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Kapils Salon Price List 2023

Kapils Salon price list in 2023

Kapils Salon price list details for 2023 are available here. Kapils salon’s head office is in Kadivali west, Mumbai. It also has many other branches in Thane, Virar, Panvel, Vasai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Kapils Salon price list starts from Rs. 295/- for Fringe cut and Rs. 649/- for hair cut by stylist.

In this post, I will share with you full rate list of Kapils salon services and after that you will get to know more about it and related services like Hair cutting, Facial, Bridal Makeup Services.

Kapils Salon Price List 2023 Chart

Here’s the price list details of Kapils salon.

Kapils Salon Hair Services Price List

Hair ServicesPrice
Curls Blow Dry Below ShoulderRs. 531/-
Curls Blow Dry Below WaistRs. 767/-
Curls Blow Dry Upto Mid WaistRs. 708/-
Curls Blow Dry Upto ShoulderRs. 413/-
Hair SmootheningRs. 2500/-
Straight Blow Dry Below ShoulderRs. 531/-
Straight Blow Dry Below WaistRs. 767/-
Straight Blow Dry Upto Mid WaistRs. 708/-
Straight Blow Dry Upto ShoulderRs. 413/-
Fringe CutRs. 295/-
Hair Cut BangsRs. 295/-
Hair Cut By Art DirectorRs. 1180/-
Hair Cut By Creative DirectorRs. 1770/-
Hair Cut By Master StylistRs. 826/-
Hair Cut By Style DirectorRs. 3540/-
Hair Cut By StylistRs. 649/-

Kapils Salon Facial Price List

Facial ServicesPrice
Oxy Blast Facial For Dull, Dehydrated SkinRs. 1770/-
Sensi Light Facial For Sensitive SkinRs. 1888/-
O2c2 Radiance Designer Facial For All Skin TypesRs. 5015/-
Dermalite Fairness Facial For All Skin TypesRs. 5900/-
Collagen Designer Facial For All Skin TypesRs. 5900/-
Tan Clear Facial For Dark & Uneven Skin ToneRs. 2360/-
Re-Energise Designer Facial For Dehydrated & Dull SkinRs. 3540/-
Hydra Fresh Facial For Dry To Normal SkinRs. 1180/-

Kapils Salon Bridal Makeup Price List

Bridal Makeup ServicesPrice
Bridal Makeup With Hair Styling & Saree Draping By Art DirectorRs. 14160/-
Bridal Makeup With Hair Styling & Saree Draping By Creative DirectorRs. 17700/-
Bridal Makeup With Hair Styling & Saree Draping By Senior TechnicianRs. 11800/-
Bridal Makeup With Hair Styling & Saree Draping By TechnicianRs. 9440/-
Corporate MakeupRs. 1770/-
Party MakeupRs. 2124/-

How To Add Volume To Your Hair

Today I’m helping you guys and girls who are trying to add instant volume to your hair.

I have a few hacks that are going to help you achieve that hair style that you’ve been trying to show off for so long.

Now obviously this is a little bit exaggerated I don’t do this every day I’m just trying to show you what you can do with your hair you can get a lot of volume by just following the next five steps or so.

So I’ve just washed my hair, there are no products whatsoever in my hair right now.

It’s just damp to get started you don’t want it to be soaked, so the first thing you do is towel dry your hair to get most of the water out.

Go easy with the towel though there’s no need to pull or tug.

Keep in mind your hair is extra sensitive when it’s wet.

Alright now it’s time for tips.

Tip 1 – Add a volumizing crease Tyler’s like this moves from OGX this one in specific is infused with argan oil so not only does it give you lots of volume but it acts as a heat protectant and it hydrates your hair.

Some mousse is make your hair kind of crispy which I don’t personally like this one gives you holes but it actually keeps your hair pretty soft and then you grab a wide tooth comb and just use that to make sure you apply the product evenly throughout your hair.

If your freestyler doesn’t double as a heat protection just make sure you apply some like this one here from Tresemme.

It’s only 5 or 6 dollars and it will save your hair.

Tip 2 – Which is all about the blow drying technique, if you want extra volume we need to blow-dry your hair.

The right way so here a few blow drying tips for you guys trying to get maximum height.

You want to make sure you’re doing this in medium heat max speed, you’re gonna blow dry your hair in the direction you want it to end up in get some of the dampness out and then switch sides and now dry your hair in the opposite direction.

I like to not only blow-dry it in the opposite direction here but then also blow-dry it down towards my forehead for a few seconds to add even more volume later on.

Tip 3 – Blow-dry your hair upside down and now you don’t need to do like some headstand or anything crazy that’s not safe just tilt your head down and then blow-dry your hair up gravity will help you and then add even more volume.

So your hair style and then when your hair is dry just quickly go from hot to cold air to lock it into place that pretty much seals the deal right there.

Blow drying in the opposite direction then upside down going from hot to cold air all of that will give you as much volume as possible.

Tip 4 – The volumizing powder, this baby right here will texturize your hair and then add a lot of volume starting right at the roots.

You just shake this little guy and then add some powder to your hands and rub them together and then spray it out on your hair or you can just apply it straight on to your hair ideally.

You want to make sure that you’re hitting the roots so I recommend applying it in small sections just separate it yourself and apply it into your hair.

Where it’s definitely getting a lot of volume now for a finishing product I’d recommend something with high hold, especially if you have thicker hair something like this Rough Rider from Kevin Murphy wood works really well or you can go a little bit lighter with my favorite product at the moment.

This Moroccan oil texture claim this makes my hair style 100 times better and I’m not gonna lie.

I’m pretty addicted to how it smells it’s, so good just remember guys you don’t need a lot of product.

So many guys using loads of product and it’s just like clumps on your hair.

If you don’t have enough you can always add more later too much product is gonna weigh your hair down and that goes against what we’re trying to do here.

You start from the back of your head and then make your way to your fringe.

The clay will latch onto your hair and structure, it really well for added hold and volume and if you want to make sure your hair stays up all day long then I suggest a touch of hairspray or a lot of hairspray whatever you’re into like this one here from 1821 man-made just to make sure you keep this volume throughout the day and there you go.

Now we have lots of volume, lots of height and your hairstyle is gonna be up a whole day long.

This post was about Kapils Salon details and its price list in 2023.

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