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JBL 12 Inch Speaker Box Price in India With Details

JBL 12 inch speaker box price in India

JBL 12 Inch speaker box details are available here. JBL is well known brand from Harman International that makes speaker box which is popular in India.

JBL 12 Inch Speaker Box price is Rs. 7,000/- in India for a pair and there are more models that may cost high according to quality.

In this post I will give you information about JBL Speaker Box and more related details of this brand.

JBL 12 inch Professional Speaker Box

This is JBL selenium by Harmon, I was searching a lot on YouTube and Google and didn’t find a lot of information on these not even a little boxes so that’s why I am going on speaker box.

You can see we are going to get when you buy one of these so this is the speaker box.

I am up to JBL speakers of these ones and you get these speakers at very good price in India. This is what you are gonna get first you got the specs cheap.

One thing you need to know about this JBL speaker is it Watts program power.

Here’s a spec sheet, let me give you a little details here and you could also confirm that on the back alright so let’s get this thing outside so you can see it right on the JBL 12 Inch speaker box.

You can see this JBL selenium I like how the cone is made you can feel the material. It is really well made I think it is fiber mixed with cardboard because other 12 Inch speaker box are only made of cardboard so this is a much better design from JBL selenium.

On the back this is heavy you can see how it is built really low. Note one thing I like about these is they don’t have a lot of depth so that’s really cool.

Just in case you need a 12 Inch speaker box that’s much smaller. The magnet is also really big you can see here woofer one model.

So you get a feel of the size from the magnet here’s my hand. I think they are medium sized, a normal size so you can just have a little information.

There’s a voice coil connection quick connection and click release both or you can connect them over here with soldiering with an iron.

This is made out of an aluminum, it’s not metal that’s also a thing I really like about this one this model and JBL because it has awesome price.

Many people want to build their own speakers just like me I want to buy the speaker box and I want to put the JBL speaker itself inside because I know what I have inside, I know how much it is worth and it is worth more doing it this way than buying it already made.

What if you buy a speaker box already made let this one it would probably cost you some inch with a driver.

If you buy own like this for example this won’t cost me but a much bigger one so it is much cheaper to build your own speaker box than by biting them already made.

I mean you can find really cheap JBL speaker box.

This article was about JBL 12 inch speaker box details and its price in India.

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