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Looks Salon Keratin Treatment Price

Looks salon keratin treatment price

Looks Salon Keratin Treatment price details are available here. Looks offers professional treatment of protein on your hairs to make them healthier, strong and increase shine.

Looks Salon Keratin Treatment price starts from Rs. 2500/- for basic care and they use more advanced products that may cost Rs. 6000/-.

Do you want to know more about Keratin Treatment?

I am going to discuss lot more information about it, so keep reading.

How I Got a Keratin Treatment

I’m gonna show you how I take care of it from dry to wet to dry.

I have a lot of different steps that I take and I really like to take care of my hair especially now that I have keratin in it I will talk more about that in a minute.

So now that I have keratin in my hair it’s pretty shiny and even if I don’t wash it for like 6 or 7 days like today for example it hasn’t been washed in like a week the ends are really dry and the roots are really oily but they’re still like this luster to my hair that I wouldn’t normally have at this period in time.

So the first thing I’m gonna do before wash day because it’s definitely time for a wash I’m gonna detangle my hair.

This is a very important step I always detangle from the ends and work my way up where it’s even if the tangles or the knots are at the top of your hair working from the bottom up.

Make sure that you don’t compound the issue and make it more difficult to remove so I always work from the ends all the way up to the hair until it’s completely smooth.

When you do this before you get in the shower you eliminate or at least reduce the risk of breakage when you detangle your hair post shower that’s why I always do this without fail.

It’s super important one thing I’ve started to do more religiously as always use a treatment I either use a mask or something like olaplex this is a take-home product that you can get at a salon.

You can get this at a beauty supply this is really great because it’s like well it’s patent technology I believe that actually goes into the hair shaft and repairs broken and damaged bonds.

So if you bleach or dye your hair or if you have really damaged hair this is a product that’s actually like scientifically proven to repair the bonds in your hair which is like amazing.

This has definitely become like the Beauty Blender of the hair care industry it’s a staple in all professionals kit and that’s why I of course love to use it because it works really.

Well I leave that in my hair for 10 minutes rinse it out and then it’s time to move on to shampoo I feel like I have always struggled with this step.

It’s just so hard to get like my entire scalp clean so I try to really work on spending extra time with the shampoo and really massaging the scalp and from all angles as well I’ll go up underneath the hair from the side from the top and really try to get all of it onto my scalp and then pull it through the lengths of my hair.

I used to only apply shampoo to the roots of my hair because I figured that is like the oily part that needs to be cleansed and I didn’t want to dry out the length of my hair which is changed completely now I actually shampoo from root to tip and I really latch up the rest of my hair because I want to remove all of the build-up and hairspray and product that’s been on it for the past week.

When you do that you remove all of the stuff that’s dulling your hair down so my hair has become a lot shinier since I started doing that I’m gonna really like pamper myself take my time with my shampoo massage it in.

This is like a thing that makes me feel emotionally cleansed as well when I wash my hair I just feel fresher I feel like I’ve really taken care of myself so I really enjoy this process and then of course they followup with conditioner nothing special I just make sure I add a lot of it to my hair.

So that it’s completely silky and smooth and I just feel like what this routine my hair is really transformed and it’s become the kind of hair that is like shiny and I never thought that I could be that person but I’m that person.

This post was about Looks Salon Keratin Treatment details and it’s price.

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