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LG Refrigerator Freezer Box Price in India With Details

Lg refrigerator freezer box price in India

LG Refrigerator freezer box details are available here. LG is well known brand and South Korean company that makes super cool refrigerator and it is very popular in India.

LG Refrigerator Freezer Box price is Rs. 1,200/- in India and you may get little difference in rates across various shopping platform online.

If you want to know more about LG company that makes super cool Refrigerator and freezer then go to its official info.

LG Refrigerator Side-By-Side Product Review

Today we are going to be talking about LG’s new line for their side by side refrigerators.

This model here is the lrsxs so let’s start off with the outside of the fridge really like the way this looks a lot of the new fancy designs, have the four split.

Now this does not have the four split where you have different zones. This is an actual side by side but it pulls off that a little bit more expensive look for less.

So this guy is at right now this is a black Friday type of price right now but on average we will probably see this on the market throughout regular times but a lot of refrigerators that have this appearance are going for two three four thousand dollars plus.

So this is a cool fridge for the money good thing for your buck this is cubic feet, so it’s got a lot of capacity and they also make this encounter depth.

We take a look on the interior it’s got the same ice maker that we have seen the space plus ice system is kind of on the door here.

So it is not taking up a lot of space like we have seen a lot of other LG refrigerators.

This does have also your indoor cooling so right up top here it actually has air that will come to the top to keep your milk and whatever you have in your shelves nice and cool.

Instead of just the air in the back still has the multi airflow which kind of helps rotate that air around throughout the fridge.

You get more even temperature throughout the LG refrigerator but that door cooling is a new feature that LG added in that I think works great really like the shelving and the layout on the interior on this.

The shelves are nice and thin profile, nice quality shelves, not super plasticky. You can control your temperatures right on the side of this freezer fridge.

It’s got the ice plus feature that we have seen before turn that on it’s gonna kind of increase your output of ice, I think it is the best refrigerator with superb freezer box in India.

It’s got your two crisper drawers on the right and then one on the left for your freezer for just your bin on your freezer gallon storage on the sides.

I really like the layout I think it is clean, I really like the value and its price, the look on the outside like I said you can’t really get better than that if you are looking for the four door spit or split model without kind of breaking the bank there.

LG Smart Refrigerator Freezer and InstaView Door

Today I am going to be reviewing our brand new refrigerator the LG.

This LG refrigerator is pretty cool it does have those french style opening doors and on the left side there is a water and ice dispenser and a control panel for the freezer.

The LG refrigerator and the wi-fi and to lock the refrigerator.

Now on the right side there is a black glass for you to look directly into the front compartment.

I think this is pretty cool you can not twice to turn on the light and it will go off on its own or you can knock twice to turn it off.

Here is a closer look you guys this LG refrigerator and its freezer box has so much storage.

I think I will use this compartment for on the go for me and my family.

You are also able to refill inside and out opening these fridge doors.

You can see all the space that it provides this LG refrigerator and big freezer box is definitely built for family of all sizes.

There are also extra storage compartments on the side and on that left hand side right behind the storage there is a compartment for you to monitor your ice filter.

I love how the shelves are easily adjustable, you can slide them in and out and very lightweight for you to store them up or down depending on your family’s grocery size.

The fruit and vegetables are so deep and spacious, they also have a fruit and vegetable temperature control.

In the lower bin there’s also a temperature control for you.

The bottom drawer freezer has three different compartments. The top shelf compartment makes ice balls.

This is definitely going to be a hit at any holiday party I love that my LG refrigerator and its freezer box is so sleek and matches my appliances so well from my cook top range to my built-in double oven.

This refrigerator is all also easy is a stainless steel cleaner a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth all right you guys.

This post was about LG Refrigerator freezer box details and its price in India.

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