and best poses.

Portrait Photography

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