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LG Refrigerator PCB Board Price in India With Details

LG refrigerator pcb board price in India

LG Refrigerator PCB Board details are available here. LG is a South Korean electronics company that makes Refrigerators and sell in other countries like India.

LG Refrigerator PCB Board price is Rs. 6,690/- in India with super technology and powerful system that makes it so cool.

In this post I will provide you useful information about LG Refrigerator and PCB Board in details, so keep reading.

Locate LG Refrigerator Part Numbers in PCB Board

I am going to show you to locate the part number on almost any LG control board.

When searching for control boards using the appliance model number on website parts, the search results typically produce the correct part number.

However in some rare cases LG Refrigerator PCB control board listed may not be accurate due to the manufacture having a mid production change to the appliance to ensure you are ordering the correct part number.

Start by locating the white QR code or barcode sticker on the LG Refrigerator PCB control board.

These are normally located on the front side of the control board where the electrical connectors plug in but on some models it may be located under the epoxy or on the side or on the back of the housing.

In some cases the sticker may not be white. If you locate a part number printed directly on the board do not use this number as it is not accurate.

Once you locate the tag LG Refrigerator PCB circuit board part numbers normally are some digits in length. I like LG because it has very affordable price in India.

They normally consist of three letters followed by eight numbers.

The most common format will list the first seven to nine characters of the part number followed by the last two to four numbers in larger print.

In some cases the entire part number is listed together any other numbers that you find on the tag are not relevant. Some examples would be the part number on this LG Refrigerator board is ebr7968.

The part number on this LG Refrigerator board is ebr85018201. The part number on this board is ebr78643401 and finally the part number on this board is csp zero with the control board part number identified.

You can search with the part number to ensure that you get the correct low price LG Refrigerator PCB board. If you search for the original part number from your LG Refrigerator PCB board on official website and the website redirects you to a new part number it means that the original part has been discontinued and replaced by new part by the manufacturer.

The new part may look slightly different than the original but it will fit and function the same.

If the search results don’t produce a part it may mean that the manufacturer doesn’t sell the LG Refrigerator PCB control board separately and it is only sold as part of a larger assembly or a kit.

One example would be on this dishwasher where the control board is only sold as part of the control panel assembly.

This post was about LG Refrigerator PCB Board and its price in India.

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