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Is Blackpink Disbanding in 2023 or 2028?

BLACKPINK marked its debut in 2016, and as 2023 approaches, the anticipation of celebrating their 7th anniversary runs high. Amidst the commendable achievement, a shadow looms in the form of the “seven-year curse,” a phenomenon that has affected several prior K-Pop groups.

If the term “seven-year curse” doesn’t ring a bell, it alludes to the recurring pattern of K-Pop groups experiencing member departures or disbandment around their seventh year in the industry. Notable groups like SISTAR, 4MINUTE, miss A, KARA, and 2NE1 succumbed to this fate due to contractual obligations with their respective labels.

BLACKPINK’s contractual agreement is slated to conclude in 2023. While optimism prevails that they will renew and continue as a quartet, whispers among the BLINK fandom suggest concerns about a potential disbandment.

Adding fuel to these speculations is an interview featuring Jisoo in Rolling Stone magazine. The groundbreaking event transpired on May 27th, elevating BLACKPINK as the first girl group to grace the magazine’s pages. Amidst the candid discussions about their challenges, Jisoo’s remarks about BLINKs raised eyebrows.

Although Jisoo previously disclosed her tendency to conceal her emotions, she admitted to exhaustion during the interview, noting physical discomfort and expressing gratitude that their upcoming choreography had yet to commence.

She delved further, revealing a disconnection from the notion of being a “global star” and admitting that the celebrity identity holds limited resonance for her. This could be a mark of her humility, yet some fans speculate alternative interpretations. Jisoo has also admitted performing out of obligation rather than passion.

In the eyes of concerned BLINKs, these factors cast a shadow on the possibility of Jisoo renewing her contract, even if the group remains intact.

The frequency of individual social media posts alongside the group’s infrequent comebacks stands as another concern. BLACKPINK remains the sole girl group to endure over a year and a half without a comeback, distinct from groups that underwent hiatuses due to injuries or scandals.

Rather than uniting to produce music, each member pursued personal interests, which, while admirable, hindered BLACKPINK’s collective musical endeavors.

Moreover, the rise of new “monster rookie” girl groups has spurred anxiety among BLINKs regarding disbandment. Several promising fourth-generation girl groups have emerged since BLACKPINK’s last comeback, including Aespa from SM Entertainment, NMIXX from JYP Entertainment, IVE from Starship Entertainment, and LE SSERAFIM from Source Music.

Amidst these challenges, fears arise that YG Entertainment might unveil a new girl group soon, following a recurring pattern of diverting attention to younger groups and leaving established ones to fend for themselves.

While all these concerns and speculations reside in the realm of uncertainty, the passionate fanbase eagerly anticipates BLACKPINK’s triumphant return, hoping for solace amid the impending storm.

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