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Kase 300mm Lens Price in India With Details 2023

Kase 300mm lens price in India

Kase 300mm Lens details are available here in 2023. Kase is an international company that makes Telephoto lens for amazing photography and it is available in India.

Kase 300mm Lens price is Rs. 6,950/- in India in 2023 with lots of amazing features that increase your photo quality.

In this post you will get to know some advanced features of Kase 300mm Lenses, so keep reading.

Kase 300mm Telephoto Lens For Smartphones

We are gonna be taking a look at the Kase 300mm lens. Now straight out the box what you are gonna be getting is the lens itself a cleaning cloth and a nice little bag to put it in.

When you order this lens I got mine off of ebay but I do believe it is on Aliexpress and a couple of other sites like that and when purchasing the phone they also have cases that are available for only a limited amount of smartphones that are out there.

So right off the bat let’s jump into the topic and your first thing you are probably going to notice is the size of this Kase 300mm lens is absolutely huge compared to normal lens and it has low price.

The Kase 300mm lens is definitely one of the biggest lenses that I have ever used for a smartphone not only is Kase lens big but it is heavy as well so it is made out of premium materials.

Kase 300mm lens feels solid in their hands and it feels like a really well made lens and its demand is growing in India.

Now when we look at how you can actually mount this to your phone it has a milk fretted base on one end and on the other end is the lens itself.

One thing that it hasn’t got that is missing from the Kase 300mm lens is a filter mount so being able to add ND Cpl filters or some Tiffin Primus filters whatever filter that you are actually using.

There’s no threaded mount on the end there to be able to attach one of these two which is a bit disappointing but I guess at the price point so I am not going to complain too much.

There is a Mille fretted base on the other end so this can attach to any rigging system with a mill the thread on it including a Kase with a mil fretted mount on it like the LRD Kase that I am using and that’s one of the things that I actually like about the Kase 300mm lens with that mil threaded mount on the end.

There I can mount it to Kase that just goes over my fire so I haven’t got to take a bulky ringing setup about what’s me to be able to attach a lens that can give me a good focal length with a nice bit of depth of field in the back there which is really good.

This post was about Kase 300mm Lens details and its price in India.

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