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Konica Minolta 13×19 Printing Machine Price in India 2023

Konica minolta 13x19 printing machine price in India for models C250i, C6100, Bizhub C258 and C226.

Konica Minolta 13×19 printing machine details for models C250i, C6100, Bizhub C258 and C226 are available in this article in 2023. Konica is trusted Japanese company that manufacture digital printing machines and sell to other countries like India.

Konica Minolta 13×19 printing machine price is Rs. 565,000/- in India for C6500 (used/reconditioned) model. You can order fresh model direct from the company but it will cost high.

In further reading, I will provide information about different models of Konica machines with deep details, so keep reading.

Konica Minolta 13×19 Machine Different Models Price in India

MachinesPrice in India
Konica Minolta C250iRs. 2,80,000/-
Konica Minolta Bizhub C258Rs. 50,000/-
Konica Minolta Bizhub C226Rs. 1,45,900/-
Konica Minolta C6100Rs. 32,05,500/-
Konica Minolta A3 colour laser printerRs. 35,000/-
Konica Minolta 12×18 printing machineRs. 565,000/-

Konica Minolta Bizhub C250i

Konica minolta bizhub c250i price in India

In front of me this is a Konica Minolta C250i multi-function color copier printer and scanner.

This machine copies and prints at 25 pages per minute both in color and black and white.

It is our demo unit that we’re putting up for sell, this is your opportunity to save nearly 50 percent off from buying a brand new one.

This is the most current model out for Konica Minolta. It comes with a beautiful dual scan document feeder that will scan up to a hundred pages per minute single sided and for your scanning double-sided documents.

You’re now scanning at 200 pages per minute and that’s because it will scan both sides of the document in just one single path.

It comes with this beautiful key pad that you see there I’ll walk up closer in just a second when I show you the meter. It’s got the optional key the hard button keypad which i love.

The machine comes with the electronic keyboard on it but I’ll show you the buttons in just a second comes with two paper drawers universal paper size up to 12×18 and a stand so check this meter out.

This machine is brand new machine, let me go ahead and show you the count.

Look at that only 821 copies on this machine, only 485 black and white and only 336 in color so this machine is brand new beautiful machine.

Here’s a display it still has a little plastic here so I’m going to leave it there so you see a little glare on the screen I’m sorry and here’s this button I was saying so you could actually pull the buttons on the display here but this one’s got the optional buttons here which i like you can select it here.

If you want the electronic one you can but when you have this you could avoid this so let me go ahead and walk in front of this machine.

Here’s the front of it look at this looks brand spanking you front door this is where you replace your toner cartridges your yellow magenta sign in black.

You got your waist toner bottle there the tape is still there, here’s the left side of the machine if you’re standing in front of it. Here’s the back side of the machine, here’s the right side of the machine, here’s the door.

If you need to remove any papers or get to the fuser area this thing is fresh. There you have it guys document feeder pretty powerful document feeder.

It hasn’t even been used as you can see look at that the role is brand new there you have it.

Konica Minolta Bizhub C258

Konica minolta bizhub c258 price in India

This machine is a Konica Minolta Bizhub C258. It’s a 25 page per minute multifunction color copier with network scanner, it also has fax.

It has four paper trays three on the front plus the bypass on the right it comes with the upgraded internal stapling finisher meter on this machine reads 24 000 total black and white copies and 25 000 total color copies as you can see here on our counter.

All right now we’ll go ahead and run a few test copies to show the color quality on this machine. Here’s our color copy test chart and we’ll go ahead and run two color copies and once again this machine is 25 pages per minute color in black and white.

It has the duplexing feature for double-sided copies and prints, it has the document feeder for multiple page jobs which we’ll go ahead and test out here in a second but as you can see in the test copies to the right and the test chart to the left a good color image on this machine.

Now we will go ahead and test out the document feeder on this machine as well as the stapling feature on our internal finisher.

So we’ll place our test copies in the feeder face up and go to finishing here we’ll do a double staple doing the lift I’ll run that job through once.

All right there we have our document feeder working properly and once again this machine the Konica Minolta Bizhub C258.

Konica Minolta C6100

Konica minolta c6100 price in India

This is a Konica Minolta the AccurioPress model C6100. It’s a four color digital press and it comes with two RU 518s and paper feed units.

It’s got a color graphical user interface got our total copy count or impressions of one million eight hundred seventy nine thousand and eighty six, fairly low.

We have a test print here that we printed out earlier just to show the interesting copy quality, the main print edge hear is printed.

Powered off with 230 volt ac while the usb accessories are powered on 115 volts ac. We have the flurry workstation here it’s a model ic315.

This one comes with a display as well as its own graphical user interface. The flickering in the camera is doing a frame rate yeah you may see it on the copier display the display on the flare as well as the panel but that’s exactly what that is.

We also have a relay unit model ru 518 come over here we got the intelligent quality optimizer a large capacity stacker and this machine also comes with a spare user unit on a cart as well.

Now I’m going to do a couple test printers show the functionality between a fiery and a machine so which is good I said all five jobs at one time.

So taking a few to process the job as well as the machine to warm back up to a ready state I’ll send another query, good clean pristine print.

Konica Minolta Printing Machine C1070

Konica minolta 13x19 machine c1070

Here we will talk about Konica Minolta C1070, it comes with a two door, three door oversized high-capacity.

I will go ahead and go over the configuration, these are images printed directly from the printing machine via crisp images.

No lines, no blotches which is very clean, crisp images, beautiful quality and nice vibrant colors.

These are just a few more images printed off of the machine, beautiful quality menus.

Once again the Konica Minolta 13×19 printing machine is practically brand new along with all of its accessories.

This is going to be your booklet maker then you have your square fold trimmer right over.

Here you have your GBC punch main unit as you can tell the machine is very clean.

There is no large scratches, it looks like a brand new Konica Minolta 13×19 printing machine at awesome price.

It is the actual meter count which is a hundred and eight and then your three doors right over here on this side.

This is a color high production home see right in here are your toner cartridges yellow magenta cyan black.

We also do carry all the consumables for this Konica Minolta printing machine right here as you can tell once again all very clean carefully.

If you want to zoom in right and so you can tell be cleanliness and new look of this machine.

This is going to be your fuser unit once again its original fuser unit.

So it only has 63000 thousand impressions printed on Konica Minolta machine and it is becoming so much popular in India and its price are very affordable.

13×19 Printing Machine C3070

Konica Minolta c3070

Since I got this new printer it is a Konica Minolta C3070 machine which is so amazing and has great price in India.

Right now C3070 is printing books that will be softcover books.

It is burning them for up with the slip sheet so it just quickly kind of wanted to say what I think about him.

This thing is pretty sweet, let’s say how many clicks we got here so we got like 550,000 clicks in the past two months, it could do more. These numbers of clicks are now on average in India because printing on digital machines like Konica is becoming popular.

I am not maxing it out but I am certainly running it pretty hard.

I had one service call in that time where I was getting some streaks in my black and it is needed a new black drum but that is it.

I had two times that there was a fault I just switched the Konica Minolta 13×19 printing machine off and back on.

It was fine but other than that this runs for hours and hours on end and it just gobbles up all the paper.

I can throw at it I would highly recommend it thus far I am only two months in but I only have good things to say about it.

My only gripe is I can only with the contract I have.

I can only order like one of each color at a time of the toners and that’s okay.

I am not running a lot but if I am running all day long with heavy coverage I could go through four of those in a day and then I am just sweating waiting for the next ones to come in but other than that this thing is sweet thinking about getting another one.

So I got the bypass tray which means I can do what is it.

It is like 13×19 inch sheet of paper, I can do the banner which is good for my landscape soft cover books that I do.

Those go in here then I got three air feed paper bins here that are feeding into the main machine printing unit here I have two smaller trays that I can put paper in as well, then there’s two post inserting trays.

It is pulling in one of these blue slip sheets between each book.

It has a receding stacker, you can only do up to 13×19 on the receding stack or any 12×18.

You have to do in this top small tray which is a bummer.

I would really love to be able to do on there because a lot of the any six by nine book I do I typically do on a 13×19 sheet on machine.

I could do it in a twelve and a quarter but I would prefer 13×19 got the calibration unit there.
If I calibrate every once in a while this is the rip the ISCso far so good.

I have the monitor up here because I am tall and I like it at eye level.

I don’t have any gripes about this, it is the first time I used this specific version of the firey anyways I am a believer in Konica Minolta printing machines and specially for 13×19 size papers.

For many years we had Xerox boxes and they were in well pricing but the price of Konica machine are amazing and it has been using by many printing press in India.

I thought was a little bit high compared to these and these have pretty much the comparable quality.

We switch into Konica Minolta machine ten years ago maybe more and never looked back.

We have only been happy with it, these boxes are really well made as far as I am concerned they run and so there’s my quick overview of Konica Minolta 13×19 printing machine.

Nobody is paying me to say anything about it but yes I recommend them.

I think they do a real nice job, I think the price is fair in India and my customers are happy with the product that it’s turning out.

So I am happy my customers are happy, it don’t get better than that.

Adjustment on C6500

I am really surprised how many people are asking questions about the Konica Minolta C6500 machine. It is best printing machine in India with very low price.

So there are lot of people out there that are still trying to get a little bit of life out of their old 13×19 printing machines.

This section is about how to do a both sides adjustment on the Konica Minolta C6500 machine.

You can adjust the front to back registration, so it is right on it’s real simple.

We go to both sides adjustment and select the tray that you want to adjust.

Right now we are going to do the bypass and then we are going to print a chart.

So chart adjustment copy pretty just hit the 13×19 printing machine again and here we have all these numbers there on millimetres.

Now measure all these numbers and insert them in there, once you have all those set in there push adjustments dark and then close.

It should be perfect, actually there’s like three ways you can do this adjustment.

One the way I just showed you and typically the way I did it on Konica Minolta 13×19 printing machine was actually to go into your adjustments and machine adjustment, printer adjustment and then you can either adjust your restart timing or your sent rate adjustment and this is what those adjustments do.

If you need to move your image back and that’s the restored timing and if you need to move your image up and down that’s your centering adjustment.

So you can go in here and then you can adjust portray and also different sizes of paper.

This is a good way to like set everything up before you mess with anything else and this is really I think the best way to do it because then that adjustment is going to be attached to each tray for any paper stock you run through it.

If consistently tray one is going to be off you know three millimetres, you are going to want to change that adjustment in here.

It’s just hardwired to be fixed for the first sheet out and the last way would be the both sides adjustment manually.

So if you print out your job and you are looking at it you are like that’s off two millimetres.

You can just come right in to both sides and instead of doing the chart adjustment and then taking the time to take all those measurements and input it.

You can just select the tray you are using and if you know it needs to be three millimetres to the right then you just put it here and then you are good to go.

That was a quick way to do the front to back registration on a conical but that can be used for many other Konica Minolta printing machines.

There are more models of Konica Minolta machine, check the list below.

  • Konica Minolta Bizhub 206
  • Konica Minolta Bizhub 205i
  • Konica Minolta Bizhub 164
  • Konica Minolta 205i
  • Konica Minolta Bizhub 165e
  • Konica Minolta C258
  • Konica Minolta C6000
  • Konica Minolta Bizhub 195
  • Konica Minolta Bizhub 215
  • Konica Minolta Bizhub c226

So this was all about Konica Minolta 13×19 printing machine details for models C250i, C6100, Bizhub C258 and C226 and its price in India.

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