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iPhone 13 Price Haryana With Features

iPhone 13 price in Haryana with all Features

iPhone 13 mobile details are available in this post. iPhone is the super mobile phone from Apple company and it is most popular phone in Haryana as well as India.

iPhone 13 price is Rs. 74,900/- in Haryana (India) for 128GB model and Rs. 1,04,900/- for 512GB model and this is the best selling phone in India right now.

If you want to know more about Apple iPhone 13 and all other previous and upcoming models then go to its official site and grab all information.

iPhone 13 Full Review and All Features

Today I have the iPhone 13 with me and as per the market feedback this thing is not selling as well compared to its pro siblings.

The people’s mindset especially here in the south Asian region is that iPhones are a piece of a fashion statement and they would rather spend more and get the best that apple has to offer and even more funny thing that I have seen is most people are buying the sierra blue variant of the 13 pro max because that’s the new color apple introduced with the iphone series.

Anyway if you go to an apple store right now the wait time for the iPhone 13 pro and pro max is more than two weeks whereas this guy is easily available.

The reason the Apple is not selling well is quite obvious to be honest that’s because first for those who are seeking the best value iPhone this year The iPhone 13 which has amazing price in Haryana and other states of India.

Well it does not offer one and secondly for those who have got all the money to spend they would rather get the pro variance but if we take a look at last year the difference between the iPhone 13 and the pro was not that huge both of them were pretty similar phones and hence the iPhone 12 was the best phone of the year but now after getting used to the hertz refresh rate on my 13 pro max the hertz display on the model 13 is a big big downgrade initially.

I didn’t think that this would make that much of a difference but trust me it di,d so Apple should have at least offered a hertz refresh rate here as a result because of its standard hz display.

The overall appeal of the iPhone 13 is not the same as the pro models plus apple is offering the 13 for a discounted rate here in nepal as well as India from time to time making it a much better deal instead if you compare the overall specs between the model 12 and 13 they are quite similar.

Both phones have the same design except for the camera layout and their inches display is also the same although the one on the iPhone 13 is a tad bit brighter even in the performance aspect technically speaking.

There’s an unnecessary compromise in the iPhone 13 compared to the 12 pro or the pro max although all of them are powered by the new a bionic chipset.

The iPhone 13 only comes with a core GPU as opposed to the core on the pro variants in real life usage though there isn’t any visible difference between them but with games getting more graphically demanding maybe in to years.

The iPhone is relatively weaker GPU might start to show signs of sluggishness due to this stupid compromise regardless everything is super fast on the model 13 as of now in Haryana.

When it comes to gaming iPhones have always been the best and every high end title such Genshin impact, Call of duty, Free Fire and Pubg runs smoothly in the highest of settings plus I also noticed that this phone has better thermals than the model 12 on a different note.

One funny trend that I am seeing right now here in Nepal from gaming influencers is that they are endorsing POCO and Samsung’s mid range phones as the best gaming phones but when streaming on their channels all of them use iPhones to play games just goes on to show how reliable mobiles are when it comes to pure performance that being said last year’s mobile is still an excellent performer plus because of that four core GPU on the iPhone.

The difference between the two is very nominal on top of this what I have always liked about these non pro iPhones including the 13 is their lightweight and compact design instead of the heavier stainless steel frames you get aluminium frames here which results in a lightweight form factor.

Hence using the iPhone 13 is easy on the hands even for a longer period compared to its predecessor.

Apple has also included a bigger battery on the iPhone 13 and all this is in very good price in Haryana.

The iPhone 12 battery was ok that easily lasted me for like a day but with the iPhone 13 it manages like a day and a half of endurance on the other hand the beefier 12 pro max gets me about two days of battery life.

So overall the battery life on the iPhone series is excellent and incredibly reliable.

Now finally getting to the cameras, I am actually surprised to see the iPhone 13 hold up this competitively to the 12 pro max which supposedly has a newer and better sensor.

Here what I absolutely love about Apple is that they don’t tweak the color science among the cheaper and expensive models which means that the daylight results have a very similar output as you can see from these samples the colors and contrast and the dynamic range are almost the same between the iPhone 13 and the pro max.

They are alike in terms of detail levels as well however since the iPhone 13 lacks a dedicated telephoto camera. You cannot click three times portrait shots and we will have to do with the primary wide angle lens instead even so the photos look quite comparable to the pro max videos on the iPhone 13 are more or less similar to the 12 pro max across all resolutions too.

Just the main difference here is that the iPhone’s low light ultra wide photos as well as videos are inferior to the pro max but since we don’t usually shoot ultra wide angle photos during low light.

It’s not a big miss in my opinion nevertheless the issues that i faced with the iPhone 13 are similar to the ones on last year’s 12 pro max since both of them use the same sensor setup here as well close up subjects appear blurry and you don’t get a macro mode either likewise there’s a visible lens flare under direct sunlight which can get annoying sometimes overall despite iPhone’s incredibly capable cameras, top class performance and favorable design.

I simply don’t get why apple hesitated to include a higher refresh rate screen here had that been the case the iPhone 13 would have easily been my favorite mobile but sadly hertz refresh rate is very important to me especially when I am paying a premium for a smartphone.

Therefore you should only buy the iPhone 13 if it gets a price drop which is quite likely with the black Friday and new year sales right around the corner.

So watch out for that and be sure to check out the phone as well because it goes on insane sale from time to time as well, so guys that was all for my full review of the iPhone 13.

This info was about iPhone 13 mobile details and its price in Haryana and all over in India.

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