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Kwality Walls Ice Cream Price List 2022 – 2023 Chart

Kwality walls ice cream price list in 2020, 2021 and 2022 with chart details

Kwality Walls Ice Cream price list information for 2022 and 2023 are available here. Kwality Walls is Mumbai based company that makes ice creams in lots of flavors in India.

Kwality Walls ice cream price list starts from Rs. 40/- for Cornetto Soft Cone in 2022 & 2023 and there are more tasty flavors like Magnum Swirl that cost Rs. 180/-.

In this post you will get rate list of different premium flavors of Kwality Walls ice cream, see chart below.

Kwality Walls Ice Cream Price List 2022 & 2023 Chart

Here are the best ice creams of Kwality Walls with rates.

Kwality Walls Ice Cream FlavorsPrice 2022 – 2023
Cornetto Soft Choco ConeRs. 40/-
Snowy Vanilla ScoopRs. 55/-
Cornetto Soft Dry Fruit ConeRs. 60/-
Swirls MiniRs. 70/-
Chocolate Excess ScoopRs. 70/-
Magnum Almond StickRs. 85/-
Magnum Truffle StickRs. 90/-
Swirls RegularRs. 95/-
Classic Double ScoopRs. 100/-
Regular Double ScoopRs. 120/-
ThunderstormRs. 120/-
Dark Desire SundaeRs. 135/-
Magnum DelightRs. 160/-
Alphonso MangoRs. 180/-
Magnum SwirlRs. 180/-

How To Make Ice Cream At Home – Only 3 Ingredients

I feel like it is such a perfect day for only one thing ice cream like Kwality Walls.

I have this Kwality Walls ice cream recipe you will love this is the ice cream I make for my family we have not had ice cream outside since it is so delicious after you try this ice cream you are going to send me a message and say this is the best ice cream i have ever had in my life.

I am very confident in this recipe and i want you to try it so today is going to be one of those days that we will just spend making ice cream like Kwality Walls and playing and chilling and i just want to bring you in to my family into my kitchen into my home have fun with us and have some ice cream this recipe is one of a kind.

So today is Kwality Walls ice cream day let’s get into this video we are going to go into my kitchen now make some ice cream wait for it to freeze and then enjoy it i hope you enjoyed today with me and my family okay let s get into it.

Welcome to my kitchen so i ll show you how to make this ice cream like Kwality Walls you need condensed milk this pink one is fantastic.

We need pick chocolate this is our main ingredient it has lots of nutrients you only need to add water if you re using it as a drink and it provides all these benefits so it s a chocolate milk powder and we ll use it for the ice cream next we re using cream make sure the cream is cold so you want everything to be cold not room temperature this stand mixer is an important tool so it s going to help you with this cream if you don t have it you can use a whisk but it s going to take so long and your arms will hot so if you can get this then by all means use it it s going to make the process easier like i said earlier.

Make sure your milk or your cream is cold and then we re just going to keep mixing and whipping till it forms a stiff butter so you can see how i m whisking and this is going to take about about five to seven minutes for it to get to this stage if you are making a single bowl of Kwality Walls ice cream.

The measurement you can use is one cup of cream one tin of sweetened condensed milk and half a cup of pink chocolate.

When you see a cream like this then you know we are ready to make ice cream like Kwality Walls next thing we re going to be using this sweetened condensed milk it is so good so so good you don t have to add sugar to this recipe this is so sweet so delicious so indulgent.

After condensed milk we are going to add the pig chocolate and it is so good you don t need to add anything else just three ingredients your cream pink chocolate and condensed milk now mix everything together after using a spatula to mix everything together so that everything is properly incorporated.

I am so tired of this look down and i cannot wait for it to be over and that is why i have been so creative with my recipes lately i just don’t want to have any need to go out for anything there s so many meals and so many snacks that we can make in our homes and i can t wait to show you how i do all of that this three ingredient ice cream is so easy to make and it s perfect for the whole family everyone would love it.

Look at how creamy that is it is so creamy you know the Kwality Walls ice cream is going to be so good
now i m going to transfer my ice cream batter to my ice cream bowl so i have this bowl that is just for ice cream once you see it in the fridge you know ice cream is in there I made a huge batch of ice cream.

So i put them in three different containers how fast your Kwality Walls ice cream freezes depends on the type of container you put it in and the type of freezer you have so i m just going to pop mine in the fridge and it s going to take about six hours it will be very fast and it will freeze properly.

So we have sprinkles for our ice cream we ve already used all these parts we use this for breakfast and we re going to use this today we have Kwality Walls ice cream cones so i have different colors you can just get these from a supermarket then we have the ice cream it is frozen let s see what it looks like so let s open our ice cream and see.

Can you see perfectly formed ice cream this is going to taste so good i already know because i ve already had scoops from the extra.

Normal oranges is just a regular old orange and neon orange is a new shade of orange
wow that is a big one.

So do you want some sprinkles which sprinkle do you want i m going to choose Music
the white one the white sprinkles interesting yeah jelly beans i posted a mini version of this video on my instagram page because there’s a giveaway going on there all you have to do is recreate this recipe and tag pink chocolate ng also use the hashtag pick chocolate family moment and you will get to win era i have to pick two winners so make sure you guys enter so that i can pick my two winners i m looking forward to seeing your recreations of this recipe.

This is the key ingredient that we use to make our ice cream this is the pink chocolate and it is so so good like this is one of our favorite products right now you can see everybody’s enjoying Kwality Walls ice cream time.

You can use it for ice cream we use it also for like just drinking hot chocolate and it is so enjoyable you want another one yeah okay.

This info was all about Kwality Walls ice cream details and its price list in 2022 and 2023 with chart.

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