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Jawed Habib Salon Price List 2023 [Updated]

Jawed Habib salon price list in 2022 and 2023 for hair cut, smoothening, facial and other services

Jawed Habib Salon price list near me details for 2022 and 2023 are available here. Jawed (Javed) Habib Salon’s head office is in Mumbai and it has lots of branches across India including cities like Amritsar, Indore, Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Gomti Nagar, Pune, Sarojini Nagar, Hyderabad, Noida, Surat, Jodhpur, Allahabad, Kanpur, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mira Road, Thane, Bhubaneswar, Ghaziabad, Kamla Nagar, Ranchi, Rohini, Guwahati, Agra, Bhopal, Varanasi, Ludhiana, Vijayawada, Gorakhpur, Raipur, Chandigarh, Dwarka, Chennai, Bareilly, Rohtak and many more locations.

Jawed Habib Salon price list starts from Rs. 199/- for Child Boy Hair Cut and Rs. 299/- for Child Girl Hair Cut.

In further post, I will provide you full rate card list of Jawed Habib Salon including hair cutting, hair straightening, facial and many more details about protection of your hair and skin.

Jawed Habib Salon Price List 2022 – 2023 Chart

Here are the price list details of Jawed Habib Salon with different services.

Jawed Habib Salon Hair Cut Price List

Hair CutPrice
MenRs. 299/-
WomenRs. 499/-
Child BoyRs. 199/-
Child BoyRs. 299/-
SmootheningRs. 2500/-

Jawed Habib Salon Hair Wash Price List

Hair WashPrice
Normal Hair Wash For MenRs. 99/-
Normal Hair Wash For WomenRs. 199/-
Keratin Hair Wash For MenRs. 149/-
Keratin Hair Wash For WomenRs. 299/-

Jawed Habib Salon Hair Styling Price List

Hair StylingPrice
Up to WaistRs. 699/-
Up to ShoulderRs. 499/-
Below ShoulderRs. 599/-

Jawed Habib Salon Hair Colouring Price List

Hair ColouringPrice
Global Hair Colour MenRs. 999/-
Mustache + SidelocksRs. 199/-
Global Hair Colour Women Up to ShoulderRs. 2499/-
Global Hair Colour Women Below ShoulderRs. 2999/-
Root Touch UpRs. 1599/-
RegrowthRs. 1999/-
Hi-Lights Global MenRs. 1199/-
Hi-Lights Global Women Up to ShoulderRs. 2999/-
Hi-Lights Global Women Below ShoulderRs. 3999/-
Hi-Lights Global Women up to WaistRs. 4999/-

Top Dermatology Food Tips For Glowing Skin

Want to have a beautiful glowy skin, but you think it’s just about skin care. Oh, no, it’s also what you’ll eat.

So you don’t believe me beauty comes on the in and outside I give you my top five tips for skin food.

Okay my five tips for skin, food Number 1. is Stop buying food Just somewhere do it by yourself, why?

Processed food has a lot of other ingredients inside which your body doesn’t need because it is so important what you eat.

Processed food affect very badly on your skin and hair and overall your body.

Be sure something is sticking into your body so you don’t even have to think about what you put on your skin with a full percentage of body area.

These body area which pass things your food Definitely gets sticked into your body and it’s affecting each single cell.

If this get affected you aging much faster, so processed food means mixed cooked combined with different kind of preservatives conservatives is of Sugar.

Buy your own food and eat at by cooking us yourself or actually raw or really just combining things you love and do it by yourself.

If you don’t have the time I’ll go to the grocery store and look for things which are prepared just cooked just Stir-fried but not breaded.

So for example, I love fish.

My Number 1 skin food is a salmon.

But and I bought this in a local grocery store because it’s nothing added. It’s really just fine it didn’t had anything else. No breading, No extra sugar.

I always look at the labels on the back. Look at the Carbohydrate intake and this one is always in Europe labeled with 100 gram.

You Guys in the states you have to be careful because the lables are sometimes per serving size could be tricky because sometimes it’s a spoon, sometimes it’s a cup, sometimes it’s whatever so it’s not normed and here in Europe we have it normed.

So it’s kind of much more easier to combine or compare food. So 100 gram and carbohydrates sugar is here less than 0.5 which is great.

You should look at labels and never eat food higher than 5 grams of sugar if it is really labled there So look what it is if you bought.

Of course go to farmer markets go to your local grocery stores.

Therefore you also can push the local business and I love shiitake, I love mushrooms, but it’s so important, they are great for your immune system and which is great for immune system.

Of course is great for your skin as well and of course, I love them because they’re really good for digesting and so important also because they’re high in zinc.

But it’s important were you getting them from so always look from the original country because it is important.

So maybe it’s somewhere around you look for local things there are anyway so much better.

Ok so Number 2 snacks, but I know it’s so important to know what you eat in between your big meals and a lot of us just talking at the phone and eating stressed eating or even your bored and eating why you are eating.

Think before you take something in your mouth. Remember? It’s going through your gut system.

It’s affecting each cell and therefore also your skin cell. So what I love I love Almonds.

Why almonds because they are high in protein, they have a great source all sort of different minerals and I love to throw them in these plastic bags or any kind of other bags to carry them.

So every time I am Little bit need something. I need something I’m eating an Almond Ten of them because I know I love I would probably eat the whole package if I would pack even worse I try to minimize this and take like 10 or 15 each day.

It’s great and guys not glazed not sticked with sugar not funny caramelized with sugar.

Even not roasted and wet best actually also not even salted so well raw the best.

Instead of choosing this snacks, which is we just pure sugar and bad for your skin.

Also don’t choose raisins right people think oh I have that good.

It’s a dried Raisin as a dried grape. Yeah, but it’s dried. So believe me water and everything is taken away.

The rest is just sugar pure sugar. I mean, this is why you love it because it’s sweet.

Number 3 is Olive oil. Let’s say unsaturated oil.

So what does it mean of course flaxseed oil is best because it has the most unsaturated fats inside. What does it mean? Unsaturated think about binderies so let’s say the binderies are like octopuses and taking away all the oxygen so all the free radicals, so the free radicals are kind of small let’s say molecules, which are harming your cells.

So you know this because you’re using for your skin care regime probably like vitamin C or anti-oxidants during the day but Guess, you having so much oxygen.

Therefore antioxidant you so much free radicals or in your body. You want to get rid of and therefore we love Omega-3 with binderies, right which are taking away these oxygen therefore Neutralizing them.

But guess what else can’t often? It’s biochemistry is taking away these binderies Oxygen exactly and the Sun so when you ever buy Olive oil never buy it in looking through bottle why? UVA is entering already destroying all the unsaturated fats all the good about fats get destroyed.

So why using them no buy a bottle with olive oil which is covered even by a foil or something what is not looking through very important and now some I have been on a seaside of Ibiza and as I said, I got olive oil there’s were standing forever in the Sun Honestly, you can’t take any other oil cheap oil you don’t have to pay a lot for a good olive oil.

So if you buy an olive oil, make sure that it’s well covered always close it. So if you keep it open Oxygen and your UVA is destroying the oil so it’s useless.

This post was about Jawed Habib Salon details and its price list in 2022 and 2023.

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